Week 17 Martin Luther King and the Letter Q


This week the theme for our Sensory and Fine Motor Groups was Martin Luther King. The theme for our Language Group was the Letter Q.

Sensory Group—Martin Luther King

Cara turned a song found on the internet into our book this week.  Instead of reading our book, our students took turns “singing” a line from the book using a sequencer device. Thanks to our OT intern, Martha, for coming up with the idea and finding the song.

Our first sensory box contained a variety of items representing  Dr. King. Since he was born in Georgia we included some velveteen fabric that felt like a peach (a symbol of Georgia), and some peach colored paper twist and yarn. Digging deeper, our students found a school bus, a dove, a peace symbol and some little people. We also included some rainbow colored items (yarn, chenille stems, easter basket stuffing) and the word FRIENDS—Dr. King wanted us all to be friends!





Our next box contained pom poms of varying  colors and sizes. Different colors and  different sizes but they are all the same on the inside—just like us!

Math access points were explored when comparing large and small and counting pom poms of the same color.  Rainbows are symbols of diversity and Dr. King wanted us all to remember how beautiful that was.





We mixed  red and yellow food coloring to make some peach colored oobleck. Mixing two colors to make a third let us explore color concepts related to science access points.








We continued the peach theme by having our students practice their prewriting patterns in peach scented shaving cream (thank you Barbara). It really had a terrific peachy aroma.








We rinsed our hands in birthday cake scented water (reminding us we were celebrating Dr. Kings birthday) and rubbed on some delicious peach scented lotion.







Wikki Stix are waxed strings that are a perfect stand in for candles and our students really enjoy bending and twisting them around. Handling the little strings gives them opportunities to practice their pincer grasp skills. We continued our rainbow theme by using lots of colors.







We placed Dr. King’s initials in our rainbow rice. Searching for the letters addresses tactile and visual skills. Its also fun to scoop and sift through the colorful grains of rice.







Fine Motor Group—Martin Luther King

On Tuesday we used our sequencer to “sing” about Dr. King and then we made freedom bells. We got the idea for the bells at the Twiggle Magazine website.

We started by attaching a medium size jingle bell to a pipe cleaner, threading it through a hole in a paper cup, and then securing it. Stringing activities are excellent for promoting pincer grasp and eye hand coordination skills. We also discussed the different colored pipe cleaners and counted the cups as we passed them out.






Then the students used a circle punch to cut out their faces from a picture. Operating the punch helps promote hand strengthening skills.








They glued the picture and a strip of paper with the phrase “let freedom ring” to the cup. We used our food dye colored glue to attach the pieces to the cup. We love the way the color helps our students see where they have placed the glue. Squeezing the glue helps with hand strengthening and attaching the pieces helps promote pincer grasp skills and eye hand coordination.






Here is our bell, pretty cool don’t you think! One of our students with a visual impairment LOVED his bell and kept ringing it the rest of the afternoon.

Let Freedom Ring!!!







On Thursday we sang our song again and made a rainbow peace and friendship wreath.

We started with a rectangle poster board with a circle lightly drawn on it. Discussing the shapes addresses math access points.







Next, our students chose a color from a selection of three.

Our state alternate assessment testing has begun and we want to make sure that our students have lots of practice making choices from an array of three.






We then painted their hands. The touch of the brush and paint on the palmer surface increases tactile awareness.

We have found that it is important to have paper towels and a bowl of soapy water close at hand.

We have also found that it is important to keep a FIRM hold on the bowl of water 🙂





Our students stamped their hands along the circle. Most of them needed a little help but some were able to do this independently.







With the addition of some paper doves from the dollar store, here is our peace and friendship wreath.

Just beautiful.








Language Group—Letter Q

We began by saying “I have a Question, who would like a turn?” This gave our students the opportunity to communicate by raising their hands, vocalizing, or body movements and take turns Quickly pulling and pushing the Quazar (a geo ball) in and out to make it Quiver!

The design of the ball made it easy for all our students to grasp including those with physical impairments. When grasped with both hands, bilateral coordination is addressed.




Then the students took turns twirling a noise maker but they had to stop each time Ms. Joy held up the Quiet symbol.

Our students LOVED this game and had so much fun! It really was Quite the hit 🙂

Motor control, listening skills and visual attention are addressed with this activity.






Next we cut paint samples into pieces. Taking our time and not working too Quickly.

Paint samples are great for practicing cutting skills. They have built in cutting lines and come in different sizes. The heavier weight card stock also makes it easier for beginning cutters.

Some of our students used regular scissors,others used adaptive ones including squeeze scissors or tabletop versions.




They glued the pieces onto the paper to make a

Quilt for a Queen—its really Quite the thing 🙂

Squeezing the glue helps with hand strengthening and placing the pieces addresses spatial relationships.







We finished with another awesome sound game. Cara did a great job finding “Q” sounds, it wasn’t that easy this week!






We don’t have a lot of post-its this week but we still had fun using them throughout the session.

Please join us again next week for more fun Group by Group!

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