The Oscars book


IMG_4244Oh my goodness!  We have had SO much fun creating this book.  It really is a must-see.  We haven’t done an Oscars theme before and thought that it would be fun to talk about movies and awards.  But the BEST part was dressing our students up to act the parts of some of the movies that have won Oscars in the past.  And boy did our students love it!  Some of the movies featured in our book are Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Shrek, The Music Man, and Aladdin, to name a few.  Joy was definitely the creative mind for the book this week.  The repetitive line was “an Oscar winner” and was heard after the first line on the page named a movie that had won.  Not only did the students get a kick out of seeing their friends in a book, but the adults were crazy about the pictures too!  You have GOT to check it out!

IMG_4062Here is a link to the book: An Oscar Winner

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