IMG_1277This week we were all about NUMBERS! The unit was a lot of fun to put together and we were thrilled with the way our book turned out—-make sure to take a look at it! Each of the boxes in our sensory group had something to count and our fine motor group made two fabulous art projects with numbers. The language group had a blast playing a counting game with a parachute!








IMG_1098IMG_1251We had 1 big tray of shaving cream. Perfect for practicing writing number 1—-or just feeling it squish around fingers!

What a fun way to explore forces and changes in motion while addressing the science access point track the movement of objects that are pushed or pulled.






IMG_0946There were 2 different shapes and colors of pasta in this box. It was a colorful and eye catching box, perfect for sorting but also lovely to look at! We made this “butterfly” and “caterpillar” pasta ages ago and it has really held up well—–it is amazing how durable it is!

Identify common classroom objects by one observable property, such as shape or color is the science access point addressed here. The math access point recognize two objects that are identical to each other can also be addressed.






IMG_0854IMG_1065Number 3 was the theme of our water play! There was a floaty foam number to find in the water as well as 3 different size scoops that were perfect for rinsing off all the shaving cream we used.

The math access point recognize differences in sizes of containers that hold liquids can be addressed here.






IMG_0915IMG_0887This box was filled with FUN—–4 shaker pompoms! Our students had an absolute blast with these, they were the hit of this unit.



IMG_1026The science access point recognize an action as fast or slow can be addressed here. Another science access point identify an object by one observable property, such as color, can also be addressed.




IMG_0862A “foot” cookie cutter with 5 little toes and a number 5 cookie cutter were included with blue moonsand.

Apply a push to move an object and recognize a change in an object are the science access point addressed here.









IMG_0981The numbers 6, 7, and 8 could be found while sifting around this oatmeal filled box. Taped on a piece of paper at the bottom of the box there a bunch of different animal stickers to count.

The math access point associate quantities with number names is addressed here.









IMG_1112IMG_1074There were 9 soft pompoms and 9 hard beads to count in this box. The students enjoyed comparing the different textures——and of course wearing the fabulous beads!

IMG_1235The math access point solve simple real-world problems involving joining or separating small quantities of objects can be addressed here.




IMG_0956Lavender scented lotion was spread over 10 fingers to finish our group. Why lavender? Well……while resting on lavender scented sheets people might COUNT sheep to fall asleep!

Ok….so000 quite a stretch but we think it sort of……kind of…… works 🙂

Associate quantities with number names is the math access point again addressed here.









On Tuesday our art project involved a little bit of magic! First our students wrote their names of a piece of white paper. We discussed the fact that the paper was a rectangle and counted the sides.

IMG_1182IMG_1147Then they chose which color paint they wanted to use—-orange, green, or purple. They used foam brushes to cover the paper and watched as numbers magically appeared—–thanks to our volunteers who had written the numbers with a white crayon.

Recognize a change in an object is the science access point addressed here.




IMG_1208We counted the numbers which addresses the math access point associate quantities with number names then………….









IMG_1173IMG_1200TA DA!!!!!!  Numbers are FUN!










On Thursday we did a really fun hand stamping project that the students LOVED!

IMG_1445We started by asking them to pick two different stamp colors, 1 for each hand.

Then they put one hand on each color and held them down—–with a little bit of help 🙂 while we counted to 5.

Recognize rote counting is a math access point.






IMG_1457Both hands were then pressed down onto a piece of paper that was a rectangle while we counted from 6-10!

The math access points recognize rote counting and recognize a common object with a 2 dimensional shape are both addressed in this activity.








IMG_1449IMG_1476Ta DA—–

IMG_1484                                                                   such cute little fingers!!!!





IMG_1372We had SO MUCH fun in the language group.  Our students were asked to choose which number they wanted from a choice of 2 different number puzzle pieces.

They indicated their preference either by verbalizing, touching, or looking at their choice.







IMG_1381Once they made their decision, the students got to throw the puzzle piece onto the center of a parachute.  Then came the fun part………








IMG_1323…..everyone in the room helped to shake the parachute the number of times that was indicated on the puzzle piece!  We all counted out loud while we shook the parachute and practiced STOPPING when we got to the appropriate number.

In addition to number and operation concepts, the math access point recognize a movement that reflects a spatial relationship, such as up and down is addressed with this activity.




IMG_1400IMG_1421Our students really loved feeling the wind that came from the parachute when we let them take turns sitting underneath it—–such fun!

We think you can tell by their facial expressions that they REALLY enjoyed this activity 🙂






IMG_0975What a great week—–filled with messy, fabulous experiences for our students!

Join us again next time for more fun and learning——-Group by Group!


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