April After Party


IMG_2197Welcome to the After Party! Each week after the weekly blog featuring activities in the elementary department is posted, our sensory cart is parked in the media center where it is available for check out by the rest of the school.

This post has photos of our middle and high school students enjoying the books and cart during the month of April.




Our first theme complimented the Unique Curriculum theme for April. It was How We Earn Money. Both students and staff dressed up in costumes for their “dream jobs” in our book. Each of the sensory boxes was tied to one of those jobs.

IMG_1910IMG_1917The students had fun playing vet and taking care of the little puppy in this box.

IMG_2252                                                         The stethoscope was lots of fun 🙂







IMG_1919IMG_2238Our FAMU presidents box with it’s Rattler colors of orange and green AND “rattling” egg was a hit.











IMG_2210IMG_2257Everyone enjoyed playing  rock star!

IMG_1913The finger guitar and drums are always favorites with the students.



IMG_2146 (1)IMG_1949They totally rocked feather boas and sunglasses……

IMG_2206 (1)                                                   …..and showed us some groovy moves 🙂







IMG_2205IMG_1940Our future bakers had fun “icing” cupcakes……

And our future paleontologists discovered dinosaur bones in the sand.










IMG_2217IMG_2242Since the pool is open at school, they were very familiar with the job of Lifeguard!











IMG_2268IMG_2278The big hit of the this group was the underwater ocean umbrella habitat.






IMG_1926This is one of our favorite umbrellas and the whale sounds recorded on the voice output device added to the realistic feel.



IMG_2260IMG_2227More fun photos—–the students really had a blast with this 🙂











We learned about the country of India to celebrate the Indian New Year.

IMG_2682IMG_3836Our rice was green, white, and orange—— the colors of the Indian flag.

IMG_2678We also used green, white, and orange paper shred in our box containing symbols of India.






IMG_3857IMG_3839Our oobleck was especially colorful with the addition of green and orange glitter.

IMG_2685                                            The students practiced making letter I’s in it.






IMG_3850IMG_2703The students had fun matching “cobras” found in the box of lentils.

IMG_2275                                                                                    Cool!











IMG_2688IMG_2695Sandalwood and curry and scents associated with India. the students found them intriguing……..

IMG_2691                                                         ……..but not always appealing 🙂







IMG_3859IMG_2705The “monsoon” water play was lots of fun!

We loved learning about India.









April is National Poetry Month and we celebrated by looking at nursery rhymes. The students loved the book that accompanied the unit—-they always enjoy seeing their friends in costume 🙂

IMG_3988IMG_3584The students had fun sorting lambs and geese.

They also had fun making “cakes” with our red velvet cake mix.








IMG_3434IMG_3587Our Jack be Nimble box had waxy Wikki Stix strings and a spinning “flame” in our toy candle.


IMG_3995                                                                This was a really fun box!







IMG_3980There were number 3’s to find in our Old King Cole “coal”.











IMG_3590IMG_3420Miss Muffet’s spider box elicited LOTS of interest and giggles 🙂

IMG_4025                                                   They found the bottle very fascinating!





IMG_3415IMG_4003We turned oobleck into curds and whey by adding some cotton balls.

IMG_3417It really made it a different texture to explore!





IMG_4023IMG_3985Exploring different containers that hold liquids was a math access point addressed with the Jack and Jill water tub.










IMG_4120IMG_4363We finished April with a Star Wars theme. The students loved our galactic umbrella.







IMG_4368IMG_4122There were lights, starships, and a Death Star—-of course!











IMG_4155IMG_4164Students had fun building structures in our Tatooine sand box.

IMG_4387They also had fun building their own Darth Vader!





IMG_4160We had some colorful pasta to sort. There were 5 different characters to find.










IMG_4129IMG_4375There were more characters and a light saber—-which was VERY popular—– to find in another box!









IMG_4406IMG_4139Yoda’s jello swamp was complete messy FUN!

IMG_4125There were snakes, insects, lizards….and even a little Yoda to find.






IMG_4391IMG_4373Hands were cleaned in “Ewok” mahogany woods scents water.

The force was with us 🙂








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Joy (Occupational Therapist), Cara (Speech Therapist) and Joi (Teacher) work with students who have significant intellectual differences. We look for ways to provide multi-sensory learning experiences to enable our students to improve their literacy, fine motor, and communication skills.

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