Mardi Gras


IMG_6111We celebrated Mardi Gras this week! Our sensory group explored colorful green, gold, and purple boxes. The fine motor group made some festive party props. The language group led a parade around the elementary building handing out beads to their friends. It was a fabulous and fun week filled with smiles!





IMG_5758Green, gold, and purple are the colors of mardi gras and our rice this week. It is just the prettiest box—-one of our favorites! This rice was so colorful and VERY eye catching with 2 letter M’s and a sparkly crown picture to find!

The science access recognize that pushing and pulling an object makes it move an object is addressed here.







IMG_5795IMG_6121Speaking of fun—-what could be more fun than FEATHERS! Ticklish, floaty and completely irresistible——this box invites touch! Of course, there were things to discover such as masks, beads, clown figures—-and totally fabulous glittery sunglasses which turned out to be the favorite item in the box.

Our students certainly KNOW how to rock a pair of sunglasses!

Recognize common objects in the environment is a science access point that can be addressed here.





IMG_5817We made mardi gras play dough by adding purple and green glitter to a yellow base color. Quite festive although it did have a slight poppy seed look to it 🙂

The students cut fleur d’lis shapes into the dough—–and then counted them of course!

The math access point associate quantities with number names can be addressed here.





IMG_5770IMG_5857So mardi gras is all about BEADS and we had them! This box contained lots of gold, green, and purple beads—-perfect for shaking, sorting, and wearing!

Another irresistible box filled with color and fun!

Identify objects by one observable property is a science access point that can be addressed here.






IMG_5868IMG_6126We let the good times roll with some zydeco music recorded on a voice output device. There was a fabulous hat (thank you Dr. Hamilton) and a mardi gras shaker bottle to help the students get in the groove.

Everyone had a rockin good time 🙂

IMG_5884                                     Appy a push to move an object is a science access point addressed here.



IMG_5865IMG_5798Gold, green, and purple glitter swirled around the oobleck this week, very cool looking! We made the batch a little thicker this week so it really oozed—–can we say FUN 🙂

IMG_5843With all glitter swirling around this was a great activity for tracking objects in motion and tracking falling objects, both are science access points.




IMG_5901A yummy vanilla sugar scent was used in our water play this week. There was a big measuring cup and small spoon for scooping fun and a perfect way to address the math access point recognize differences in size of objects.

Use senses to recognize objects is another science access point that can be addressed in this activity.






IMG_6146The matching lotion was so delicious smelling. There was lots of giggling as the lotion was rubbed on various body parts such as hands, arms, legs—–and behind the occasional ear 🙂

Our students left the group smelling like sweet beignets!

This activity addresses the science access point recognize one or more external body parts.







IMG_5978On Tuesday we made some super fun mardi gras masks! These craft foam masks were found in a dollar bin and made for a really quick and easy art project.

We started by squeezing glue into a large jar lid—-a great activity for hand strengthening!

Then the students dipped feathers into the glue and attached them to the mask. They chose which colors they wanted using communication symbols and we counted each feather as it was placed.

The math access points associate quantities with number names and indicate desire for more of an object can be addressed in this activity.




IMG_5998IMG_6005A straw was glued to the back of the mask and……

IMG_6009                                                                                 TA DA! We are ready for mardi gras!



On Thursday we made some fun mardi gras shakers using small paper plates starting by discussing the shape of the plate and the number 3—–since we were going to count to 3 A LOT in this activity.

IMG_6253We have found that our students do really well with number and color identification when given a choice of two but have a tendency to go to the middle symbol when there is a choice of three—-but we are going to keep practicing 🙂

The math access point associate quantities with number names is addressed here.






IMG_6271The students did a SUPER job using 3 colored markers——yelbow, green, and purple—–to color their paper plates. They really are getting more proficient with writing tools!

Communication symbols were used to practice color identification, addressing the science access point identify common objects by one observable property, such as color.






IMG_6337IMG_6285Then we used the adaptive scissors to cut 3 pieces of crepe paper streamers—-mardi gras colors OF COURSE! The paper plate was folded in half and we used the electric stapler to staple the plate together and the streamers to the plate.

Activate a device that uses electricity and recognize a change in an object are both science access points addressed in this activity.







IMG_6317We left an opening at one end of the plate so we could put 3 small sections of broken mardi gras beads before finishing stapling.

Take a look at the concentration and fabulous pincer grasp pictured here—–the OT is so proud 🙂

Again, the math access point associate quantities with number names is addressed here.






IMG_6310TA DA!

This project was a hit!










IMG_6174IMG_6246Our students in the language group put on a Mardi Gras parade for all of the elementary students and BOY was it fun!

The plan was for the students to follow the directions “STOP” and “GO” while we all paraded down the hallways to the different classrooms—-it ended up a little like herding cats but we all had a blast anyway 🙂  The students handed out beads to all of the spectators who waved and cheered us on and we also gave some of our students voice output devices programed to ask, “do you want beads?”



IMG_6179IMG_6219The leader of the parade had a voice output device with zydeco music programmed on it and she was in charge of keeping the music going for the parade by activating the device. Our students did a wonderful job of walking together and giving out beads, of course with a few prompts here and there.





IMG_6204Everyone had so much fun at  our Mardi Gras parade that there were calls for it to become an annual tradition!

IMG_6150Join us again next time for more fun and learning—–Group by Group!








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