World Cup Soccer


IMG_0956Like everyone else around the world we became soccer fanatics this summer! The games were so exciting and we were so proud of our team USA 🙂  Although the World Cup is over now, we still thought it would be a perfect theme for our first group of the school year! In the sensory group we learned about some of the countries that competed and dressed like soccer fans! The fine motor group made some cool soccer related art projects. We had tons of fun playing soccer in the language group. Read along to see all the fun activities we did this week.





IMG_0966We started with our red, white, and blue team USA rice.  A fun soccer picture was taped to the bottom of the box for the students to find as they pushed the rice aside.

The letters S and F were also hidden in the rice because what we call SOCCER, the rest of the world calls FOOTBALL!

The students explored concepts of forces and changes in motion while addressing the science access point apply a push to move an object.





IMG_1223IMG_1019Soccer fans wear wild hats and scarves so we included some in our friendly fan box. Lots of fans also bring noise makers to help cheer on their teams so we HAD to include some in our box! The students had fun trying on the hats and scarves but THE favorite item had to be the noisemakers—–they had a blast with them!

The science access point recognize that pushing and pulling an object makes it move is addressed in this activity.

The social studies access  point recognize differences in clothing from other cultures is also addressed—-if you consider soccer fans a different culture 🙂


IMG_0960Germany won the 2014 world cup in a very exciting game! Their cheering fans wore the colors of the German flag—–red, black, and yellow. Coincidentally pompoms are round just like soccer balls!

We asked the students to sort the pieces by color—-matching them to 3 puzzle pieces we included. Most of the students needed help with this but some of them were able to do it independently.

Properties of matter were explored in this activity with the access point identify objects by one observable property such as color.

The math access point recognize 3 dimensional objects such as balls is also addressed.


IMG_1186While the Dutch flag is red, white, and blue, however the fans wear the color orange!??? We found out that the reason they do this is because orange is the color of the Dutch royal family—–mystery solved 🙂

Our students used a round cookie cutter to cut out soccer balls in our bright orange play dough. Orange koolaid helped make it this perfect color—-and gave it a pretty nice aroma also! We did remind the students, however, that although the play dough SMELLS nice it definitely does NOT taste nice!

As circles are cut into the play dough, changes in matter are observed—-addressing the science access point recognize that the appearance of an object or material has changed.


IMG_1169IMG_1188The World Cup took place in Brazil which is home to some amazing rain forests. Our rainforest umbrella is always a hit with our students so we always jump at the chance to pull it out again 🙂 There were lots of leaves, flowers, vines,  butterflies, and a soft plushy parrot to touch and explore. With rainforest sounds recorded on our voice output device it really does feel like you are in the middle of the amazon!

Explore, observe, and recognize objects in the natural world is a science access point addressed in this activity.

The social studies access point recognize differences in climates or vegetation can also be addressed.


IMG_1022We tinted our oobleck to this beautiful shade of blue which is similar to the blue worn by fans of Team Argentina! Their team got all the way to the final game!

The students had so much fun watching the way the colors swirled around as the oobleck reacted to their touch. Such fun stuff!

Tracking the movement of objects that are pushed or pulled is a science access point related to forces and changes in motion.





IMG_0933In addition to having a great soccer team, Belgium is famous for its chocolate—-YUM!!!! Our water play was scented with Bath and Bodyworks vanilla sugar scent which made us think of some yummy chocolate. We really needed to rinse our hands—–that blue food coloring we added to the oobleck had us all looking a little like Smurfs!

The science access point observe and recognize that people need water was addressed in this activity 🙂





IMG_1239We finished our group with some chocolate scented lip balm which we applied to our students WRISTS. This delicious scent was a great way to end our first sensory group of the year and to help the students remember all the fun things they learned about World Cup Soccer!

Recognize and respond to one type of sensory stimuli is the science access point addressed here.







IMG_1076On Tuesday we made paper plate soccer balls! We started by discussing the shape of the plate and counting out how many we needed.

Next we discussed the color of our ink pad and asked the students to show us the color “black”. Then we discussed the shape of our stamp—–a pentagon! We also had a large pentagon cut out of craft foam for our students to explore.

The math access point recognize objects with 2 dimensional shapes is a math access point.




IMG_1123The pentagon stamp was cut out of some craft foam and attached to a kitchen scrubber with double stick tape. We have done this before and it works really well. The students stamped 5 pentagons onto their paper plates. They really did a great job pressing the stamper down to make impressions on the plate!

The science access point recognize a change in an object is addressed in this activity.





IMG_1082IMG_1115These turned out really COOL—-they look just like soccer balls!

IMG_1103                                                                                        Let’s play ball!


IMG_1321On Thursday we made a group art project. First we discussed the color of the paint we were going to use and asked the students to show us the color “green” using our communication symbols.


The science access point identify objects by one observable property is addressed here.





IMG_1328They all took turns painting the green grass onto the poster board and did a really great job, showing good retention of skills from last year—-way to go!

Forces and changes in motion science concepts are explored with the access point recognize that pushing and pulling an object makes it move.




Time for our little soccer players to take to the field! We added the students faces to figures we cut out of poster board which they then glued onto the field. Our goalies were just free coloring pages we found on the internet.

IMG_1357                                                                                      Ole—-ole,ole,ole!!!



IMG_1258Last year, we figured out that the Language Group was more of a get-up-and-go type of group who seemed to do better with more gross motor activities——-so we started the group out this year by doing just that! It made it easier since our topic for the week was the World Cup!  Time for a soccer game!

After reading the book, we went around the room and asked the students to show us their feet since we would be using them to kick the ball.  We also talked about the action used when playing soccer, KICK.

The science access point recognize one or more external body parts is addressed here.




IMG_1277We used a big therapy ball rather than a standard soccer ball—-to make it accessible for all our students. We also borrowed a soccer net from P.E.

Since it is still pretty hot here we set up in a nice shady spot outside!  Everyone had a chance to KICK the ball IN the goal.  Some of our students needed some assistance with the motion of a kick while others needed some prompting to not use their hands 🙂

IMG_1273Even our students in wheelchairs participated by using their chairs to help get the ball moving.

The science access points recognize pushing an object makes it move, track objects in motion, and recognize an action as fast or slow are all addressed in this activity.






IMG_1268All of our students seemed to have a pretty good time playing soccer.  We think they’re ready to play in the big leagues!









IMG_1025We had a great time learning about soccer this week and are looking forward to another exciting year of fun and learning. Please come back and see what we are up to——Group by Group!

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