February After Party


IMG_5412IMG_8601Welcome to the After Party! Each week after the weekly blog featuring activities in the elementary department is posted, our sensory cart is parked in the media center where it is available for check out by the rest of the school.

This post has photos of our middle and high school students enjoying the books and cart during the month of February.




So we are actually starting this month with a little throw back—-Gasparilla pictures we accidentally left out of the January After Party!

IMG_5427IMG_5430The students had such fun with our crackling sea foam—–AKA pop rocks and shaving foam 🙂

They searched for doubloons in the “Spanish Rice”…….

IMG_5420and made crossbones in the kinetic sand—–true Gasparilla pirates!



Ok, now back to February where we started the month taking a little trip to China!

IMG_6116IMG_6114Our vibrating massager and jet sounds recorded on a voice output device made you feel like you were on a real plane.







IMG_6115IMG_6792The students had fun finding different “Chinese” objects in a box of bright red paper shred. They used star shaped cookie cutters to cut out yellow play dough stars—–like the ones on the Chinese flag.

IMG_6773                                          The funnel in our “ocean” basin proved to be a big hit.




IMG_6123IMG_6125The teachers had a lot of fun exploring the boxes also!

They really are lots of fun 🙂








IMG_6130We finished with some bubble wrap firecrackers—–Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!










For Valentines Day we chose a tale from Shakespeare——a Midsummer Nights Dream.

IMG_7021IMG_7055Since the story is a love story, we had a box with pink, red, and LOTS of hearts!






IMG_0817                                            There were also letters to spell the word L O V E.




IMG_7084IMG_0811We had colorful glittery, fairy dust discovery bottles. Everyone loves watching the glitter swirl around.







IMG_7022IMG_7561The students had fun draping the different translucent fabrics over their faces and using “fairy vision” 🙂










IMG_7556IMG_7019There were lots of fairies and woodland creatures to discover in this box.











IMG_7001IMG_6997Our moonlit woods umbrella was a big hit—–the students loved it.






IMG_7573                                                                      It was pretty magical!





The students learned about different countries on the continent of Africa with this next theme.

IMG_7592IMG_7595They learned that red, yellow, and green are popular colors found on many different flags. The students sorted pompoms in those colors.


IMG_7597The Maasai tribe were colorful beads, like the ones in this box that are also the colors of the Kenyan flag.



IMG_7594IMG_0460Egypt is another country in Africa. It is famous for it’s ancient pyramids—–a lot bigger than the miniature ones in the desert sand box. The students also discovered some crocodiles in our  Nile River water basin.






IMG_0462IMG_7586The students had a lot of fun looking for animals in the Tanzania safari box and letter “A”s in a  box of coffee beans (first discovered in Ethiopia).

IMG_7589                                                                         Fun and learning!




IMG_0458IMG_0463The students loved our Rwandan gorilla—-complete with authentic sounds on a voice output device.

It was a huge hit—–literally 🙂








Our unit on Color finished out the month. Each of our boxes was a different color which made them very eye catching.

IMG_0702IMG_8271The ORANGE box was filled some fun and fascinating objects.

IMG_9217                                                             Lots of things to discover!




IMG_8580IMG_8593The BLUE box was also filled with lots of different textures to explore.










IMG_8264IMG_8569PURPLE slime was a huge hit!

IMG_8554                                                                       Truly fascinating stuff!





IMG_8531IMG_9193Hands were rinsed in our “magic” water—–we used color changing tablets so each class had a different color.









IMG_8257IMG_8612The twinkling lights in our GREEN light box were very popular!

IMG_9179As with the other colors, the students used communication symbols to identify the color they were exploring.




IMG_8263IMG_9223Our RED plush ladybug vibrated when squeezed—–

IMG_8578                                                                  how fun is that 🙂





IMG_8252IMG_8623We finished with some WHITE lotion!










IMG_8276Thanks for checking out the After Party, we will see you in a month with more fun and learning——-Group by Group!

About jd785

Joy (Occupational Therapist), Cara (Speech Therapist) and Joi (Teacher) work with students who have significant intellectual differences. We look for ways to provide multi-sensory learning experiences to enable our students to improve their literacy, fine motor, and communication skills.

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