Storybook Parade


IMG_1769Our school district read enough books to meet the Million Book Challenge—-how cool is that! The elementary department celebrated this accomplishment by having a storybook parade. Of course we had to add to the fun and centered our groups around story books this week. Some of our teachers dressed up as their favorite book characters and we themed our sensory group boxes around them. The fine motor group made some cute animal book character art projects and the language group made their OWN book about the parade!




IMG_1933IMG_1578This box was filled with props from a variety of books including some Fancy Nancy accessories, a fairy godmother plushie, Chinese flag, and a cheshire cat mask.


IMG_1841There was a little something for everyone to explore in this box!


IMG_1627IMG_1855The science access point recognize one or more external body parts can be addressed here. The language access points select a familiar object to explore and explore and interact with the selected object is also addressed with this activity.







IMG_1811IMG_1615Some of our students got a Bad Case of Stripes but they didn’t seem to mind 🙂 Our colorful chenille stems were perfect for wearing, waving, twisting around—–so much fun!



IMG_1568The science access point recognize objects by one observable property, such as color can be addressed here.





IMG_1635Comparing BIG and LITTLE was the theme of our Alice in Wonderland box. There were 2 cups, 2 spoons, and 2 play food cupcakes to find in the tea leaves. The students really had a great time with this box, it was a real hit. To add to the fun the big cupcake squeaked when squeezed!

Recognize differences in sizes of objects is a math access point.








IMG_1822IMG_1819Our Little Owl box was also a huge it. The students loved the “owl” feather boas and the cute little   huggable plushie.

IMG_1957The science access point recognize a model of a real object can be addressed here.




IMG_1606IMG_1829So how do you make llamas in pajamas—–use RED moonsand of course 🙂

The science access point recognize a change in an object is addressed as the cookie cutters make impressions in the sand.





IMG_1853IMG_1978A little green food coloring and glitter magically turns ordinary oobleck into Emerald City oobleck! Fabulous fun!

Track the movement of objects that are pushed or pulled is the science access point addressed here.






IMG_2007IMG_2014A pumpkin was turned into a carriage by a fairy godmother in Cinderella so we used Bath and Bodyworks cinnamon pumpkin for our scent this week. A pumpkin shaped bath scrubber was included in our water play and was great for rubbing oobleck off hands! Our students loved the matching scented lotion—–leaving them smelling like sweet little pumpkins 🙂

Recognize and respond to different types of sensory stimuli is a science access point.





On Tuesday we made the cutest little llama art project! We started by looking at the llama shape (cut from poster board using this template:Llama ) and then counting out how many we needed.

Associate quantities with number names is a math access point.

IMG_1905IMG_1907Then we cut a length of yarn using the adaptive tabletop scissors and wrapped it around the llama counting how many wraps it took until we ran out of yarn. After the end was taped off, we asked the students if they “were done” or “wanted more” using communication symbols.

In addition to bilateral coordination, this activity also addresses the math access points indicate desire for more or no more of an action or object.



IMG_1877IMG_1902              Ta LLAMA LLAMA da!










On Thursday we made Babe the Blue Ox out of a paper plate and this template:Babe the Blue Ox

IMG_2104First we discussed the shape of our plates and counted out how many we needed. Then we talked about the color of our paint and asked the students to identify the color blue using communication symbols.

The math access point recognize an object with a 2 dimensional shape and the science access point identify objects by one observable property, such as color are both addressed here.






IMG_2115IMG_2150The students had fun painting the plates with a large paint brush then glued on eyes, snout, ears and some BIG horns! Many thanks to our volunteers for cutting all of these out for us.

Recognize a change in an object and recognize one or more external body parts are science access points addressed here.





IMG_2141Ta Da—-super cute little blue ox!











Since some of our teachers got to dress up as characters in our book, we wanted our students to be able to join in the fun!

IMG_2053On an All-Turn-It spinner, we put pictures of 7 different storybooks.  For our books and props we used a Wizard of Oz hat, Dr. Suess hat, Alice in Wonderland cheshire cat ears, Fancy Nancy feather boa, Cinderella inflatable pumpkin, Peter Pan Captain Hook hook, and a Paul Bunyan ax.

Our students each took turns activating the All-Turn-It spinner to see which book they landed on.




IMG_2048IMG_2021Once they landed on a book, they were given 2 choices of what prop might go with the book asked them to choose the correct prop.  We gave our students a clue by saying things like, “Would Fancy Nancy have this fancy boa or an ax?” and most of them were able to figure out which prop was the right one.




IMG_2070IMG_2041After everyone had a turn, we put the props in the middle of the table and let our students have at it!







IMG_2030They had so much fun trying each of the props out—–and boy can they TOTALLY rock a hat 🙂



IMG_1991What an extra special week we had! Everyone had so much fun dressing up for the parade and remembering all the fun with our groups.

Be sure and join us again for more fun and learning Group by Group!



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