Video Games


img_8800National Video Game Day is September 12! We thought this would be a really fun theme for our students and totally enjoyed planning all the activities. Our sensory groups explored boxes related to specific video games. The fine motor groups made characters from video games and the language group played games!








img_8778img_8810We put lots of different bits and pieces related to the Legend of Zelda game in this box. Since we didn’t have any play figures from the game, we just pulled together some toys that we thought resembled the characters! There were also some objects that were mentioned in the stories such as a compass, hearts,  and a boomerang toy. It really  came together pretty nicely 🙂

img_9051Recognize a model of a real object is a science access point.






img_9148img_9425The students stamped lots of little squares—–like ones seen in the game Minecraft—- in our red moon sand.

img_8784The science access point recognize that the appearance of an object or material has changed can be addressed here.






img_9049img_9326The Mario Brothers wear different colored overalls so we had our students sort GREEN Luigi pompoms and RED Mario pompoms!

Match objects by one observable property, such as size or color is a science access point.





img_9058img_9361Sonic the Hedgehog and his friend Tails collect rings. The students made rings by joining the ends of large chenille stems to form the CIRCLE shape! So much fun to wave or wear!

Recognize objects with two-dimensional shapes, such as circle or square is a math access point.






img_8799img_9076Video games often have lots of flashing lights so we included a variety of light toys in this box. Some required button pressing while others simply had to be tapped.

img_9055Either way, the students had a blast with them, lights are always a favorite with our students! We also included a voice output device with recorded video game sounds so our students could get the whole “gamer” experience 🙂

img_9109img_8802The science access point recognize objects that create sounds and the science access point recognize that a common activity can be repeated are addressed with this activity.



img_9432Did we mention our students REALLY liked the lights 🙂





img_9121img_9146Craft foam figures from the game Pac Man chased each other around the oobleck this week! We made the oobleck a little thin so the craft foam really glided over the surface as the students pushed it around.

img_9399Recognize that pushing or pulling makes an object move (contact force) is a science access point.





img_9153img_8794Hands were rinsed in banana scented water (we got the bubble bath at Walmart). The students were able to scoop up a Donkey Kong barrel or just enjoy watching the water spill down out of the scoop!

img_8777Recognize different containers that hold liquids is a science access point.





img_8831img_9450A matching banana scented lotion from World Market left out students smelling quite delicious 🙂



This scent was a real hit!

img_9182Recognize and respond to one type of sensory stimuli is a science access point.







On Tuesday our students made Pac Man out of a paper plate!

img_8839img_8841First we asked the students to identify our paint color—-YELLOW—-using communication symbols. Some of our students point to the symbols, others use eye gaze.

Identify objects by one observable property, such as size or color is a science access point.





img_8852img_8890Then they painted their paper plates. A brush was taped onto a wooden paint stick to make the process easier for some of our students.

img_8875Apply a push to move an object is a science access point.





img_8868To finish, a little circle eye was added, then…..











img_8881img_8894Ta Wakka Wakka Da












On Wednesday the students made Angry Birds using red paper plates!

img_9186First they identified the color and shape of the paper plate using communication symbols.

The science access point identify objects by one observable property, is addressed here







img_9201img_9209Then we identified the TRIANGLE shape of the bird’s beak and how many sides it has using communication symbols.

The math access point recognize objects with two-dimensional shapes, such as circle or square is addressed here and the math access point associate quantities with number names is also addressed.





img_9212img_9247Paper cutters were used to cut the 3 sides the triangle. Of course, we counted the number of cuts out loud!

Recognize that pushing and pulling an object makes it move is a science access point.






img_9217Then the students glued down the beak and 2 pre-made eyes, made with googlie eyes glued onto larger circles—-we do love those googlie eyes 🙂

The math access point match one object to a designated space to show one-to-one correspondence.







img_9244img_9253Ta Da!

img_9219                                                       Some not so angry birds.







We had such a great time in our language group this week!  Our students played games that were inspired by real video games.  They each had to get through 4 levels.

img_9480img_9484The first level was Mario Brick-Buster.  Our students had to PUSH over a wall of “bricks” in order to complete this level.  They had so much fun with this!  Our ambulatory students pushed the bricks over while our students in wheelchairs got help from the adults and were pushed into the bricks.

img_9455                                                          LEVEL 1 COMPLETE!






img_9490img_9493Level 2 was Angry Birds Pig Knock Out.  The object of this game was to THROW an Angry Bird bean bag and knock over the Pigs on the log.  Some of our students threw the bean bag while others who have more difficulty grasping and throwing objects used their hand to knock the pigs over.  Everyone participated and everyone passed the level.  img_9505                                                       LEVEL 2 COMPLETE!





img_9529img_9540As in video games, the levels just keep getting more difficult.  Level 3 was Sonic Ring Toss.  Each of our students had to TOSS a ring and hook it.  Although this was challenging, all of our students passed the level.

img_9513                                                      LEVEL 3 COMPLETE!





img_9549img_9564In our final level, Legend Of Zelda Map Making, our students got to use our Color Bug wireless controller to MAKE a map.    They had to make sure to stay within the paper–a feat that was difficult for even the adults in the room!  Our students had to direct it left/right, forward/backward.  They had such a great time with this and made a great map.

img_9554                                                       LEVEL 4 COMPLETE!






img_9592img_9614Since each level was completed, our students got a fireworks show to celebrate!

img_9594                             Our students got pretty creative with it—SO FUN!




img_9165Hope you enjoyed our video game fun this week. Join us next week for more fun and learning—–Group By Group!


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