Timing is Everything


imagesAs we have probably said before, every class we do a group in is different and we have learned something from each one!

We learned a lot about timing in Tonja’s class. Her students are still learning to attend to activities and are easily over stimulated.  Staying at a table for any length of time is difficult for them.  Tonja’s  sensory group was structured to allow her students to move in and out freely. We also found that quickly rotating the sensory boxes encouraged refocusing of attention—and when we say quickly, we mean 20 seconds or less!

Gradually as the year progressed, we noticed some of the students were staying at the table for longer periods. We also saw more purposeful interaction with the materials and voice output devices.  By ACCOMMODATING to the students and TIMING our presentation of materials rather than making Tonja’s class fit our “vision”—- the group was the success we had hoped for.

Thanks to Tonja, Mary and Sonya for a great year.

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