Valentines Day and Letter U


Love is in the air with a Valentines Day was the theme for our Sensory and Fine Motor Groups this week. Our Language Group looked at words that start with Letter U.

Sensory Group—Valentines Day

IMG_6355Our first box was bursting with valentine related items including  silk rose petals, beads, garland, assorted red ribbons, paper valentines, shredded paper, candy boxes AND hearts of all sizes and materials.

This box addresses the social studies access point of associating a celebration with an event. Comparing the varying textures addresses the science access point of identifying objects by observable properties.

The valentines in the box also give the students opportunities to attend to print materials by touching and looking, which is a language access point.





IMG_6500Red and white was the color theme of our next box. It was just SO pretty!

Shiny hard beads to compare to soft pom poms ( identifying objects by observable properties).

Also the opportunity to match items of similar shape (spheres) (the math access point of recognizing common three-dimensional objects ) or color ( the math access point of recognizing two objects that are identical to each other).

The beads, of course, are always fun to wear and shake around 🙂








IMG_6327Our discovery bottles filled with glitter, assorted small hearts, and beads were so colorful and eye catching! Lots of fun  to shake and look at.

These bottles address the science access points of tracking the movement of objects that are pushed or pulled.

These bottles are a lot of fun to make (and a way to recycle juice and water bottles). We hot glue the lids shut for safety but still keep a close eye on the students as they are playing with them.









IMG_6352Our pretty pink cloud dough was so pretty and fun with our hearts  and kisses cookie cutters.

Also included was a heart shaped scoop—we had a lot of fun finding items for this week’s theme 🙂

Recognizing common objects with a two-dimensional shape (hearts) is a math access point.

We used 4 cups of flour and 1/2 cup of cooking oil to make our cloud dough. Then we added some glitter and a couple of packages of kool-aide to get the pretty pink color. If you haven’t yet, you HAVE to make this stuff, it’s just SO COOL!!


BUT oh so worth it 🙂





IMG_6451Our pink and white rice is perfect for Valentines day. We put in some big glittery letters spelling the word of the day—-L O V E.

Again, an opportunity for our students to attend to print materials.

The students had so much fun either sifting their fingers through the rice (building tactile discrimination skills) or using the small spoon—–heart shaped, of course—-when we pick a theme we go all out 🙂








IMG_6481We mixed shaving cream and cake mix to make “chocolate mousse”. Our students were not quite sure what to make of this at first but then dived in and started exploring it. It had a nice aroma but for the most part the students refrained from sampling it.

This was a great medium to practice scribbling and  prewriting patterns.

Recognizing and responding to one type of sensory stimuli is is a science access point.









IMG_6457Messy  hands were rinsed in “red hot cinnamon” scented water. We used body wash found at a clearance sale a couple of years ago and it really does smell like cinnamon scented candy!

With two different sized heart shaped measuring cups our students had so much fun scooping and pouring the liquid.

The different size cups helps address the science access point of recognizing differences in sizes of containers that hold liquids.

We finished with strawberry scented lotion—- a lovely reminder of our valentines celebrations.

As lotion is rubbed on arms its a great opportunity to provide some deep touch pressure which is calming and helps build body awareness. Additionally, it encourages social interaction.






Fine Motor Group—Valentines Day

IMG_6365On Tuesday we started by reading all about Valentines Day in Cara’s latest book using the voice output device to read the repetitive line. Our students have been practicing giving the voice output device to their neighbor and some of them are getting quite good!

Sharing objects with a partner is a science access point.







IMG_6374For our art project we made some beautiful hearts using paints in Valentines colors of red, purple, and pink. By chance, 3 of the adults wore matching shirts—-so of course we worked on some color identification!

Identifying objects by one observable property is a science access point 🙂












IMG_6382We counted out paper hearts (discussing the shape, of course, to address the math access point of recognizing a two-dimensional shape) and after the students had written their names on them, put them into a box.

Then using a spoon, we scooped a marble out of the paint and dropped it into the box.

Scooping up those marbles and dropping them into the box was a great eye hand coordination activity!

Recognizing a movement that reflects a spatial relationship is a math access point.









IMG_6394imagesThe lid was closed and it was time to shake, rattle and roll.

This clear box works perfectly for the activity because you can see, as well as hear, the marbles rolling around!

We are talking major fun and excitement here 🙂

This activity addresses the science access point of applying a push to move an object.

Using both hands to push or pick up the box addresses bilateral coordination.










IMG_6404TA DA!!

Pretty cool looking!











On Thursday we continued with our heart theme. We discussed the color and counted out hearts cut from red poster board.

IMG_6549 We proceeded to decorate them with a variety of glittery craft foam stickers. Great for practicing pincer grasp skills and eye hand coordination.

If you also count the stickers—-more math,

and we love that!













IMG_6553TA Da!

So cute!!!!













IMG_6575We finished with a Valentines Party with LOTS yummy sweet cookies and cupcakes! Mealtime activities are wonderful opportunities to address social and self care skills as well as indicating a desire for “more” or “no more” which are math access points.

Of course with cupcakes and cookies, you are guaranteed lots of practice indicating a a desire for “more” 🙂









Language Group—Letter U

IMG_6595We started, as Usual, with Cara’s sound game.

Recognizing and responding to common sounds is a science access point.






IMG_6597Then we discussed different things that could be found in the Universe. We tossed around these planetary balls from our science closet and had fun trying to identify which planet they represented—and of course, got into a discussion on whether Pluto was a planet or not 🙂

Recognizing a model of a real object is a science access point.

Catching and throwing the balls addresses eye hand coordination.








IMG_6577IMG_6588We lifted Up a funnel and found some Ugly bugs!


Recognizing objects related to science by name (such as animal) is a science access point.

We also Undulated around while singing along to the Ugly bug ball song 🙂









IMG_6623We finished by coloring an Unusual Unicorn (we found this by googling “free unicorn coloring pages”). For some of our students this is a perfect time for practicing using switches. For others who use standard coloring Utensils, it is an opportunity to practice coloring in a designated area.










IMG_6637Here are some of the U words we found today.

IMG_6300It was an Utterly (thanks to Joia, the OT intern for coming up with the activities) fun week.

Join Us again…….we will be just chilling Until next time

Group by Group!

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