Jobs Around Town


IMG_7799This month our students have been learning about jobs in their Unique Curriculum unit. We had a lot of fun planning this unit, thinking of jobs kids might want to do when they grow up. We came up with some really great sensory group boxes, the fine motor group made some unique art projects, and we played dress up in the language group! The central access point addressed throughout our groups is the social studies access point recognize a community worker.




IMG_7628This box contained some beauty supplies—-perfect for a budding hair stylist! Our students had a great time combing the dolls hair and pressing the button to hear hair dryer sounds. They were super and really had so much fun!

Recognize a model of a real object is the science access point addressed.





IMG_7645IMG_7744Since the play hair dryer didn’t actually blow any air, we also put in a little hand held fan to get the feel of air blowing. Beads always look so pretty in hair so our bead bottle also seemed a perfect fit for this box also. Things to touch, feel, listen, and look at—–this box was certainly sensory filled!

Some of the science access points addressed in this box include indicate awareness of air moving as well as recognize and respond to common sounds.


IMG_7865Grocery stores are places our students often go on CBI trips. The base of this box was some cool paper shred—-between food containers, bags, and the cash register tape there is lots of paper at the grocery store! Lots of play food, baskets, and Publix gift card were included for the students to find. This was really a great box and whether it was picking up handfuls of the paper or filling the basket with play food, every student found something fun to explore.

One of the favorite items was a little cupcake that squeaked when squeezed——-and squeeze it they did 🙂

Recognize common objects in the environment is a science access point addressed.



IMG_7632Another fun food related career is a baker! Cloud dough was perfect for this box—–especially with some added sprinkles 🙂  The students were encouraged to pat the dough down and then use the teddy cookie cutter to stamp bears.

The science access point apply a push to move an object is definitely addressed in this activity.






IMG_7752Kids LOVE construction vehicles and ours are no exception so we had to include a construction box! Assorted beans look just like the gravel and rocks the big machines move around. Our 2 vehicles aren’t that big but they were perfect for pushing our tiny “rocks”.

Again apply a push to move an object is addressed.






IMG_7614Our doctor box contained tongue depressors, plastic medicine cups, and cotton balls. The differing textures and sizes were great for comparing and contrasting. However, it also contained a toy stethoscope and blood pressure cuff which our students absolutely LOVED. They had a blast “listening” to their heartbeats or testing blood pressure—-too cute 🙂

The science access point recognize common objects as the same can be addressed here. Another science access point, recognize a model of a real object is also addressed.




IMG_7778Shaving cream was perfect “firefighter foam”. As usual our students had a blast!

Applying a push or pull to move an object is a science access point addressed. Of course recognize external body parts is often addressed as well 🙂








IMG_7639Hands (and other body parts) were washed in water as the students played Captain with toy boats. There were 2 light boats to float in the water along with 1 heavy rock which SANK!

The science access point recognize substances by physical properties such as weight (heavy and light) is addressed.





IMG_7886We picked plumeria scent from Bath and Bodyworks as a nod to our florist job. This was a pretty light floral scent which many of our students liked.

Recognize one or more external body parts is the science access point addressed.







On Tuesday we filled a doctor bag with some very important supplies! We found this idea on Pinterest at and decided it was perfect for our group. Our volunteer cut out all the bag shapes (thanks Lauren) prior to the activity.

IMG_7685IMG_7727We had a great selection of items to add to the bag—-tongue depressors, cotton balls, q-tips, bandaids, and a medicine cup. The students were asked to take “one” and to place it on the designated glue dot.

This activity addresses the math access point match one object to a designated space to show one-to-one correspondence.





IMG_7699                                                                                           The Doctor is In!



On Thursday we got the idea for our art project from Pinterest again. Joy drew this fire extinguisher shape which was cut out prior to the group. Here is the link to template SKMBT_42314042407380-3

IMG_7949We discussed the color of the fire extinguisher and asked the students to point to “red”—they all answered correctly, we were so proud!

Identify objects by one observable property, such as color is the science access point addressed here.







IMG_7968Next we helped them squeeze glue onto the fire extinguisher and glue it onto their piece of black rectangular paper.

Then it was time to add the fire extinguishing foam! The shaving cream and foam mixture worked perfectly for this activity.

The science access point recognize a change in an object is addressed as the foam transforms the picture.




IMG_7958Ta Da—-this art project turned out pretty darn fabulous!











photoIMG_7912We wanted our students in the language group to get a feel for the jobs that we talked about in the book.  In order to make it more meaningful for them, we used props!  Here is what we used for them to dress up with: Doctor-scrubs, construction worker-hard hat, firefighter-firefighter helmet, florist-leis, grocery store bagger-brown paper bag, and baker-apron and potholder.



IMG_7933After each student put on their costume or prop, they were presented with 2 different objects: one that went WITH their profession and another object which had nothing to do with their profession.  Objects used for each profession were: doctor-stethoscope, construction worker-hammer and a piece of wood, firefighter-fire truck, florist-watering can, grocery store bagger-plastic milk bottles, and baker-cupcake tin.

Having the real objects for the students to manipulate was great, especially for our students with a visual impairment.


The language access point addressed is communicate recognition of familiar persons or objects.

IMG_7943Our students did well associating which object went with which profession and they had a REALLY fun time acting out their professions 🙂


IMG_7856IMG_7835Well that is it for this week—– check back with us next week for more fun and learning Group by Group!

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