Snow Day in Florida


IMG_6768We had a SNOW DAY!!!  Ok, so our snow day was slightly different from what most of you experience since ours came in a TRUCK but that is how we do it down in the Sunshine State 🙂 Both students and staff had such a great time that we wanted to relive the fun by making it the theme of this week’s unit! The sensory group explored boxes that were all white. The fine motor group made snowy art projects and the language group made snow cones and drank hot chocolate. Snowy fun all round!





IMG_6596IMG_6521This box was filled with so many white things! There were a variety of different textures a soft wooly mitt, hard beads, and fake fur. There were different snowman figures—-including one that made a crinkly noise! There was also a pompom shaker and glowing snowball! The students had so much fun sifting through the items and finding their favorites.

IMG_6590The science access point recognize and respond to different types of sensory stimuli is addressed here.



IMG_6439We tried a new play dough recipe this week. It was made using cornstarch and hair conditioner—-approximately equal parts of both. The hair conditioner was coconut scented so it had a fabulous aroma. We really LOVED it’s texture—-so soft and silky! The one drawback is that even keeping it in a ziplock back it did tend to dry out a little, although adding a little more conditioner back into it helped. A cookie cutter letter S for “snow” was included but most of the students—-and adults—-just loved TOUCHING it 🙂

Recognize that pushing or pulling an object makes it move is a science access point.




IMG_6593IMG_6728Three letter S’s were hidden in our tapioca grains. We thought the tapioca kind of resembled tiny snowflakes and had an interesting texture that was fun to sift through.

The science access point recognize common objects as the same and the math access point recognize when 1 or 2 items have been added to or removed from sets of objects to 3 can be addressed here.



IMG_6737IMG_6484Our white floam and potato head pieces were perfect for making snow balls and snow people! We included some potato head pieces to make the creations come to life. The students had a blast with this stuff and came up with some really creative designs.

The science access point recognize a change in a object is addressed in this activity.





IMG_6517IMG_6770Two different sized spoons were included in our box of “Insta Snow”. This stuff is pretty cool—-LITERALLY, it actually feels cool to the touch! The students loved running their fingers through the snow or feeling the sensations as it was sprinkled on the arms. There were a couple of arctic hued animals included and a tropical snowman picture to find at the bottom of the box.

The students LOVED it!

The math access point recognize similarities and differences in size of objects is a math access point that can be addressed here. The science access point track a falling object can also be addressed here.



IMG_6622 This week we had 2 discovery bottles related to snow. One was filled with glitter and snowflakes which swirled around as it was shaken. The other was a “melting ice” bottle with clear plastic “ice” that floated in the water.

In addition to track objects in motion, the science access point recognize that ice can change to water can be addressed.





IMG_6789IMG_6782We certainly have gotten a lot of use out of our winter umbrella this year but it is always a hit with our students! It really does give the feeling of a beautiful snowy day and really looks cool as the assorted “snowflakes” swirl around as the umbrella is twirled.

What a fun way to address the science access point track objects in motion.






IMG_6784IMG_6613Another white texture to explore with our shaving cream. The students had fun squishing and smooshing—-and making circle snowballs!

IMG_6459The science access point apply a push to move an object and the math access point recognize an object with a 2 dimensional shape are addressed here.



IMG_6588IMG_6501Hands were washed in cold water scented with Bath and Bodyworks twisted peppermint using a fluffy “snowball” sponge. The students liked feeling the texture of the sponge but really loved picking it up and watching the water drip down.

Recognize objects or materials as warm or cold and track falling objects  are science access points that can be addressed  in this activity.



IMG_6631We finished with the matching lotion which smelled SO yummy! The perfect scent to remember our fun and fabulous Florida snow day 🙂











IMG_6637On Tuesday we started a 2 part art project by making a snowman! We started with a cute little snowman shape cut from the Ellison machine—-easy peesy 🙂 The students used communication symbols to identify the color “white” and they did such a great job!

The science access point identify objects by one observable property such as color is addressed here.






IMG_6639Then we counted out 3 cotton balls and used communication symbols to identify number 3—-addressing the math access point associate quantities with number names.









IMG_6648IMG_6672Pincer grasp and bilateral coordination were addressed when pulling apart the cotton balls which were then dipped in glue and attached to the snowman.








TA DA—-such cute little Frostys…..







IMG_6690Just adorable!



IMG_6893On Thursday we finished our art project. The students started by picking out magazine pictures of different places in Florida.  They glued the pictures down onto a piece of paper.

After each picture we asked the students if they wanted to add another one—-addressing the math access point indicate desire for more of an action or object.






IMG_6948Then they painted some snowy white paint onto their pictures——and sprinkled some fake snow on top!

We were really impressed with how well they targeted their strokes onto the magazine picture—-they are making such nice progress with their tool use skills.

Recognize a change in an object is a science access point addressed here.



IMG_6938IMG_6886The students added their snowman from Tuesday and TA DA…..

…………………….a snowy day in Florida 🙂











IMG_6813The language group focused on the topic of HOT and COLD today.  Our students each got to pick if they would rather have a hot drink or a cold drink.  We used the PIXON picture symbols for “hot” and “cold” and our students made their choice by pointing to the picture symbol or using eye gaze.

We tallied up the numbers and found that MORE people wanted a hot drink—-well it was a pretty chilly day here so that was a good choice 🙂



IMG_6830IMG_6838First, we made our cold snow cones.  Our students got to turn the snow cone machine on by pushing the top of it.  It made a few of our students jump but they seemed to enjoy hearing the ice crush.

Then the students helped pour blue Powerade on the snow cones.





IMG_6862There were mixed reactions with this drink.  Some of our students seemed to really enjoy it, while for others…not so much.








IMG_6845IMG_6853Next, we made our hot drink—hot chocolate!  Our students helped pour the hot chocolate mix in a coffee cup.  Once the water was added, our students got to stir it all together.  We observed how it changed!

Recognize a change in materials is a science access point!



IMG_6875Then we microwaved it and once it was warm, the students who wanted a hot drink got to try some.

Recognize materials as warm or cold is another science access point.

There was a MUCH better reaction to this drink and they all gulped it down!

Who wouldn’t want a hot drink on a cold day? 🙂




Well we hope you enjoyed seeing how we do snow in Florida 🙂 Join us again next time for more fun and learning Group by Group!

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