Jobs with Hats


IMG_2460Our students are learning about community helpers with their Unique Curriculum unit. If you think about it there are LOTS of jobs that have hats as part of their uniform and we had fun learning about some of them this week! Each of our sensory boxes represented a specific job. The fine motor groups used paper cups and plates to make hats for their art projects and the language group got to try on a bunch of different hats.






IMG_2851Our construction box was filled with assorted bean “rocks” and 2 little bulldozers to move the rocks around! A really great opportunity to engage in pretend play as well as working on tactile discrimination skills.

Track the movement of objects that are pushed or pulled is a science access point.







IMG_2710Yee haw….. this box was full of cowboy fun! In the straw there were play horses and cows—-some of them made noise when buttons were pushed! We also included picture symbols with the words “cow” and “horse”. There were a couple of root in’ tooting’ cowboys and a great big boot—- a christmas stocking found on the giveaway table and perfect for our box!

The science access point match animals based on a given shared characteristic can be addressed here.






IMG_2712The police officer box contained some flashing blue light sticks and a toy police car. The students had fun hitting the sticks on the table to make them flash—-very eye catching! The sticks were also perfect for adding lights to the little car 🙂

Recognize sources of light and recognize that pushing or pulling makes an object move are science access points addressed here.







IMG_2825IMG_2647Our mariachi box was a feast for eyes and ears! There were lots of colorful, shiny beads—–like the decorations on mariachi singers’ fabulous clothing and hats. We recorded some mariachi music on the voice output device and added a maraca so the students could totally rock out to the music.

IMG_2816                                                           This was a very popular box 🙂


IMG_2828IMG_2839Recognize and respond to common sounds is a science access point.



IMG_2686IMG_2700Football players wear hats and since we love football around here we had to include this job as part of our unit! A little football and some shaker pompoms made for a super fun box.

Recognize the change in the motion of an object is a science access point that can be addressed here.




IMG_2845We pulled a magic trick out of our hats by adding pop rocks to make our oobleck sound “magical”!

It not only sounded cool but, as always, was so much fun to swirl around or watch drip from fingers.

Recognize that pushing and pulling an object makes it move is a science access point.







IMG_2831IMG_2725This week our water play was a nod to firefighters who use water to put out fires. A bulb syringe made a pretty good stand in for a hose and was fun to watch as well as pretty effective for cleaning oobleck off of hands!

Recognize water as a liquid is a science access point.

Both the water and our lotion were cucumber melon scented (from Bath and Bodyworks)—-leaving our little chefs smelling like they had just come from the kitchen!

Recognize and respond to one type of stimuli is a science access point.




IMG_2733On Tuesday we made magicians hats! We started by counting out 3 cotton balls and identifying the number 3 on a number line.

Associate quantities with number names is a math access point.







IMG_2748IMG_2758The cotton balls were glued onto a poster board bunny cut using this template: bunny for hat. We pre glued a popsicle stick to the back of the bunny. Then we patted them down to make sure they were securely attached 🙂

The math access point recognize when 1 or 2 items have been added to or removed from sets of objects to 3 is addressed here.




IMG_2781IMG_2768After the cotton balls were attached, a pre made face—-complete with googlie eyes—- was added. We applied glue to the uppermost cotton ball and asked the students to put the face on top of the glue. Pincer grasp skills were certainly practiced with this project!

Match objects to marked spaces to show one-to-one correspondence for quantities 1-3 is a math access point.




IMG_2752IMG_2731Our magicians hats were made with black dollar store cups and plates glued together. Slits were cut in the bottom for the popsicle stick to fit through. Then……..

IMG_2792                               Ta abracadabra DA!



On Wednesday we used styrofoam cups and paper plates to make some awesome sombreros for our mariachi band!

IMG_2861We started by discussing our paint color and using pictures symbols to identify the color PURPLE!

The science access point identify common objects by one observable property, such as color is addressed here.








IMG_2872IMG_2892The students had fun painting their hats then adding glitter and pompoms—–for that festive finishing touch 🙂

The science access point recognize a change in an object is addressed here.







IMG_2922IMG_2911TA DA—–time for a fiesta!












IMG_2940IMG_2975We had a fun time dressing up in our language group this week.  We got out our All-Turn-It spinner and each student took a turn pressing the switch to see what “job” they would have.

The different jobs on the spinner were football player, construction worker, firefighter, magician, mariachi musician, Buckingham Palace guard, and cowboy.



IMG_2932IMG_2955After each student spun and put on their hat for their job, they had to choose the correct item (from a choice of 2) that went WITH the job they got.

IMG_2967For example, if the student landed on construction worker, a hammer and a horse were held up for them to choose between.



IMG_2987IMG_2996Our students did SO WELL with this activity and  had lots of fun putting on the different hats!








IMG_3001IMG_2574Hope you enjoyed our take on community helpers, join us again next time for more fun and learning—–

IMG_2571                                                                         Group by Group!

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