Veterans Day


IMG_8807This week we celebrated our Veterans! We are so appreciative of their service to our country.  Our sensory group explored boxes with a mostly red, white, and blue theme. The fine motor group made a camo hat and the language group made some cards to send to wounded veterans.

The social studies access point recognize a national holiday as a way of remembering and honoring people and events is addressed throughout this unit.




IMG_8797IMG_8804The base of this box was red, white, and blue tinsel which was very visually appealing to our students. They quite liked picking up handfuls and dropping it on the floor 🙂  Besides the tinsel there was a toy Air Force plane, a plush Navy seaman bear, a GI Joe figure, and some armed services patches.

To complete the box we added a variety of red, white, or blue items such as blocks and a fabulous texture ball!

IMG_8615Recognize common objects in the natural world through observation is a science access point addressed.



IMG_8637We included 2 different discovery bottles this week. One was filled with red, white, and blue beads in plain water. When shaken, the beads move around but quickly settle to the top of the bottle.

IMG_8954The other bottle was filled with a mixture of water and dish soap. This made for a perfect frothy ocean for our toy Navy submarine to explore and bob around in.


Both of the bottles addressed the science access point recognize the change in the motion of an object.



IMG_8619The red, white, and blue theme continued with our colorful rice box. We found a coloring page of a soldier holding a flag which was colored and taped to the bottom of the box for our students to find.

There was also a large letter V—–for “VETERAN” to find in the rice.

In addition to visual and tactile discrimination, the science access point recognize that pushing and pulling an object makes it move is addressed.






IMG_8629IMG_8896More red, white, and blue with our box of beads—–so much fun!

Fun to wear, fun to sort, fun to shake, fun just to look at!

The science access points identify objects by one observable property, such as color and match objects by one observable property, such as size or color can be addressed here.




IMG_8684IMG_8677By far the most popular item this week was this lighted spinning toy. Our students were thrilled——LIGHT and MOVEMENT!

IMG_8962These students are certainly showing they recognize sources of light—–a science access point.




We deviated from the red, white and blue with our “camo” bean mixture. We used some split peas, pinto and black beans and were pretty pleased with the effect—–as were our students!

We included 2 WELL camouflaged toy soldiers for our students to find 🙂

The math access point associate quantities 1 and 2 with number names can be addressed when counting the little soldiers.





IMG_8832Red and blue glitter was added to our white oobleck making it both festive and patriotic! It doesn’t show up so well in the photo but it really did look good.

Fun as usual and an opportunity to address the science access point apply a push to move an object.






IMG_8904There was a little “Navy” ship to float around in our rinsing water. The water got cloudier and cloudier from the oobleck. The students were quite fascinated by this—-and loved watching their hands “disappear” as they were dipped into it.

Recognize one way people use water is a science access point addressed here.







IMG_8764It was a little challenging coming up with the scent for this week. We ended picking Bath and Bodyworks country apple for our scent this week—–thinking of the phrase “American as apple pie”.

As usual, we encouraged the students to indicate if they liked the scent and then to indicate by pointing, vocalizing or looking at a body part.

The science access point recognize and respond to one type of sensory stimuli is addressed here.

The math access points indicate desire for more or no more of an action or object are addressed here.



IMG_9064Since we did not have school on Tuesday, we only made one art project this week—-a camouflage combat hat.

We started by discussing the 3 paint colors we were going to use today. Then we asked the them to use the communication symbols to identify the colors—–addressing the science access point identify objects by one observable property such as color.






IMG_9075IMG_9183Then we used sponges to apply the paint to paper bowls—-the students REALLY liked this part!

The science access point recognize a change in an object is addressed here.





IMG_9133IMG_9165Our students were very proud of their creations……









We wanted to express our thanks to veterans by writing letters and found a place to send some to them at

IMG_9021We started by giving each student a piece of paper to decorate with blue and red writing utensils. The students used  crayons, markers, and vibrating pens—– the vibrating pens were especially popular and elicited lots of giggles 🙂

The science access point recognize the appearance of an object or material has changed is addressed here.





IMG_9063For our students who have difficulty with fine motor skills, a marker was attached (with velcro) to a switch operated vibrating massager.

Needless to say, this was very popular also and EVERYBODY had to have a turn!







IMG_9038Some foam stars were attached to a kitchen scrubber with double stick tape. This was used to stamp some bright yellow stars onto the card—–for an extra little flourish 🙂






IMG_9048Cara wrote a letter and went over some of the different words that are synonymous with thanks, such as “appreciation” and “gratitude”.  After reading the letter to our students, each student glued a copy of it onto the back of their paper then folded it over to make a card.

We hope the veterans who receive these notes will definitely feel appreciated!




IMG_8957Thank you again to all the veterans out there, we hope your enjoyed our tribute. Please join us next time for more fun and learning——-Group by Group!


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