Nursery Rhymes


IMG_2798April is National Poetry Month so we decided to make nursery rhymes our theme this week! Our sensory groups had lots of messy fun exploring boxes related to different characters. Our fine motor groups made some fun animal character art projects and the language group made a yummy treat based on nursery rhyme character.






IMG_2949IMG_3216There were three number 3’s to find in our Old King Cole black bean “coal”.  The students had fun discovering the hidden numbers as they ran their hands through the beans.

They also like picking up handfuls and watching them drop back into the box.


IMG_2969Associate quantities with number names is a math access point.






IMG_2724IMG_2875Little Bo Peep’s lost sheep could be found in this box as well as some geese—that perhaps belonged to Mother Goose!

Both sets of animals came in a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures for sorting fun.



IMG_2814Match animals that are the same is a science access point.






IMG_3201IMG_3247Our Jack Be Nimble box contained Wikki Stix which are waxed strings like candles.

We also put a light toy that looked a little like a candle when the button was pushed.


IMG_2952 The students really had fun with this.

IMG_3172The science access point recognize a source of light energy and the science access point initiate a change in the motion of an object are addressed with this activity.






IMG_2777IMG_3282Spiders scared Little Miss Muffet away but ours were super cute and not scary at all! We had 2 cute little furry spiders, one that jiggled when it’s string was pulled, and a discovery bottle with spiders that scuttled up and down.



IMG_2886The science access point track objects in motion can be addressed here.

Lots of giggles were heard with this box 🙂






IMG_3291IMG_3186The Queen of Hearts and the baker both love to bake so this box was filled with red velvet cake mix. We put in 2 different size scoops and a heart shaped cookie cutter for our little bakers to play with.

IMG_2774This was pretty messy but LOTS of fun 🙂

Apply a push to move an object is a science access point.






IMG_3160IMG_2931Speaking of Little Miss Muffet, we learned that curds and whey are kind of like cottage cheese. We added cotton balls to our oobleck to get a lumpy kind of texture and were pretty pleased with the results. The oobleck started out white with each group but hands that had explored the red velvet cake mix tinged it pink!

IMG_3196The science access point demonstrate pushing away (repulsion) and pulling (attraction) is addressed here.






IMG_2921IMG_3256While rinsing their hands, the students had fun playing with Jack and Jill’s pail along with a couple of different size scoops.

The science access point recognize differences in sizes of containers that hold liquids (capacity) is addressed here.







IMG_2824IMG_2990As a nod to our Baker and the Queen of Hearts, both our water and lotion were raspberry scented (from Bath and BodyWorks). It was a really yummy smell that our students loved!

Recognize one or more external body parts is a science access point.








On Tuesday our students made handprint sheep!

IMG_2834IMG_2835First we discussed the shape of our paper and asked the students to identify it using communication symbols.

Recognize common objects with 2-dimensional shapes is a math access point.








IMG_2836IMG_2841Next we painted one of their hands with white paint. The students were pretty intrigued with this step 🙂









IMG_2840IMG_2844Then we helped them press their hands onto our grassy green paper.

IMG_2842The science access point recognize a change in an object is addressed here.






IMG_2857IMG_2853After their hands were cleaned, the students put 3 cotton balls onto their sheep’s tummy.





IMG_2849Match objects to designated spaces to show one-to-one correspondence is  math access point.






IMG_2847IMG_2852Ta Baaaaaaa Da!

IMG_2862Tell Little Bo Peep we found her sheep 🙂












On Wednesday it was all about mice with our Hickory Dickory Dock clock! Our fabulous volunteers did all the set up for this project—-thanks ladies! Here is the template for the mice:mouse template for clock

IMG_3041We started by asking the students to out “mouse heads”  using adaptive scissors—-counting how many cuts it took, of course! We also discussed the fact that the shape was a TRIANGLE!

Recognize a change in an object is a science access point.









IMG_3009IMG_3045After they finished cutting out triangles, the students glued them onto an OVAL shaped body—complete with colorful tail. They added 2 big  CIRCLE ears and 1 little circle nose were added.

Recognize similarities and differences in size of common objects is a math access point.





IMG_3021IMG_3017Ta tick tock Da!!!

IMG_3046                                                            The students were SO proud!





IMG_3067IMG_8174To finish up, the students glued their mice onto the fabulous clock that our volunteers made. Then we counted them!

Associate quantities with number names is a math access point.











IMG_3322IMG_3325We channeled Humpty Dumpty for our language group and made some egg salad.  We had already pre-boiled the eggs and cut them up.

Before we put them in the bowl, we let each of our students smell the eggs——and got some pretty funny faces from some of the students 🙂

IMG_3317Recognize and respond to one type of sensory stimuli is a science access point.





IMG_3335IMG_3343Once the eggs were put INTO the bowl, our students counted out the spoonfuls of mayo (2) and the squirts of yellow mustard (3) that we put into the bowl as well.

Solve simple problems involving going or separating sets of objects to 5 is a math access point.








IMG_3340IMG_3347Our students helped POUR the cut up green onions and pickles into the bowl and helped SHAKE a little salt and pepper in as well.

IMG_3348We had to STIR the ingredients around until they were all mixed up.





IMG_3364IMG_3367We made 1 sandwich and cut it in HALF to make 2.  Then we cut one of the halves in half and counted 3 pieces and then cut the other half and counted 4 pieces.  Math with food is always a fun and YUMMY thing!

Partition a rectangle into equal parts with equal area is a math access point that can be addressed with this activity.

IMG_3368Since it was her last day, we also had a surprise for  Joy’s practicum student——yummy cupcakes!  We are sure going to miss you Ali!

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