August After Party


IMG_0770Welcome to the After Party! Each week after the weekly blog featuring activities in the elementary department is posted, our sensory cart is parked in the media center where it is available for check out by the rest of the school.

IMG_1142This post has photos of our middle and high school students enjoying during August. We didn’t start our theme groups until a couple of weeks after school had started but we went ahead and put some sensory items in the check out cart for teachers to use with their students.






IMG_1158IMG_1156The students explored measurement using different size scoops and spoons in boxes of oatmeal or red velvet cake mix.










IMG_0756There were shapes to discover while exploring the moonsand.










IMG_0771IMG_1149The students had a blast drawing swirls and letters in the shaving cream.

IMG_0781_2                                                                                   Everyone loves messy play 🙂





IMG_1159IMG_1148More science to explore with our water activities!

IMG_1151                                                                                                What fun!



We did finish up the month with our Fun Summer Vacation theme. The book featured photos of our teachers vacations—-they went to some fun places!


IMG_1211IMG_1888The students enjoyed our North Carolina Appalachian Trail umbrella—-complete with recorded bird songs and a cute little black bear.






IMG_1890Lots of teachers visited beach—-and the students enjoyed exploring our mini one!









IMG_1206IMG_1430One of our teachers went to Iowa—-so we included a box filled with corn kernels.







IMG_1458IMG_1870Students worked on fine motor skills cutting Texas cowboy hats and New York taxi cabs out of

IMG_1194               yellow play dough.





IMG_1184IMG_1190Our oobleck was scented with nutmeg like that grown on Grenada—-one of the Spice Islands!








IMG_1434IMG_1453The favorite box from this unit was our Disney box! The students had a blast—-from sorting the colorful pompoms to IMG_1892                                                   checking themselves out in the mirror.



IMG_1188IMG_1895Of course our students always totally rock hats 🙂

IMG_1879                                                                                 So cute!



Fun and learning—–Group by Group!

About jd785

Joy (Occupational Therapist), Cara (Speech Therapist) and Joi (Teacher) work with students who have significant intellectual differences. We look for ways to provide multi-sensory learning experiences to enable our students to improve their literacy, fine motor, and communication skills.

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