January After Party


IMG_2969IMG_4625Welcome to the After Party! Each week after the weekly blog featuring activities in the elementary department is posted, our sensory cart is parked in the media center where it is available for check out by the rest of the school.

This post has photos of our middle and high school students enjoying the books and cart during the month of January.



We started off the month with a Frozen theme. Needless to say it was HUGELY popular!

IMG_0436IMG_0439The students loved watching the snowflakes swirl while they listened to “Let it Go” play on the voice output device.




IMG_3332                                                      Some of them even sang along 🙂



IMG_2933IMG_3299There were more snowy swirls in our discovery bottles.








IMG_5481IMG_5492Everyone LOVED Olaf!






IMG_5471                                                                   He is just so cute!!




IMG_5479IMG_2941The Insta-Snow looked and felt a lot like the real thing.







IMG_0795IMG_3328It was fun making it into snowballs!









IMG_3293IMG_2946They also built snowmen with Floam!






IMG_5491                                                                Pretty fabulous!




IMG_2935IMG_3330Our “reindeer” fur and cute little “Sven” were a hit.







IMG_5476IMG_5480Either for cuddling or wrapping around shoulders 🙂








IMG_5482IMG_2931There were snowflakes and fun figures to discover in this colorful box.




IMG_5490                           Some of the students got a little creative with the basket grass 🙂




IMG_5483IMG_3313They had fun counting how many snowflakes they scooped out of the water.










The new year was celebrated by looking back at historic events in the past and wondering “what will happen this year?”

IMG_3517IMG_3532The students sorted hard/soft and red/yellow using the colors of the flag in Queen Isabella’s box.

IMG_5564Both science and math concepts to explore.




IMG_3518IMG_5563Our “rock around the clock” box had the song recorded on a voice output device, a fun maraca AND…..

these super fun finger drums that were a HUGE hit!






IMG_3529IMG_3520The crazy neon rice was very eye catching and so much fun to scoop into our mini funnel!

Different size stars were cut from our Declaration of Independence play dough—-we added foil stars and glitter for a special sparkle!







IMG_5562IMG_5560Green Floam, the same color as the Statue of Liberty, was used to make a variety of sculptures and the students had fun with souvenir hat.

Our water play had a plumeria scent in honor of Elvis’ Hawaiian concert.







Our Properties of Matter theme complimented the Unique Curriculum unit our students studied this month.

IMG_4215IMG_4489The students looked for letters L, G, and S——for solid, liquid, and gas—-in a box of cornmeal.








IMG_4216IMG_4494They explored the properties of different materials in this box—-there were things that were soft, hard, long, short, big, and little.

IMG_4476The bright orange color made is especially eye catching!




IMG_4226IMG_4194Liquids were explored in with discovery bottles. The students also discovered which items sank and which floated in our water basin.

IMG_4500                           Our kinetic sand is not a liquid but it kind of acts like one 🙂





IMG_4473IMG_4485Gases were explored with bubbles—–always a hit!





IMG_4528We also used another liquid (vinegar) to make gas bubbles in our cloud dough mixture. This was really COOL!





IMG_4259IMG_4266We finished with some scented lotion. Eucalyptus was a very attention getting scent and perfect one to help us remember all we learned about matter!






We learned a lot about the state of Georgia with our next unit.

IMG_5289IMG_5311One of our boxes was dedicated to President Jimmy Carter who was from Georgia. There were letter G’s to find and a picture of the president at the bottom of the box.








IMG_2134IMG_5327Both the honey bee and tiger swallowtail (official symbols of Georgia) are yellow and black.

IMG_4642The students had fun sorted pom poms with those colors.




IMG_4812IMG_4621Grits are the official food of Georgia and we had a box filled with them and 3 different size measuring spoons.

IMG_4632Another box contained Georgia’s “red clay” (we used moonsand as a stand-in).





IMG_4796IMG_5329This box had a whole variety of things related to Georgia including a peace symbol representing Martin Luther King Jr., and a  little girl scout bear representing Juliette Gordon Low who founded them.

IMG_5322                                                        Lots and lots to discover!





IMG_5304IMG_4825Georgia is known for it’s peaches. The students made some using orange Floam and got to smell their aroma with our peach and sweet tea scented lotion.

This was a hit!






We finished the month with a Gasparilla celebration!

IMG_5567IMG_5562The students loved the box of colorful beads—-just like those handed out at the parade!

IMG_6038 (1)                                                                           So colorful!




IMG_5546IMG_6030They searched for treasure in discovery bottles and doubloons in rice.

The rice had the same colors as the Spanish flag—-where Jose Gaspar called home.







IMG_6051IMG_5581We had “pirate” moonsand and “pirate” beans. There were pirates hiding in the beans!








IMG_6034IMG_6072There were pop rock firecrackers to listen for in the shaving cream sea foam.

IMG_6033The pop rocks continued to crackle in our basin of water—-complete with shipwreck—– for added fun!




IMG_5604We finished with orange scented lotion—-yummy!






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Joy (Occupational Therapist), Cara (Speech Therapist) and Joi (Teacher) work with students who have significant intellectual differences. We look for ways to provide multi-sensory learning experiences to enable our students to improve their literacy, fine motor, and communication skills.

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