Dr. Seuss book


We are celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday this week by looking at a few of his books.  Since the previous book that had some of our staff in the pictures went over so well with our students, we decided to do it again!  Dr. Seuss is so great at rhyming so I gave it a try myself.  I hope while reading the book you’re able to get into the rhythm of the rhymes!  The students LOVED looking at the pictures with the familiar faces and some of our students would identify the staff who were in the room while the book was being read.  This book is geared more towards turn taking with the voice output device rather than answering a question with a repetitive line.  Each of the pages in the book relates to an item in used in the sensory and fine motor groups.

IMG_7784So, put on your red and white striped hat and celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday with us!

Here is a link to the book:  Let Me Take a Closer Look,I Would Like to Read That Book

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  1. WOW! Lots of Dr. Seuss FUN!!! What an awesome book and creative activities! You are all amazing! I did a Dr. Seuss theme last week and had lots of black, white and red tactile items that my students really responded to. We are working on re-writing the Little Red Hen and Mrs. Wishy Washy for our farm theme in April. We would love to share with you when done….just remember, YOU all are the best at the books/activities…..we are learning from you!

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