Labor Day and the Letter B


This week our theme for our Sensory and Fine Motor groups was Labor Day which tied in nicely to the Unique Curriculum unit on community workers. Our Language group looked at words starting with the letter B.

Sensory Group—Labor Day

imagesAfter reading Cara’s book “We Celebrate Workers on Labor Day” we began exploring our boxes. Our first box was filled with green paper shred and play money—thats why people work after all ūüôā

We put in a variety of items representing different jobs, such as doctors, firefighters, a computer cord. We also put in other labor day related items such as a plastic hamburger (lots of people cook out on labor day). The burger made a squeaking sound when squeezed—-and it got squeezed ALOT!

Digging around for different items in the paper shred encourages figure ground perception skills and eye hand coordination.





imagesOur next box was filled with white cotton balls and wooden¬†tongue depressors—well, actually popsicle sticks since¬†we didn’t have tongue depressors but we were going for¬†the same texture and they look pretty similar ūüôā This, of¬†course, reminded us of doctors and nurses.

The popsicle sticks were quite the hit with some of our students. This box allows addresses the science access points comparing the different properties (hard/soft) of the materials.








images-141Our mixed beans looked just like a construction site, complete with a bulldozer. So much fun to bury hands into getting some nice proprioceptive feedback.









imagesShaving foam made a great stand in for the foam the¬†firefighters use to put out fires. Its fun to practice¬†prewriting patterns such as drawing¬†up/down/across. It also allows our students to¬†explore and respond to a “wet” texture which is¬†different from the previous “dry” texture.

This addresses the science access point of recognizing

and responding to different types of sensory stimuli.






UnknownWe used our lighted toys while talking about police officers and ambulance drivers. The lights are fun to look at and pressing the button addresses fine motor skills.










UnknownSince Labor Day is a holiday, some people go to the beach.

We used our soft sand and looked for the large letter L.

The shell made a great scoop, allowing our students to practice scooping skills or hold out their hands as the soft sand sprinkled down.








imagesWe ended the group with vanilla sugar scented water and lotion reminding us of ice-cream cones that we might have eaten on the beach.











Fine Motor Group—Labor Day

UnknownOur students loved Cara’s book this week, community helpers are always a big hit—especially the firefighters! As our students look at and touch the different pages they are learning concepts of print which is one of their access points.








UnknownOn Tuesday we made a firefighter hat out of a paper plate with a precut slit and added brim (we got the idea on Crayola website).

We started by talking¬†about the color we were going to paint the hat¬†and asked our students to show us the color “red”.

…….let the painting begin!







imagesOur firefighter emblem was added. Squeezing the glue

addresses hand strengthening and putting the

emblem onto the hat, eye hand coordination.








images-280Aren’t they super cute!










On Thursday after reading our book, we continued with the firefighter theme and made a fire engine.

images-282We counted out 7 big red rectangles, learning to recognize¬†2 dimensional shapes—-one of our math access points.

Then we used our paper cutter to cut 2  strips of yellow paper.

We glued them down on the paper horizontally, telling the students to put the pieces in an across direction addressing spatial concepts. Recognizing a movement that reflects a spatial relationship is a math access point.






imagesAfter cutting a bunch of smaller yellow strips we glued them

in an “up and down” direction to make the rungs of the

ladder. We made sure to have some additional precut

strips for those students who were ready to move onto the

next step.






imagesThe fire engine was finished with 2 black circle wheels and 1 small yellow rectangle—with we counted, of course ūüôā









imagesDoesn’t it look fantastic! Our students loved gluing their own photos in the drivers seat. We used a cartoon picture for this photo, but you get the idea.










Language Group—Letter B

UnknownWe started By Blowing Bubbles. For our students who couldn’t blow, they practiced Bilateral coordination Bursting the Bubbles Between their hands. Our student with a visual impairment enjoyed the feel of them on his Bare arms:)









UnknownThen we put some felt Balloons on a Button (Joy made this with

a large button, some ribbon and felt—found from the

crafty stash). What a fun way to practice fasteners!








imagesNext we made some Binoculars. We cut along a line to make 1 piece of paper into 2 pieces (fitting in those math access points). We got the paper from a wallpaper sample book. Our students used a variety of adaptive scissors and paper cutters to complete this step.

We taped the paper around toilet paper rolls and

stapled them together.





UnknownThe students LOVED their Binoculars and were so cute holding them up to their eyes

…… they looked for Blue Birds, Bison, Butterflies, Bees, Billy goats, Boxers, Black Bears, Bunnies, Bats, Bulls, Bullfrogs, and Boars.

We knew all those Beanie Babies we had saved would come in handy one day ūüôā









imagesWe finished with Cara’s sound game










imagesAnd, of course, looking again at all the B words we found today. Oh Boy, did we have a great time. Be sure and join us next week Group by Group.

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