Well things got a little crazy this week with two school wide events and LOTS of IEP meetings. As a result, we ended up having to cancel most of our Sensory and Language Groups this week. We used month’s Unique Curriculum theme for our Fine Motor Groups which by some miracle were not impacted by the above events 🙂

Here is what we did…..

IMG_9386We re-read our Spring book which we thought went along with our gardening theme and then proceeded to begin our art activity—making a flower garden!

First we folded 2 cupcake liners and then used our adaptive scissors to make snips—counting each snip.


Oh yeah—-have we got this cutting business down or what?!!! 🙂


Folding and cutting the cupcake liners changes the way they look, addressing the science access point of recognizing a change in an object.








IMG_9417We glued the cupcake liners together and THEN glued them on top of a popsicle stick.

Pat! Pat! Pat!


Holding down the popsicle stick while patting down the cupcake liners promotes bilateral coordination.

Gluing the cupcake liners together addresses the math access point of solving simple problems involving putting together small quantities of objects.

Placing the cupcake liners ON the popsicle stick addresses the math access point of recognizing a movement that reflects a spatial relationship.







IMG_9399Our flower was finished with a cute little yellow pompom  glued right in the middle.

Pincer grasp skills and eye hand coordination is addressed during this activity.

The math access points of recognizing when an object is added to a situation and recognizing 3 dimensional shape (sphere) is addressed.











…….hey what happened to my flower?????












IMG_9409Once we gave the glue a chance to dry 🙂 , we planted our flowers and got our Ta Da’s.

This piece of pool noodle with a slit cut in it works perfectly as a planter.

We counted the flowers as we put them in 1,2,3,4,5!











IMG_9438And here is our little garden—doesn’t it look so cute!









IMG_9443On Thursday we continued our gardening theme by reading Cara’s book again then playing with these cute little bee puppets. Our students were pretty tickled with them 🙂

The 2 bees were different sizes giving us a chance to address the math access point of recognizing differences in sizes of objects.

What fun!!










IMG_9476We started our art project —-making a bee, of course! First we cut strips of black paper with our paper cutter, counting each cut and then counting the strips.

Look at this concentration, don’t you just love it!

We also discussed the color of the paper, addressing the science access point of identifying objects by one observable property.











IMG_9514IMG_9491Then we glued the black strips onto our yellow circle.

And added some heart shaped wings (made from waxed paper) 2 googlie eyes and a triangle tail.

In addition to the math access point of recognizing 2 dimensional shapes, spatial relations skills are addressed while putting together our cute little bumble bee!









IMG_9498Ta Da!!!


Our students looked so cute as they made their little bees fly around—and also demonstrated the science access points of applying a push or pull to move an object AND recognizing a model of a real object!

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz   🙂








Come by next week when we will be back in business with all our groups—its going to be SUCH FUN………

Group by Group 🙂

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