Comic Book Superheroes


IMG_3822September 25 was National Comic Book day and what could be more fun than a unit about comic book superheroes! Between our completely AWESOME book and all our activities, the students had an absolute blast this week. The sensory group loved our superhero themed boxes  especially our “glowing ooze”.  Art activities in the fine motor group included making cool Captain America shields. In the language group we played some superhero games—-so much fun!





IMG_3866Comic books are made of paper so colorful shredded paper was the perfect base for this box. It was made from magazines so it had a nice sheen and really smooth feel. We put in a bunch of superhero figures and some duplo building blocks for them to leap over! There was a bright shiny mask—–to help maintain secret identities 🙂 We also included a variety of superhero themed items such as a Batman glove, a couple of chunky books, and Captain America car keys that had sound producing buttons—–BONUS!

So much to explore and discover, addressing the science access point use senses to recognize objects.




IMG_4162We used blue moon sand for our Superman box. A big letter “S” cookie cutter was fun to use with it’s nice moldable texture. There was a picture of Superman taped to the bottom of the box which made some of our students very excited when they discovered it!

The science access point apply a push to move an object is addressed as students push the cookie cutter into the sand.







IMG_3895IMG_4166Green Bubber was used for our Hulk box. Bubber is moldable like moon sand but it has this really smooth dry texture and it becomes quite dense as it is squeezed together. It really kind of feels like circus peanut candy!  Since we didn’t have an actual Hulk shaped cookie cutter we decided to use a gingerbread man cutter—–you gotta go with what you have sometimes 🙂

Again the science access point apply a push to move an object is addressed.



IMG_3819Our red, white, and blue rice was perfect for a Captain America box! There was a colorful picture of him taped to the bottom of the box and some letter”A”s to find hidden in the rice. Colorful rice is one of our favorite materials, a dry “fluid” it is very enticing!

The science access point recognize two common objects that are identical to each other can be addressed as the letters are matched.





IMG_3927Another popular “dry fluid” are dried beans—-always a fan favorite 🙂 For this box we went straight to the black beans as a nod to Batman’s favorite color. We put in 3 grey bats for the students to find and play with.

The math access point associate quantities with number names is addressed when counting the bats. The science access point recognize common objects related to science by name such as animal is also addressed.








IMG_4183IMG_3968Wikki Stix are waxy strings that are slightly tacky and stick to each other and smooth surfaces. Our students used them to make Spiderman webs on a dry erase board. Others, of course, like to squeeze them into balls or wave them around. There was also a little jiggly spider friend to join in the fun. When the spider’s string was pulled he would skitter across the table—–needless to say, he was a HUGE hit!

IMG_4171Track objects in motion is a science access point addressed here.


IMG_3982Those Ninja turtles came from some radioactive ooze! We made ours by adding some tonic water with quinine and pop rocks (they make a great radioactive crackle) to our oobleck. It looked SO COOL under the black light! We have done it before but it just never gets old. Both students AND staff couldn’t resist dipping hands into the glowing ooze 🙂

Recognize that the appearance of an object or material has changed——when the black light gets turned on—-is a science access point addressed.







IMG_3999Whether radioactive ooze or rocks from another planet there is often something glowing around superheroes. Our glowing water was super cool and very eye catching. The effect was made by a pool toy that lights up when tapped. With the overhead lights turned off it was even more eye catching—–our students LOVED it!

The science access point recognize sources of light is the science access point addressed here.






IMG_4021IMG_4028Twilight Woods from Bath and Bodyworks was our scent used in both our water play and lotion this week. It was a little challenging to come up with the perfect scent but we decided that since even superheroes like to smell good it was a good choice. The fact that it was on sale also helped 🙂

The students quite liked its light aroma and the access point recognize one or more external body parts was addressed as we applied the lotion.




IMG_4046On Tuesday we made some awesome Captain America shields!

We started with a circular cake base donated by Ms. Nancy—-her trash, our treasure 🙂 We discussed the fact that it was a circle, addressing the math access point recognize common objects with 2 dimensional shapes!

IMG_4089Then we discussed the paint colors we were going to use and asked the students to identify red and blue. This addresses the science access point identify common objects by one observable property, such as color. Our students did a really GREAT job!






IMG_4053After they were finished painting their shields, a star was glued onto a SMALL circle which was glued onto the BIG circle.

Recognize similarities and differences in size of common objects is the math access point addressed here.






IMG_4119IMG_4080TA DA!

IMG_4061Our little superheroes are ready to save the world!



IMG_4316We picked a pretty simple but way fun fine motor activity for our Thursday art project. One of our parents donated these cool sticker books——thanks Mama Laura!

The book had a variety of “scenes” to decorate which allowed each student to choose their own.  We discussed the fact that the scenes were rectangular shaped——addressing the math access point recognize common objects with 2 dimensional shapes.

Next the students decorated their scenes with superhero stickers. Pulling the stickers off is a great activity to practice pincer grasp skills!

As stickers are added to the scene the math access point recognize when an object is added to a situation is addressed.



IMG_4350Ta Da! Our students were pretty tickled with their awesome art work!



IMG_4269We needed some superhero help today in the language group because some evil villains decided to come to our school! Of course, what is a superhero without a trusty cape—-we used some Superman capes (from pre-k) so our superheroes could get ready to fight some crime.

IMG_4311In order to knock down the villain’s headquarters, our superheroes had to use big green Hulk hands to smash down the bricks.  Our superheroes had to wait for a superhero friend to say “go” before knocking the cardboard bricks down.  SMASH!






IMG_4279IMG_4288Other students helped knock down the walls using Ninja chops——HI YA!!

The science access points apply a push to move any object and track the movement of objects that are pushed are addressed here.






IMG_4281After knocking down the “wall”, our superheroes faced the evil villains themselves.  We printed out some DC comic villains such as Catwoman and the Riddler and taped them onto some bowling pins.  Then, our superheroes got ready to knock them down, again waiting for their friends to say “go” first.  POW!

The science access points apply a push to move any object and track the movement of objects that are pushed are again addressed.

The math access point associate quantities with number names is also addressed as the knocked down villains are counted.



IMG_4305The villains were all defeated, our heroes saved the day—- YEAH!!

Well that wraps up another fantastic week! Please join us again for more fun and learning——-Group by Group!

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