School Rules


IMG_1556School Rules—-something that’s always reviewed at the beginning of every school year and a perfect theme for this week. All of our activities this week focused on learning school rules and our students had a blast!

Read along to see all the fun we had.





IMG_1571IMG_1508Since we were learning about school rules this week, we HAD to include our blue and yellow rice—–our school colors! In addition to a picture of a teacher at the bottom of the box we included our school’s initials.

As the students moved the letters around the rice they addressed the science access point track the movement of objects that are pushed or pulled.





IMG_1700IMG_1581Listening is a school rule and there were some interesting sounds to listen to when the buttons on this toy were pressed. Sounds included birds chirping or ocean waves—–pretty cool!

The science access point recognize and respond to one type of sensory stimuli is addressed here.







IMG_1762We asked the students to RAISE their hands to catch the floating bubbles——–always a hit with our students!

This activity was a really fun way to address the science access points track objects that fall to the ground and recognize one or more external body parts.







IMG_1684IMG_1529Taking turns—-another school rule—-was encouraged with two different massagers. The fluffy one needed constant pressure to make it vibrate while the little dog is turned on/off by pressing the little button on his nose.

IMG_1516These massagers were the total HIT of the group, our students loved them and there were lots of giggles to be heard.

IMG_1342IMG_1600Lots and LOTS of giggles 🙂

IMG_1320Share objects with a partner is the science access point addressed here.




IMG_1616IMG_1712Sometimes “playing quietly” is a rule so this box had some toys that were noisy and some that were quiet. The students really loved touching and twisting the fat fluffy chenille stems—–a perfect quiet toy! Our noisy toys included a hand clapper and jingle shaker—–perfect for noisy fun 🙂

Recognize objects that create sounds is a science access point.





IMG_1325IMG_1732Shaving cream is pretty messy stuff so keeping your hands to yourself is an important rule to remember when playing with it! Our students did a pretty good job following this rule—-and as usual, had a blast!

Recognize that pushing and pulling an object makes it move is a science access point addressed here.








IMG_1273IMG_1594We thought that making sure that the funnel was held OVER the basin while pouring water through it was a pretty good example of using equipment safely! Whether watching the water flow through the funnel or just rinsing hands in the water our students really enjoyed themselves.

Explore, observe, and recognize common objects in the natural world is a science access point that can be addressed in this activity.




IMG_1776IMG_1772We couldn’t really think of a school rules scent BUT since our school is located in the state of Florida and we ARE known for our oranges…………..

IMG_1769That fresh citrus scent left our students smelling like yummy orange creamsicles, so sweet—–just like them 🙂

Recognize one or more external body parts is a science access point addressed as the lotion is applied.





IMG_1359IMG_1363On Tuesday we made a school rules poster for our art project.

We started by discussing the color of our paper and asking the students to show us the color purple using the communication symbols. They all correctly identified the color—–our students totally ROCK 🙂

Identify objects by one observable property, such as color is a science access point.




IMG_1373IMG_1392We printed out the school rules we had discussed in our book and the students used paper cutters to cut them into strips.

Our more physically challenged students used switch operated scissors, which they always have fun using.

IMG_1386Recognize a change in an object is a science access point.




IMG_1381IMG_1372The students then took turns squeezing glue onto their rules strips and adhering them to the purple paper.

Recognize when an object is added to a situation is a math access point.





IMG_1407                                                                             Ta Da—we know our school rules!




Our Wednesday fine motor group focused on the rule “keep hands down”—–literally!

IMG_1638First we talked about our hands and that we have 2 of them. We asked our students to identify the number 2 using communication symbols.

Associate quantities with number names is a math access point.







IMG_1654We looked at our paper and discussed the shape, counting the sides. Then the students put their hands down onto the paper while we traced around them.

Identify the sides of a square or rectangle is a math access point.








IMG_1672The students used a variety of markers and crayons to decorate their pictures. In addition to writing utensil practice, this part of the activity gave us lots of opportunities to ask the students to make choices, indicate more, and if they had colored enough.

The math access point solve problems involving small quantities of actions using language, such as enough, too much, or more can be addressed here.






IMG_1660                                                                 We are raising our hands—————-TA DA!!!!!





IMG_1853We had SO MUCH FUN in our language group this week.  We played a modified version of Simon Says using an All-Turn-It spinner so our students could indicate a command.  We played this game so we could practice following directions, just like we have to follow the school rules.







IMG_1808IMG_1857The different commands on the spinner were: RAISE your hands, TOUCH your nose, CLOSE your eyes, STOMP your feet, OPEN your mouth, and CLAP your hands.

IMG_1865                                     Our students really got a kick out of participating and following the directions!




IMG_1837IMG_1838Along with following directions, this was a great activity for the identification of different body parts.  For our students who did not indicate the parts of the body on their own, the adults in the room would help point them out.

Recognize that the human body is made up of various parts is a science access point.






IMG_1349What a week—–our students had a blast learning about the school rules! Join us again next time for more fun and learning——-Group by Group!

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