Mother’s Day


IMG_8868We had a very special theme this week——we celebrated Mother’s Day!  In our sensory group we included some boxes on baby animals which went along with this month’s Unique Curriculum unit. The fine motor group made a cool necklace for their moms and in the language group we cooked up a special treat.






IMG_8659IMG_8822Flower petals were the base for this box—-flowers are always a popular gift for mom! Then we filled it with Mother’s Day themed items including wrapping bows, ribbons,  strands of pearls, and gold beads. What mom wouldn’t love a sweet treat? So we added a little toy cupcake.

To add a literacy component we put in the word FAMILY and the letter M——for MOM!


Our little cupcake had an added auditory component—-it squeaked! It was a REALLY popular item 🙂

IMG_8708Recognize that pushing or pulling an object makes it move is a science access point that explores forces and changes in motion.


IMG_8938Some of us may have to travel to see our moms. Our black bean road contained two cool cars to get us there.

Visual and tactile discrimination skills are practiced as the cars are found buried in the beans. Of course, the beans also have a cool tactile component as they run through fingers and some students enjoyed that aspect as well.

Associate quantities with number names is a math access point that can be addressed when counting the cars.





IMG_8942IMG_8636If you were a squirrel, you would live with your mom in a tree! In amongst the leaves of this box were 2 squirrels, one big and one little.


We also added a fun to shake discovery bottle filled with squirrel food—–aka acorns 🙂

Recognize that offspring can be matched with their parents is a science access point addressed here.


IMG_8948We LOVE our moms! With this box, students could use either a big or little heart shaped cookie cutters to cut out pretty pink hearts in the play dough. It’s a little hard to make red play dough so we made it this gorgeous shade of dark pink and thought it turned out perfect!

In addition to being counted, the hearts can be compared. The math access point recognize similarities and differences in size of common objects can be addressed here.




IMG_8837This sand filled box was another animal habitat—–this time for a mommy sea turtle and her baby! We also included 2 laminated turtle eggs and 2 shells to find in the sand. In addition to sifting through the sand, our students loved picking up and examining the turtles.

The math access point solve simple problems involving joining sets of objects with the same quantity to 2 can be addressed here.





IMG_8934IMG_8664Something special you might do for your mom is cook her pancakes for breakfast. Our oobleck looked EXACTLY like pancake batter and our students had a blast running their hands through it or watching it drip off fingers!

The science access point track objects in motion can be addressed in this fun activity.



IMG_8638We rinsed the messy oobleck off hands in our little lagoon—-home to a mama fish and her 2 little babies.

The science access point match common living things with their habitats is addressed here.

Recognize quantities 1-3 using sets of objects is a math access point that can be addressed.

The fish also squirted water when squeezed and our students LOVED that!




IMG_8705Then we rubbed on some Bath and Bodyworks sweat pea scented lotion—–chosen because our moms are so SWEET 🙂

IMG_8715As usual, we asked our students to show us where they wanted the lotion, addressing the science access point recognize one or more external body parts.







IMG_8782On Tuesday for our art project we made necklaces for our moms. We started by asking the students to pick just ONE puzzle piece out of the box.

To adapt this for our student with physical disabilities we held 2 items in one hand and 1 in the other then asked him to look at the hand that held just 1——–he did a GREAT job!

The math access point associate quantities 1 and 2 with number names is addressed here.


IMG_8769IMG_8763Then they were asked to pick just one sticker to put onto their puzzle piece. We used some nice glittery foam stickers we found at the dollar store. This was a great activity to practice pincer grasp skills.

Next our students chose which color wire they wanted to use. The wire was a fabulous free find—-and we do love free 🙂

The students concentrated very hard as they were helped to wrap the wire around their puzzle piece.

The science access point track the movement of objects that are pushed or pulled is addressed as the wire gets wrapped around.We used the tabletop scissors to cut lengths of pink ribbon and threaded them through the back of the puzzle piece——working on those pincer grasp skills again!



IMG_8741IMG_8807                      TA DA!!!

IMG_8808 Our students were pretty thrilled with their art work and we think these necklaces are beautiful!




We needed something to wrap our presents in, so on Thursday we decorated some gift bags!

IMG_9034First we discussed the shape of the bag, counting the sides of the rectangle. This addresses the math access point recognize objects with 2 dimensional shapes.

Then we used markers to decorate the bags with nice bright colors—–addressing the science access point recognize a change in an object.


Some of our students are working on increasing the amount of time they independently use a writing utensil so this was a perfect activity for practice!




IMG_9058IMG_9070The bags needed a little something extra so we added some pretty flowers. First we asked the students to indicate how many flowers they wanted to put onto their bags.

We squeezed the matching amount of glue (colored with food coloring) onto the bags. As the students placed their flowers onto the dots they were working on eye hand coordination and one to one correspondence—–a math access point!




IMG_9077The necklaces were placed in the bags but we weren’t done yet, there was one more step to this project! We punched holes in the top and the students practiced their pincer grasp skills again as they helped thread the ribbon through the holes.

Every wrapping project needs the finishing touch of a bright colorful ribbon accent!

Recognize that pushing or pulling moves an object is a science access point addressed here.






IMG_9089IMG_9113TA Da! We predict some pretty happy moms on Mother’s Day 🙂











We had thought about making a sweet treat for our sweet moms, but decided to make something that would last a little longer——- cinnamon applesauce ornaments!

IMG_8965First we got out the cinnamon.  Everyone had a chance to smell it, and BOY did it smell good!


The science access point recognize and respond to one type of sensory stimuli is addressed with this activity.






IMG_8981We poured 2 cups of the cinnamon into a bowl.  After the cinnamon, we poured 2 cups of applesauce into the bowl.  We talked about cinnamon being DRY and applesauce being WET.



The math access point recognize when items have been added to or removed from sets of objects to 4 is addressed here.





IMG_8999Everyone got a chance to stir the ingredients and watch them MIX together.  We talked about how it starts to look different—–addressing the science access point recognize a change in an object.








IMG_9005We poured out the ingredients onto a tray and everyone got a chance to roll out the “dough” to make it FLAT.  It gets a little bit sticky, so watch out!

Look at that nice bilateral coordination!







IMG_9009IMG_9030Our students were presented with 2 heart-shaped cookie cutters.  One was BIG and one was LITTLE.  Our students had to identify the one that was LITTLE.  After identifying the little one, each of the students pressed the cookie cutter into the dough.

We finished by using a toothpick to make a hole in each one so a ribbon could be tied onto it later—–and we counted them, OF COURSE 🙂

We had already pre-heated the oven for 200 degrees, so we placed them in there for the rest of the school day, about 2 hours.  The gift was not yet dried all the way, so we kept them on the cookie sheet and let them air dry—-this project takes quite a while!

IMG_9162The next day we tied a bow onto them, they were ready to go!  They smell DELICIOUS! We predict more happy moms——–Happy Mother’s day.


IMG_8815We loved celebrating mothers this week and hope all you moms out there have a wonderful day. Join us again next week, there will be lots more fun and learning activities Group by Group.

Be sure to tell your friends!

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