Fairy Tales


IMG_0637The last week in October——-a perfect time to do a fairy tale theme! Each of the boxes for the sensory group were based around characters found in fairy tales. The fine motor group made props to use in pretend play and the language group chose characters to complete a castle picture.

A magical and fun week!





20141028_101538IMG_7141This box was filled with various fairy tale characters. There were lot of fun things to discover including  a cute cuddly dragon and a chubby little genie! Knights and winged horses could be found hidden in the sparkly basket filler. Of course we included some princesses and fairies! Because we couldn’t resist, we added a set of sparkly sunglasses—–for royalty to travel incognito 🙂

The language access point communicate recognition of familiar persons or objects can be addressed here.



20141028_101427Every wizard needs a wand! We had 2 flashing lighted wands that we picked up at Target and the students had a blast—–every time they were drummed on the table the light show began!

These are great toys for promoting cause and effect concepts and the recognizing sources of light which is a science access point.







IMG_0643Pink princess rice——complete with a picture of a princess to find at the bottom of the box!  This picture really doesn’t do the color justice—-it really is a lovely pink in real life!

We also included the letter “P” for the students to find.

Recognize that pushing and pulling an object makes it move is the science access point addressed here.







IMG_7260IMG_7294We had 2 wonderful fairy glitter discovery bottles to explore. These were really quite cool and our students were mesmerized by the swirling contents. Actually, the adults were pretty mesmerized also 🙂

The science access point track objects in motion is addressed here.




IMG_7268This box contained lots of bright colorful chenille stems—–some of them were  GIANTS! Not only can they be waved around but they can also be bent into shapes and wrapped around different extremities—–they were a hit with all the students.

Of course, this was also a great box to work on concepts of “big” and “little”.

The science access point identify common objects by one observable property such as size is addressed with this activity.






IMG_7365IMG_7768Green, gold, and red glitter changed our oobleck into a MAGIC potion—–perfect for our little wizards to experiment with as it did it’s magical, goopy stuff!

IMG_7769The science access points apply a push to move and object and track a falling object are both addressed.



IMG_7764Since fairy tales are often read at bedtime, we thought lavender was the perfect scent for this week! First the students rinsed their hands in the lavender scented water and then they got to sample some lavender scented lotion.

Recognizing and responding to one type of sensory stimuli is an access point addressed here.






IMG_7233We finished our group with some bippity boppity fairy godmother bubbles—–how fun is that!

Can’t think of a more magical way to address the science access point track objects in motion 🙂







On Tuesday we made some castles out of toilet paper rolls. We have seen this idea all over Pinterest and knew it would be a perfect art activity for this week’s theme.  A few snips to crenelate the top and a simple toilet roll becomes a castle!

IMG_2349Naturally we wanted our castles to be colorful so we started by asking the students which color they wanted to paint their castles. Most of them chose purple—-just coincidently their teacher’s favorite color is purple 🙂

In addition to symbols, the students used voice output devices to communicate their wants and preferences.




IMG_2372IMG_2271Here are the artists at work—–what concentration!

IMG_2327Recognize a change in an object is the science access point addressed as the students paint their castles.


IMG_2307                                                                            Ta Da—–a pretty purple castle!


On Thursday we made some fabulous magic wands!

IMG_7503First the students picked a paper towel roll that had been pre-covered in paper and wrapped with a strip of double stick tape.

They practiced pincer grasp skills while peeling the protective strip off of the tape.

Recognize that pushing and pulling an object makes it move is a science access point





IMG_7539Then it was rolled in glitter——the students REALLY liked this part 🙂

Recognize a change in an object is a science access point addressed as the glitter sticks to the tape.

It is also a great activity for promoting bilateral coordination!






IMG_7560Next we counted out 2 glittery gold chenille stems.


Associate quantities with number names is a math access point.








IMG_7596With a little help they were threaded through holes that had been punched in the top of the roll. A quick twist fastened them in place.

The students really worked on their fine motor skills with this part of the activity!








IMG_7530IMG_7621Time to make something go POOF!

IMG_7584                                                                                         Abracadabra!!!!!!




IMG_7420We decided to work on a little bit of reading comprehension after reading the fairy tale book.  We drew one of the characters along with something that does not go in a fairy tale, such as a pickle, on pieces of transparency film paper so we could put them on the light box.

IMG_7475 Last week our students—-not just the ones with visual impairments—– were very drawn to what was on the light box so we wanted to bring it back again.




IMG_7416Our students had to indicate which one is a picture of something that might be in a fairy tale either by pointing to the picture or using eye gaze.  Some of our students required a bit of help but overall, they were able to recall the different characters.

Effectively communicate information using referent objects, gestures/signs, pictures, symbols, words is a language access point.




IMG_7443Once our students chose the correct picture, they got to glue a picture of the character onto a drawing of a castle to complete a fairy tale picture!








20141028_101354IMG_7452It was a completely magical week! We loved all our activities and our students continued to amaze us with their progress!

Join us next time for more fun and learning——-Group by Group!

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