The Sensory Cart


IMG_9161Each week on Monday morning, a cart filled with the previous week’s sensory boxes is placed in our media center and available to the entire school. Our teachers can use it in their classrooms referring to the posted blog. They can follow our lesson plan OR just use it any way they chose—-pretty great!

It has been a very popular item, used by teachers from the pre-k to post secondary.


Since the older students are not regularly featured in our blog, we thought it would be fun to include some of their photos. Thankfully we had lots of parents who signed permission forms!





IMG_0252IMG_0351Colored rice is always one of our most popular items. The color makes it so inviting to explore, young or old it is kind of irresistible, you just have to put your fingers in!







IMG_9151Another popular item is our colorful homemade play dough.  We made some of this bright blue dough a few times during the year—–that color is just so pretty and eye catching!








IMG_0296Mardi Gras beads are another favorite of all our students—–if you couldn’t already tell by this fabulous smile!









IMG_0243IMG_0262We have used a variety of lighted items in our groups. Recently these fascinating, super cool pool toys were part of one of our units.






IMG_0340IMG_0320We always have lots of fun textural items to touch and explore. This pompom yarn and the vibrating massager have been used in different units throughout the year.









photo copySometimes we have props included in our cart. The students had fun posing with this hat during our Dr. Suess unit.










IMG_0325We have also included sunglasses in different units—–as you can tell, our students can really rock a pair of sunglasses!











IMG_0300IMG_9160Scent is used every week in our sensory groups.

Our students really enjoy exploring the different scents each week and feeling the lotion rubbed on their skin.








IMG_8544IMG_8537Ms. Christy, one of our teachers takes the cart to the next level and adds worksheets for her students to complete while they explore the boxes—–we think that is pretty cool!






IMG_0285Fun AND learning—–that is what we are all about!










IMG_0247Hope you enjoyed seeing our older students having fun with our sensory cart.





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