Jukebox book


We decided to have the theme for this week be about the jukebox because the jukebox was invented in November 1889.  This topic was SO much fun!  We decided to have some of our students dress up and pose for different genres of music.  Our models were a huge hit! The genres we picked were: rock, classical, oldies, musicals, opera, rap, and country.  Joy did an AMAZING job taking these pictures.  You really have to see them!  After Cara read the first line on each page, we asked the students, “what should we do?”  The repetitive line answered the question, “let’s turn on the jukebox!”  On a Go Talk, Cara recorded a short clip of each genre and would play the clip of music that corresponded with the page being read.  Our students LOVED hearing the music and seeing their friends.  On the Powerpoint, Cara inserted music found in the Clipart audio files; however, these aren’t able to be activated if the book is uploaded in Slideshark.  Get ready to dance, and enjoy the book!

IMG_6751Here is a link to the book: Let’s Turn on the Jukebox!

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