Hello Summer


IMG_4342We can’t believe another school year has come to an end—- it always amazes us how fast the year goes by!

There have been a lot of exciting things that have happened from snow days and book parades, to a hot air balloon. We also had special visitors including Taiwanese acrobats, the FSU marching chiefs and Governor Rick Scott—-how cool is that!



Since this is our last post until the fall, we wanted to take the time to spotlight some of the special teachers, staff, and volunteers that are usually “behind the scenes” so to speak. Group by Group would certainly not be what it is without them 🙂

IMG_4770Thank you to Joi, Frankie, Michelle, and Grandma who are always full of fun ideas and make sure our week starts out with a smile!









IMG_4446Thank you Maria, Yvette, and Dontrel who go with the flow and don’t mind the mess week after week 🙂










IMG_4447Thank you to Jen, Mary, Sonja, and volunteer Hope who keep us laughing 🙂









IMG_4449Thanks also Lori who takes time out of her busy schedule to help us each week!











IMG_4894IMG_4771Thank you to Robin, Ellen, Candy, Arlene (happy retirement but we will miss you) and Grandma who are up for anything week after week!








IMG_2099Thanks also to all the enthusiastic interns, practicum students, and OT volunteers who are always such a huge help!









IMG_4444Thank you to Melissa, our retiring vision teacher for all her support through the years.











Thanks also to volunteer Robert who makes sure the sensory room is well taken care of week after week!











IMG_4529Finally thank you and a great big TA DA to the fabulous Jeannie, Katie, and Celeste!









IMG_4779Happy summer everyone! Don’t worry we will be back in the fall with more fun and learning Group by Group but for now———- see ya later alligator 🙂



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  1. Really cute pictures. It really does take a village. A huge thank you to everyone, especially Joy and Cara for making work so much fun. We can be really proud of ourselves for this fabulous blog and for making learning so much fun for the students. I am also proud of the students for making so much progress this and every year. I am going to miss everyone terribly but I will keep up through the blog and I will be in to check on everyone. It’s hard to believe I am now retired. After 36 years it is time to move on to new adventures. Love you all, Jeannie Barrett

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