October After Party


IMG_0739IMG_4271Welcome to the After Party! Each week after the weekly blog featuring activities in the elementary department is posted, our sensory cart is parked in the media center where it is available for check out by the rest of the school.

This post has photos of our middle and high school students enjoying the books and cart during the month of October.




image7We started the month with a really fun unit about the Emmy’s. There is a really fabulous book that goes along with that unit so be sure to check it out!







IMG_1635IMG_4275The Doc McStuffins box

image2                                                                                    was a real hit!

IMG_4819IMG_4812The stethoscope was really intriguing to the students.

IMG_4565                                                  Our little patient was well cared for!



image12Staff also 🙂










IMG_4814IMG_4561Of course, we had a box of GOLD to represent that golden Emmy statue.


image1                                                                        Those sparkly beads!




image4image11The lure of GOLD!










IMG_0451image8We put some red velvet cake mix in Ellen’s box—-it is her favorite!

IMG_4272We also had a box  full of Sesame Street fun! There were play figures, letters, number, and a fun book to read.










Next we celebrated German-American Day which was on October 6.

IMG_0666IMG_5143Germany has more zoos than any other country—-we thought that was a pretty cool fact!

IMG_0668The elephant hat turned out to be a crowd pleaser 🙂



image6image7There were lots of things to discover in the box.



IMG_5354IMG_5371IMG_0749Many of the animals made noises when buttons were pushed—–very cool!









IMG_5130image5This box contained black beans, red beans, and yellow rice—–the colors of the German flag. Autos are a leading industry so we included some in this box.










IMG_5140IMG_5210Uranium is a German natural resource. We used our fabulous kinetic sand to represent the uranium.

IMG_5335                                                               Our students had a blast!



image4Kinetic sand is just SO cool 🙂









IMG_5342IMG_5149We added poppy seeds to make our play dough look like bread—-sold in fabulous bakeries throughout Germany.

image3The students also had fun making castles—-just like some of the ones you can visit in Germany—-out of moonsand.






IMG_0667IMG_5134The Brothers Grimm came from Germany so we made a fun fairy tale box just for them!

IMG_5382                                                                              Pretty magical!




In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness everything in our next unit was pink!

IMG_6417IMG_5816The students found the pink sand and sifter very fascinating.

IMG_6083                                                                       It really was very cool!








IMG_5790IMG_5845Our pink rice had 4 letter “P”s to find and the word “pink” hidden at the bottom of the box.

IMG_6097                                                   The students enjoyed this box.


IMG_6408IMG_5803Here are some more pictures of the rice box—-

IMG_6440                                                            ——it really was popular 🙂




IMG_5794 (1)IMG_6454They enjoyed making cool floam sculptures.








IMG_6122IMG_5804There was quite an assortment of pink items in this box, including a baton that lit up and a fabulous sparkly pom pom.






IMG_5789IMG_6412IMG_0777Something fun for everyone!









IMG_5791IMG_6072It was hard to tell which was a bigger hit the sparkly beads or…….

IMG_6086                                                                   ……….soft, fluffy yarn in this box.




IMG_6402IMG_5840Even the oobleck was colored pink for this unit 🙂








IMG_6134IMG_6409This fun water fountain toy was a HUGE hit!








IMG_6676IMG_6657Our Creepy Crawly Critter unit was tied to the students curriculum unit on animal habitats.







IMG_6699image4The “owl” feather boa tickled our students 🙂

IMG_6732                                                  They all like owls—-of course!



IMG_6671IMG_6673It doesn’t get any creepier than spiders!

IMG_6719We had a bunch—even one that vibrated when the string was pulled!!!



IMG_6669IMG_6714Our desert habitat had snakes and lizards to roam around in the sand.








image1IMG_6684There was a GIANT water bug in our pond habitat!

IMG_6655                                                                             Now that is CREEPY!



IMG_6701IMG_6712Bats were cut out of black play dough—-great for counting fun.









IMG_6653IMG_6667The lights got turned off and the students got to check out some glowing bugs in a box.

IMG_7373                                                       Our light boxes are always popular.




IMG_6646IMG_6662The lights were kept off and a black light turned on to check out some glowing centipedes.

IMG_6681                                                                               This was a hit!




IMG_8751 (1)IMG_7670Our final theme of the month was Peter Pan. We had lots of magical fun with this unit.

image7                                                   The Captain Hook box was a huge hit!



image11 (1)IMG_0782There were lots of things to explore including an eye patch  and crocodile.








IMG_7390image3We brought out kinetic sand again—–this time a vibrant green!

IMG_8747                                                                      The students loved it.



IMG_7392IMG_7656Black beans made for a perfect night sky complete with Wendy and stars to find.

IMG_7662                                    There was also a picture of Peter Pan hidden underneath.



image5image10Glitter was added to yellow play dough which made the stars cut from it really twinkle!

IMG_8717The different size cookie cutters enabled size comparisons.



IMG_8705IMG_8724The Mr. Smee box contained red and white items. They could be sorted by either texture or color.

IMG_8716                                                       The beads were also fun to shake and move.



IMG_7681A really fun box!









IMG_8711IMG_8757The students loved the pixie dust discovery bottles.

IMG_8738                                                                                       And the mermaid lagoon!



IMG_8727IMG_8731Of course the highlight was our Fairy Hollow umbrella—-

IMG_7389                                                                   —–this was a HIT!



IMG_7386IMG_7691Truly one of the prettiest umbrellas we have put together.



image1                                                                          Just fabulous!




IMG_6686IMG_6714What a fantastic jam packed month—–filled with fun and learning, Group by Group!

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Joy (Occupational Therapist), Cara (Speech Therapist) and Joi (Teacher) work with students who have significant intellectual differences. We look for ways to provide multi-sensory learning experiences to enable our students to improve their literacy, fine motor, and communication skills.

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