IMG_4133Our final theme for this school year is in honor of our dear Jeannie who is retiring! It is a bittersweet moment for us and we will miss her very much! Since she is a little obsessed with the color purple 🙂 we decided that a purple theme would be the perfect send off!

The sensory group explored textures and materials that were all purple. The fine motor group made purple art projects including a special one for Jeannie. The language group conducted some cool science experiments that involved the color purple!






IMG_4051IMG_4125There were lots of fun things to discover in this box—-including little purple plushies, paper shred, chenille stems, furry fabric, beads, and some shiny pom poms!

IMG_4170                                               It was a very enticing box that our students loved exploring.


IMG_4409IMG_4371It also contained a fun purple noise maker that elicited LOTS of giggles!

The science access point recognize and respond to different types of sensory stimuli is addressed here.







IMG_4443We just loved this super cool sparkly purple kinetic sand that we bought at Michaels—–and once we pried OUR hands away from it and let our students play with it, they did too 🙂

There was a letter P cookie cutter to stamp impressions into the sand but mostly we all enjoyed watching the way it dripped and oozed—-SO cool!

Apply a push to move an object is a science access point.






IMG_4232More sparkly fun with this discovery bottle filled with purple glitter to watch float around.

The science access point track the movement of objects that are pushed or pulled can be addressed here.








IMG_4157IMG_4084Feather boas, and different kinds of garland filled this box. There were textures to compare as well as different sizes not to mention how completely eye catching the items were!

The students had an absolute blast with this stuff either shaking it or wearing—-so much fun!

IMG_4100                          The science access point use senses to recognize objects can be addressed here.




IMG_4183There were 2 little purple people to find in this box of purple beans. Neon purple food coloring was used to dye the beans and we were pretty pleased with the results.

We also read online that adding a little cream of tartar to the mix after the beans were dried would help reduce color transfer—-and we think it worked!

This activity addresses the  math access point associate quantities with number names.





IMG_4089IMG_4102Since we didn’t have any battery operated purple lights, we hot glued pieces of a translucent purple notebook paper to one of our shoeboxes and voila—–our white lights were now PURPLE! And yes, we were pretty proud of our creativity 🙂

IMG_4213As you can see—-our students were pretty thrilled with our creation too!

Recognize sources of light is a science access point.




IMG_4245IMG_4424The students mixed blue and red food coloring to make purple shaving cream. Ok, so perhaps it turned out closer to a pale lilac which doesn’t show up so well in the photos but it definitely had a purple tint in real life!

The science access points share objects with a partner and recognize a change in an object are addressed with this activity.





IMG_4094Hands were rinsed in Valuetime grape scented bath gel. The shaving cream ended up coloring the water purple and there were some purple measuring spoons to help scoop out purple letters—–when we go with a theme we really go all in 🙂

This is a great activity for eye hand coordination and can address the science access point match objects by one observable property, such a color.






IMG_4269IMG_4146We couldn’t find any grape scented lotion but this grape scented lip balm worked perfectly. It had a really strong scent which most of the students thought was pretty yummy! They really enjoyed smelling the scent after it was applied to their wrists.

Recognize and respond to one type of sensory stimuli is a science access point.







On Tuesday we used a soda bottle rather than a paint brush to paint purple flowers.

IMG_4304IMG_4323We started by discussing the shape of our paper and drawing stems using markers. Some of our students used Crayola pipsqueak markers. Others used a switch to operate our adapted airplane. They ALL did a fantastic job!

The science access point recognize a change in an object and the math access point recognize common objects with 2 dimensional shapes are addressed here.



IMG_4285Then we dipped the bottom of the bottle in purple paint stamped UP and Down on our paper. We emphasized the motions verbally as we helped our students.

The math access point recognize a movement that reflects a spatial relationship, such as up and down is addressed here.







IMG_4300IMG_4334Ta DA……..

…….Some perfectly pretty purple posies 🙂








On Thursday we made a special present for Jeannie.

IMG_4532We started by asking our students to show us the color purple using communication symbols. Purple is one color they have had LOTS of practice identifying in Jeannie’s room 🙂

Identify objects by one observable property, such as color is a science access point.






IMG_4543IMG_4566The we cut strips of green paper to make stems and then used a paper punch to cut out flowers from scrap book paper (thanks so much for the donation Courtney).

The science access point recognize a change in an object is addressed here.






IMG_4576IMG_4582Then we glued everything onto a picture frame (with a cute picture of the class in the sensory room ball pit) and……..







IMG_4594                                                                                            TA DA!!!





Although our students love it when we do cooking activities, they ALSO love it when we do science experiments.  We got to do 2 of them this week: a Home Made Lava Lamp and Color Changing Milk.

IMG_4469We started out with the Home Made Lava Lamp.  Here are the directions we followed: Homemade Lava Lamp.

We had our students help us pour in the vegetable oil and the water.  We talked about filling the bottle up HALFWAY.  Our students observed that the oil was heavier because the water floated on top of it.






IMG_4517IMG_4527Next, we put in purple food coloring.  Finally, we watched what happened as we put the Alka Seltzer tablet into the bottle.

For our students with visual impairments, we held the bottle up to their ear so they could hear it fizz.

IMG_4514So much fun to see the food coloring bubble up and down the bottle!



For our next experiment, we brought back an experiment we had already done and one that our students (and the adults!) really thought was cool: Color Changing Milk.  Here are the directions we followed: Color Changing Milk.  Our students got to help pour the milk out onto the plate.

IMG_4491We wanted to incorporate another bit of science in this experiment and see if we could make the color purple using blue and red.  We put in 4 drops of red and 4 drops of blue.








IMG_4497Next, we put some dish soap on a Q-tip and stuck the Q-tip into the food coloring.  It is SO neat to see the colors explode around the plate!  Again, we were awestruck by how cool it looks!

After the colors ran into each other a bit, they mixed and mingled into other colors including————–PURPLE!






IMG_4225IMG_4354Thanks a lot for joining us this week. This was our last themed post for this school year but we are full of ideas for the fall when we will be back for more fun and learning——Group by Group!

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