Week 16—Winter and the Letter P


This week the theme for our Fine Motor and Sensory Groups was Winter. The Letter P was the theme for our Language Group.

Sensory Group—Winter

Cara wrote another great book, all about winter. After reading the book we made snow! We purchased some fake snow powder, added water——–and, ta da, lots of white fluffy snow flakes.

Our students really enjoyed watching the powder expand into flakes as we explored science access points. It had a very snow like texture and we used cold water to heighten the effect.








We explored a variety of winter objects in our next box: large and small snowflakes (some hard and some soft), rough and smooth snowmen, arctic animals including a soft seal,hard penguins and some felt arctic hares,  dolls hat and scarf, white pom pom snow balls,  and a building block icicle.

Comparing and contrasting the different properties of materials is one of our science access points and this is such a fun way to do it!










We brought out our fluffy pom pom yarn which reminded us of the wooly blankets and sweaters that keep us toasty and warm on cold winter days.










Next, we searched for the letter W in powdered snow (a mixture of white cornmeal, flour and cornstarch). There was 1 big W and 2 small ones—working in some math access points of course! Our students had fun scooping the powder, burying their hands in it, or squeezing it together (working on palmer arches) to form little snowballs. Needless to say, we all ended up leaving with a little dusting of snow—but the fun factor more than made up for the mess 🙂








Using our cookie cutters  we cut out snow balls and snow flakes out of our snow-dough. We found the recipe online and rather than flour, it is made from cornstarch. It has an interesting rubbery texture that is excellent for cutting or forming into snowballs.










We also worked on prewriting patterns or making little snow sculptures in shaving cream. We rinsed our hands in peppermint scented water and rubbed peppermint scented lotion on our hands and arms.

Having our students rub the lotion on themselves helps build body awareness and bilateral coordination. It also helps build a nice olfactory memory of all the fun we had today!








Fine Motor Group—Winter

On Tuesday, we read Cara’s book and were very excited when one of our new students independently activated the voice output device during the story.

After our story we made eskimo hats. We got the idea from the Winter Activities book by Peggy Hundley Spitz, OTR and purchased from Therapro. We started with a grocery bag with a precut circle. We drew a line around the opening to help further define it for our students.










Our students practiced writing their names on the back of their bag, turned it over and then glued cotton balls onto the circle.

This activity addresses eye hand coordination and works on developing pincer grasp skills.








Then we threaded some yarn through slits in the front of the bag, another great pincer grasp activity. Its also good for visual tracking.

Isn’t this a picture of a perfect pincer!








We tied a bow and rolled up the bottom and our hat was done. Just fabulous!


Our students had so much fun trying on their hats, Ms Cara just had to join in 🙂









On Thursday, we continued our winter theme by making polar bear handprints.We started by discussing the color (blue) of our paper and its rectangular shape. We counted the papers as we passed them out and again, our students practiced writing their names.

Then we helped them paint their hands and make a handprint on the paper.

We made sure to put a thick coat of paint on the hands and fingers!









After a quick hand wash, our students used  paintbrushes to add some snow to their picture.

This student is showing some really nice emerging tool use and we are so proud of him.









We then sprinkled on some sparkly snowflakes. Holding and shaking the container helps address shoulder stability and graded motor control in addition to eye hand coordination.









With the addition of a couple of facial features

using a black marker, our polar bear came


Just so super cute 🙂








Language Group—Letter P

We started by using our tongs to Pick up Purple and Pink Pom Pom’s. We then counted how many each student Put into their bowls.

Using tongs helps to improve hand intrinsic functions and eye hand coordination.










Next we Picked a Pet and Put the Piece into the Puzzle. Our students really enjoyed this activity and were quite excited about their choices.

Picking up the pieces, which have little knobs, helps to promote a pincer grasp. Placing the pieces addresses eye hand coordination and spatial concepts.









Then we Painted a Pig (drawn by Joy) Pink and Purple. Our large simple figure helps our students learn to keep their strokes in a defined area.











And here it is—–a Positively Perfect Pink and

Purple Pig!












We finished by playing Cara’s sound game, and looking at all the P words we found.

Please join us again next week, we are going to have so much fun Group by Group!

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