May After Party


IMG_4045IMG_4759Welcome to the After Party! Each week after the weekly blog featuring activities in the elementary department is posted, our sensory cart is parked in the media center where it is available for check out by the rest of the school.

IMG_5535This post has photos of our middle and high school students enjoying the books and cart during the month of May.





Students learned about the state of Rhode Island in our first unit of the month.

IMG_4990IMG_4782The students had fun cutting out shapes in our red moonsand that looked like the red clay shores of Rhode Island.










IMG_4754Coffee is the Rhode Island state beverage so we filled a box with coffee beans and the students were pretty fascinated by both the texture and aroma.










IMG_5010IMG_4983Red, white, and blue rice represented George M. Cohen who wrote “You’re a Grand Old Flag” and “Yankee Doodle Dandy”.

IMG_4742There were different size scoops and a picture to find at the bottom.





IMG_4738IMG_4778Jewelry is a key industry of the state. Our discovery bottles were filled with jewels.

IMG_4986                                                          They were pretty fascinating.






IMG_4993IMG_5009Like Gilbert Stewart, a famous Rhode Island painter, our students became artists while exploring the shaving cream.

IMG_4748They really enjoyed the experience.





IMG_4765IMG_4740The students learned the first water power mill was located in Rhode Island and they had fun exploring water power with this activity.

IMG_5005                                                                          This was a fun one!





IMG_5498IMG_5502We learned about the Planets of our solar system with our next unit. Our solar system umbrella turned our to be a huge hit.

IMG_5512                                                                The students loved it!




IMG_5515IMG_5987Here are some more photos!










IMG_4055IMG_4053It really was pretty cool 🙂













IMG_5474IMG_5517Fat chenille stems were perfect for forming into rings—-like the ones Saturn has.

IMG_5495The rings were also great for linking together.





IMG_4037IMG_6024Circular craters were stamped into the moonsand.


IMG_5491Our moonsand is always popular with the students.








IMG_5476IMG_5523Our galaxy jars were pretty fascinating to look at, with colors and textures that might be seen on Venus.










IMG_5463IMG_5521As usual the students found the kinetic sand pretty fascinating.


IMG_4032                                                   It really has an amazing texture.





IMG_4039IMG_6004The students searched for the planet Uranus and other space related objects.









IMG_4041IMG_5478The letter “M” for the planet Mars was cut out of red play dough.

IMG_6044Yet another texture to compare and contrast in this unit!





IMG_5526IMG_6021We compared “big” and “small” objects after discussing that Jupiter was the largest planet and Mercury the smallest.









IMG_5479IMG_6009Since Neptune is the planet furthest from our sun we used cold water in our tub.

IMG_4043Crayola bath tablets gave us perfect Neptune blue!





IMG_5488IMG_6014We also figured that it would be a great place for viewing other galaxies so we included a couple in the water 🙂

The fact that lights began to flash when they were tapped made these rings especially cool!







Our final unit was a tribute to Dr. Hamilton—–we learned about his home state of Kansas!

IMG_6056IMG_6083There were sunflowers—-the state flower—-to cut out in bright yellow play dough.









IMG_6078IMG_6062Lots of corn is grown there and the only salt mine open to the public in the western hemisphere is located in Kansas!

IMG_6076We haven’t really done many salt boxes so the students were pretty intrigued with it.





IMG_6071IMG_6074The buffalo is the state animal and we were lucky enough to find a little plush one that made noise when squeezed.

Thanks for joining our final After Party for this school year. Hope you enjoyed seeing all the fun we had 🙂








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Joy (Occupational Therapist), Cara (Speech Therapist) and Joi (Teacher) work with students who have significant intellectual differences. We look for ways to provide multi-sensory learning experiences to enable our students to improve their literacy, fine motor, and communication skills.

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