Pets in Politics


IMG_3276September 23rd is Dog in Politics Day—–who knew! We decided to expand the theme a little bit to include other pets owned by politicians. It was a lot of fun and we definitely learned a lot this week. Our sensory group boxes included a variety of plush pets that were a huge hit. The fine motor group painted dogs and the language group played a matching game.







IMG_3328IMG_3339President Clinton’s cat was named Socks. This box had a cute black and white plush cat, just like Socks. We also included a variety of black and white items to compare and contrast. There were pieces of fur, a dusting mitt, beads, and fabric making for some really interesting textures to explore!

IMG_3402Match objects with similar observable properties, such as size, shape, color, or texture is a science access point.




IMG_3111IMG_3398There was once a presidential parrot owned by President Jackson! This box had a fabulous plushie and a bunch of feather boas which made for lots of giggly moments 🙂

The science access point identify objects by one observable property, such as color can be addressed here.





IMG_3374IMG_3395The students used a cookie cutter to make black water dogs like President Obama’s first dogs Bo and Sunny. It took a lot of food coloring to get this dark color but we were pretty happy with the result!

In addition to counting the number of dogs, the science access point apply a push to move an object is addressed.




IMG_3140IMG_3165French President Hollande owns a camel—-how cool is that! Our rice box with the colors of the french flag had 2 little camels to find. There was also a picture of the french flag underneath the rice.

Recognize differences in size of objects is a math access point.







IMG_3144Queen Elizabeth of England owns corgis. In this box we included a banner with british flags and a cute little dog puppet that turned out to be tons of fun for our students!

The science access point recognize a model of a real object and the social studies access point associate a symbol with a location are both addressed here.









IMG_3102Which politician had a pet alligator? The answer is John Quincy Adams! There were 2 alligators roaming around our green jello swamp, along with a variety of leaves and grasses. Since we keep the jello refrigerated, not only is this stuff sticky but it is also cold—–very different feeling!

Distinguish between a plant and animal is a science access point.








IMG_3380Of course after playing in the jello, hands HAD to be rinsed. Our water play activity was a nod to the gobi fish——Japanese Emperor Akihito is an expert on them! There were 2 little fish floating around the water and to add to the fun they could squirt water 🙂

Apply a push to move an object is a science access point.








IMG_3202We thought Bath and Body Works japanese cherry blossom was a perfect pick for our scent this week. Our students thought the scent was pretty cool and really did a great job communicating which body part got the lotion.

Recognize one or more external body parts is a science access point.










Due to a district wide holiday this week, we only had one fine motor group—-but it was a fun one! We made scotty dogs just like Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s dog Fala.

IMG_3219We started by showing the students the paint we were going to use then asking them to identify the color black using communication symbols. They did a pretty good job!

Identify objects by one observable property, such as color, is a science access point.







IMG_3264IMG_3260Foam brushes were used to apply paint to the scotty template found here: Scotty Dog Template

Recognize that pushing and pulling an object makes it move is a science access point.







IMG_3237IMG_3225Then the students squeezed glue over their dogs and sprinkled on pieces of black yarn.

They did such a great job——look at that concentration 🙂

IMG_3251                     Recognize a change in an object is a science access point.



IMG_3271IMG_3253Ta DA!!!!!!

IMG_3232                                                                          So cute!





For the language group this week, we talked about WHERE we see the animals that are in the political pets book.  We had pictures of land, sky, and water.  The pets we talked about were dogs, cats, alligators, parrots, camels, and fish.

IMG_3442IMG_3428For each of their turns, our students were presented with a picture of a pet.  They had to figure out where each of the pets would be seen.

Match common things with their habitats is a science access point.





IMG_3425IMG_3440Once they were able to give the correct location, they would glue the animal onto the correct picture.  Our students had a little difficulty with animals that are not so commonly seen here, such as camels, but with a little help it all came together perfectly!


IMG_3451IMG_3448Our students had a little difficulty with animals that are not so commonly seen here, such as camels, but with a little help it all came together perfectly!






Join us again next time for more fun and learning—–Group by Group!


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