Mardi Gras and Letter T


This week it was Mardi Gras time in our Sensory and Fine Motor Groups!

Our Language Group looked at words that started with letter T.

Sensory Group—Mardi Gras

IMG_6078Mardi Gras is so much fun and one of the best things about it is the BEADS! This box was filled to brim with bright colorful green, yellow, and purple Mardi Gras beads . Our students had a blast with them—

fun to look at,

fun to shake,

fun to wear!

Identifying objects by one observable property (in this case color) is a science access point that can be addressed here.






IMG_6045This next box was filled with things purple, green, and yellow—Mardi Gras colors. Soft feathers, bright pom poms, big garland, little chenille stems, rough pot scrubbers, smooth blocks etc.

We also included some Mardi Gras related items such as a clown puzzle piece (there are always clowns in parades), a small baby doll (little baby dolls are hidden in king cakes for luck), beads AND……

IMG_6276……MASKS—of course  🙂

Lots of great textures to compare and contrast, again working on identifying objects by one observable property.











IMG_6074Mardi Gras parades–so much fun and filled with pretty colorful lights. Our battery operated lights and flashing light toys are practically a parade in a box 🙂

As the lights are moved around our students have the opportunity to track moving objects, a science access point. Operating the light toys addresses cause/effect and fine motor skills.

We also included a voice output device with some excellent zydeco music which really got everyone into the spirt of Mardi Gras!

Responding to and using technology resources is an important skill for our students—and also a language access point.

IMG_6279IMG_6281More purple, yellow, and green with our Mardi Gras rice. Two letter M’s (for Mardi Gras) to find as well as a sparkly crown picture at the bottom of the box.

Finding the letters hidden amidst the rice addresses visual perceptual and fine motor skills.










IMG_6021We haven’t pulled out our Bubber in a while but its purple color is perfect for our Mardi Gras theme! Its dry, moldable texture is always a hit and our students had fun making King crowns with the cookie cutter.

Another great fine motor activity but also a chance to talk about color and to build vocabulary and address math skills as the crowns are counted.










IMG_6254Our oobleck with green and purple glitter reminded us of the frosting and sprinkles on King cakes which are served during Mardi Gras. We added a little more water this time so it looked a lot like a sugar drizzle as it dripped down.

Totally pure sparkly, eye catching fun and the perfect way to address the science access point of responding to stimuli—don’t you think 🙂








IMG_6025If you visit the French Quarter during Mardi Gras you might eat a beignet and our vanilla sugar scented water and lotion (from Bath and Body Works) smelled just like one.

We put different sizes of containers in to address  the science access point of recognizing different containers hold liquids.

All of our students loved the scent—a perfect way to remember how much fun we had!








Fine Motor Group—Mardi Gras

We are on a roll with parades this month but there are so many fun celebrations we just couldn’t pass up!

IMG_6100IMG_6085This week our krewe started preparations for OUR own Mardi Gras parade! We made big jester heads just like they have on the floats. We began by crumpling up scrap paper and putting it in a grocery sack.  Our students are great at crumpling the paper up.

This is a great activity for strengthening hand intrinsics and eye hand coordination—and ever so much fun 🙂

After our bag was filled we stapled it shut—counting 4 staples!






IMG_6098We began painting our bags, using paint brushes to practice our writing tool use.

We decided to paint them purple since it’s one of the colors associated with Mardi Gras and…..

also Jeannie’s favorite color!








IMG_6138After they were dry we used our adaptive scissors and paper cutters to cut out 2 purple triangles and 2 green triangles—that makes a total of 4 triangles.

This addresses the math access points of using one-to-one correspondence to identify sets of objects with the same amount to 2 AND recognizing 2 dimensional  shapes AND solving simple problems involving joining or separating sets of objects to 4.

Math access points are all around us—-so cool 🙂






IMG_6112We used our circle cutters to cut 4 yellow circles (identifying the shape and counting—-OF COURSE) and glued them to the points of each triangle.

Each triangle was taped to the top of our grocery sack.










IMG_6145Joy drew a clown face on a piece of paper (which we pointed out was rectangular shaped) and we taped that onto the bag also.

But before we taped it to the bag we practiced finding and naming our own facial body parts—-addressing the science access point of recognizing one or more external body parts.











IMG_6157Now comes the fun part!  We got the students ready for the parade by passing out party hats and boas, as well as lots and lots of BEADS!

Have we mentioned our students really like beads 🙂












IMG_6171imagesThe other elementary classes were told to be ready for the parade so we had plenty of spectators to pass beads out to.  Cara found some zydeco music to play while we paraded through the halls making it a truly festive experience.

What a fun time!  The students loved holding the big jester heads, handing out beads, saying hello to their friends.









imagesAfter the parade was over we came back to the room and had some King Cake—a traditional Mardi Gras dessert.

A great opportunity to practice using a fork and communicating a desire for “more”.

Thank you Ms. Melissa for providing the cake!








Language Group—Letter T

IMG_6200We checked the clock and it was Time to start playing Cara’s sound game. Some of our students did a really great job identifying the sounds today.

Recognizing and responding to common sounds is a science access point.







IMG_6208Then we Touched a Teddy or Tasted some Twizzlers—

addressing the science access point of recognizing and responding to one type of sensory stimuli.









IMG_6215We had fun Tossing bean bags at Toads!

Not only is this activity a chance to practice counting and address eye hand coordination, but it also addresses the science access point of tracking objects in motion.









IMG_6237Next we Tore Teal green paper and glued it onto a Triangle Tree (that sadly as a testament to Joy’s stellar artistic skills, was mistaken for an arrow by most of the staff).

Tearing and crumpling the paper addresses the science access point of recognizing a change in an object. This activity also addresses the math access point of recognizing 2 dimensional shapes.

Our student with a visual impairment especially enjoyed feeling the Texture of the Tree.

IMG_6238We finished by looking at all the letter T words we found Today!

Wow we had such a GREAT time this week!

Join us again and don’t forget to spread the word, there are more fun times ahead…

Group by Group!

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