Pirate Day book


Arg, mateys!  It be pirate week at me school.  Th’ book goes over th’ different thin’s seen wit’ a band ‘o pirates, like a trusty parrot, an eye patch, ‘n a ship.  Each ‘o th’ students got to speak like a scurvy pirate ‘n shout “ARG!”  They even got to wear some thin’s band ‘o pirates wear like a pirate hat, a scurvy pirate vest, ‘n a hook.  It was a ruckas in th’ seven seas fer our wee band ‘o pirates.  Heartly enjoy th’ book ‘n remember to speak like a pirate! ARG!

Here be a link to th’ book: I Can Talk Like a Pirate

(Help with translation from English to Pirate Talk was found at http://postlikeapirate.com/)

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