IMG_3054In honor of the Kentucky Derby we learned about the state of Kentucky this week. All our sensory boxes were related to details about the state! The fine motor group made some fun art projects and it was derby day in the language group. We sure learned a lot about our 15th state!

We also want to brag a bit this week, we were selected as “one of 20 blogs to grow your OT practice” by the people at—–SWEET!







IMG_2821IMG_2998Since the derby inspired our theme this week we HAD to have a box dedicated to it.

The champion horse is usually draped with a wreath of roses, hence the term and so we put rose petals as the base of our box. Then we put a variety of horses including ones that were big, little, soft, hard—–lots of things to compare and contrast here!

Recognize similarities and differences in size of objects is a math access point that can be addressed in this activity.




IMG_2963IMG_2815This box of “bluegrass”  was such fun to explore! We included Lincoln Logs (the president was born in Kentucky) and cars (a leading industry in the state).

There were also symbols of the state such as fresh water “pearls” and a cardinal. The very first cheeseburger was served in Louisville so we put a little play food one in our box!

IMG_2797The science access point recognize a model of a real object is addressed here.






IMG_2837IMG_3136A voice output device with the happy birthday song (2 Louisville sisters wrote it) had our students dancing!

The Kentucky Derby is also home to the worlds biggest fireworks show—-ours was a little smaller but our students sure had fun with our little light up toy (found at Target).

Use senses to recognize objects is a science access point.





IMG_3097This box was filled with GOLD just like Fort Knox! It may not have real but our students thought it was a lot of fun—-really, who wouldn’t love diving into a box full of gold beads 🙂

Track objects in motion is a science access point.








IMG_2812The University of Kentucky basketball team is the winningest NCAA team ever—–how cool is that! The team colors are blue and white just like our rice. Four blue K’s could be found in the rice and a picture of a basketball player could be found under the rice.

Recognize objects that are identical is a science access point.







IMG_2807Coal is the state mineral and coal mining continues to be an important industry in the state of Kentucky. In this box 2 different size spoons were included for scooping fun in our black bean coal.

The math access point associate quantities with language, such as many, a lot, or a little can be addressed here.







IMG_2989IMG_3158If you have a MAMMOUTH umbrella you can make a Mammoth Cave! We made our cave by taping garbage bags around the edge of the umbrella. Animal coloring pictures were taped inside and some toy bats hung down. Our students had a blast using a flashlight to search for animals in the cave habitat.

IMG_2893                                Match common living things with their habitats is a science access point.





IMG_2864The happy birthday song was the inspiration for our scents this week. We figured birthday songs and birthday cake go together and since Philosophy makes a cake scented bath gel—-PERFECT!

There was a big scoop and a little melon baller for fun water play. The melon baller had a little hole at the bottom of the bowl—–so much fun to use that to use that to fill the scoop!

Recognize different containers that hold liquids and track objects in motion are  science access points.





IMG_2877Continuing a birthday party theme, we asked our students to choose between 2 different soda scented lip balms—-applied to WRISTS NOT LIPS of course!

Their choices were Sprite and Fanta, both very yummy scents, however Sprite turned out to be the overwhelming favorite!

The language access point effectively communicate wants and needs using gestures/signs, pictures, symbols, or words.







On Tuesday we made some Derby Day decorations!

IMG_3004IMG_3007We started by asking the students to show us the color red using communication symbols. Then we gave them a piece of red tissue paper and asked them to tear and crumple it up—-to make red roses! A great activity for bilateral coordination.

Recognize a change in an object is a science access point.




IMG_3057After they finished making their roses they dipped them in glue and attached them to a horseshoe, using this template: horseshoe.

This activity addresses eye hand coordination and pincer grasp skills.

The horseshoe was then glued onto a rectangular piece of paper AFTER we discussed the SHAPE of the paper!

Recognize an object with a 2 dimensional shape is a math access point.







IMG_3070IMG_3047Lets celebrate Derby Day—–

IMG_3027                                                                                          TA DA!!!!



The red cardinal is the state bird of Kentucky. Since they also live in our state, we decided our Thursday art project would be to make bird feeders for the cardinals around our school! Recognize that animals need food is a science access point addressed with this activity.

IMG_3278Our students did a really great job spreading peanut butter on a pine cone—-although it was a little hard to resist the temptation to sneak a taste for themselves 🙂

Recognize a change in an object is a science access point.







IMG_3267Then they put their pinecones in a tray, practicing pincer grasp skills as they picked up and sprinkled birdseed on top of the peanut butter. This activity was pretty messy but the students had a BLAST!!!!

The science access point recognize a change in an object is again addressed.






IMG_3313TA DA!!!










IMG_3350After everyone had finished their bird feeders we brought them outside and hung them up—–there are going to be some pretty happy cardinals around here soon 🙂












IMG_3185It was a race for the roses in the language group!  The focus for group was to follow the directions. In addition to verbal prompts we used picture symbols to help our students follow the directions. The students raced 2 at a time holding a hobby horse (some of them needing a little help, of course).








IMG_3191The racers had to make sure to watch and listen for the directions to “GO” and “STOP”.   Everyone got a turn to race and it was all very exciting 🙂








IMG_3177IMG_3206For our student “spectators”, we provided some fun hats to wear—–everyone knows that when you’re at the Kentucky Derby, anything goes!

IMG_3200                                                                                    Even pizza hats!




IMG_3219IMG_3225Once a jockey won, their horse received a floral wreath, just like the ones received by the real winners of the race.








IMG_3230This was such a fun activity, filled with so much fun and laughter——because that is just how we roll Group by Group 🙂



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