Earth Science book


This week, we chose our topic based on the Unique theme for the month.  Teaching this topic to children of this demographic can be difficult because of the complexity of it and how abstract it can be, so simplicity is key!  The book covers the make-up of the earth as well as a few things found on the earth such as volcanoes and rain.  It was fun this week because we let our students experience “rain” by misting them with water.  We’ve found that some of our students REALLY enjoy this!  We would ask the students, “what do we know about the Earth” which would lead into the repetitive line, “Earth has many features”.  We hope you have as much fun as we did!

IMG_1352Here is a link to the book: Earth Has Many Features

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  1. What an amazing learning environment you provide for these students! I’d love being a student who experiences “teachers” as innovative as you three. You should be so proud.

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