Fun Summer Trips


IMG_1013Welcome back everyone! We are so excited to start the school year but first we want to share some summer memories. Our staff members did a lot of traveling over the summer so be sure to check out Cara’s book and take a look at their fabulous photos!

For our groups, the sensory group explored boxes related to the various vacation spots. Our fine motor groups made some colorful art projects and the language group made a yummy beach dessert.





IMG_0849In Florida you are never that far from the beach so for most of us, summer means lots and lots of beach trips! This first box was a little mini beach filled with lovely soft sand and some shells. There was also a hidden picture to discover at the bottom of the box.

Counting the shells addresses the math access point associate quantities with number names.







IMG_1010IMG_0827Our homemade play dough had a perfect texture this week—so much fun to squish between hands! They also had fun cutting bright yellow New York City taxi cabs or fun Texas cowboy boots.

As shapes are cut out of the play dough the science access point recognize that the appearance of an object or material has changed is addressed.




IMG_0557Disney was also a popular vacation destination and this box gives a nod to Minnie Mouse with these colorful red and white pom poms. We also included a cute Minnie Mouse Hat and an adorable little mirror—— so the students could check our how cute they looked!

The science access point match objects by one observable property, such as color can be addressed here.







IMG_1033IMG_1006Every summer Ms. Jen goes to Iowa to visit her family! One thing that Iowa is famous for is CORN—-she even got to visit a corn palace there!

We filled this box with popcorn kernels then added some pieces of play food and the word “corn”. Velcro enabled the 2 piece corn cob to be taken apart, then reattached—-addressing bilateral coordination!

The math access point recognize parts of whole objects can also be addressed here.




IMG_0864IMG_0809Our Appalachian Trail umbrella habitat was a nod to North Carolina—-another favorite vacation spot. There were birds and butterflies to find amongst the leaves—-including a cardinal, the state bird. Ambient woodland sounds were recorded on a voice output device and there was a cute plush black bear to cuddle. This was a hit!

IMG_1026The science access point recognize objects related to science by name, such as animal, and plant can be addressed here.




IMG_0889Some of our teachers went on cruises and Ms. Judy’s took her to Grenada which is known as the Spice Island. They grow lots of spices there, including nutmeg which we sprinkled on our oobleck.

Its yummy aroma made us think we were on the island——ALMOST 🙂

Recognize and respond to different types of sensory stimuli is a science access point.







IMG_0896Our water habitat came complete with 3 ducks and 1 fish—-the types of animals you might see at a lake or aquarium!

The math access point solve simple problems involving joining or separating sets of objects to 3 can be addressed in this activity.









IMG_0634IMG_0906We used Bath and Bodyworks coconut scented bath gel and lotion this week—-a reminder of all the sunscreen that was worn this summer 🙂

Our students thought the scent was pretty yummy!

As the lotion is applied the science access point recognize one or more external body parts is addressed.






Our Tuesday fine motor group made great big Minnie Mouse bows!

IMG_0664We started by asking the students to identify the color WHITE using communication symbols.

Identify objects by one observable property is a science access point.









IMG_0684IMG_0703We then discussed the shape of our stamper and began stamping! Bilateral coordination was practiced by holding one side of the bow down and using the other hand to stamp UP and DOWN.

The math access points recognize a movement that reflects a spatial relationship (such as up and down) and recognize an object with a 2 dimensional shape are addressed here.





IMG_0674IMG_0698…………..Ta Minnie DA……..

IMG_0708                                                          ………these are too cute for words!



For our Wednesday fine motor group art project, the students made a fantastic cruise ship poster!

IMG_0920We started by discussing the color of paint we were going to use and asked the students to identify the color BLUE using communication symbols—-they did an AWESOME job!

The science access point identify objects by one observable property such as color NAILED here 🙂







IMG_0936Then they used paint brushes to paint a piece of poster board with 2 different shades of blue paint.

The science access points track the movement of objects that are pushed or pulled and recognize a change in an object are addressed in this activity.







IMG_0943IMG_0938Well every cruise ship HAS to have passengers and our ship has some pretty adorable ones!

Prior to our group, Ms. Joi and her staff cut out, colored, and added the students faces to these figures using this template: people for cruise ship.

We asked the students to choose THEIR figure, then they glued it onto the cruise ship using a glue stick.

Using the glue stick addresses the science access point apply a push to move an object.




IMG_0961                                                 TaDa—–all aboard and ready for cruising 🙂





We decided to start this year’s language group out with a sweet treat, so we made Edible Beaches using this recipe: Let’s Make an Edible Beach.

IMG_1069To start the recipe, we had our students take turns putting the ingredients for the pudding in the bowl.  We counted out how many cups of milk we needed and showed the students the number “3”.

Associate quantities with number names is a math access point.






IMG_1076Once all of the ingredients were in the bowl, each of our students got to activate the mixer using a switch.  They had to indicate whether or not the ingredients needed to be mixed “MORE” or if it was “ALL DONE”.

Lots of giggles with this part of the activity 🙂

Solve problems involving small quantities objects or actions using language, such as enough, too much, or more is a math access point.







IMG_1092IMG_1105Next, we counted out 20 vanilla wafers as we put them into a bag so we could CRUSH them!  Since we didn’t have a rolling pin available, we used little hammers——so much fun!

The crushed cookies were sprinkled over 1/2 of the pudding——giving us an opportunity to discuss fractions! Distinguish half from whole using objects is a math access point.




IMG_1121Finally, we put all of the ingredients in cups and made our edible beaches, adding 2 little gummy fish and a colorful parasol as a finishing touch.

IMG_1113Ok, so we know the water looks green rather than blue, turns out vanilla pudding has yellow food coloring which when mixed with our blue food coloring……. SIGH 🙂

Despite the green water when we asked the students if it tasted “good” or “bad” and the consensus was YUMMY!!!!!




Thank you so much for joining us this week. We are off to a great start and have so many great themes planned for the year……

IMG_0582………….so cone back and visit again for more fun and learning Group by Group!


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