September After Party


img_9651img_0507Welcome to the After Party! Each week after the weekly blog featuring activities in the elementary department is posted, our sensory cart is parked in the media center where it is available for check out by the rest of the school. Here are photos teachers have sent of their students exploring the different sensory boxes during the month of September—–enjoy!





The first unit complimented the Unique Curriculum theme for September. We learned about People of the American Revolution.

img_8746img_8726The students had fun making buildings just like President and architect Thomas Jefferson. They used blue Floam to make their buildings.

They searched for the numbers 1776 in red, white, and blue rice.






img_9681img_9042They found letter A’s in tea like Abigail Adams might have like.






img_8918                                 Lots of fun to sift through and a nice aroma too!






img_9649img_9676Another american revolutionary was silversmith Paul Revere.

There were also 2 different sized horses to find.










img_8730img_0501Wikki Stix were used to make glasses—

—-0916161115a–Ben Franklin invented bifocals!






img_9032img_8994The students used shaving cream to re-style Georgia Washington’s hair—-or give him a beard 🙂

img_8975Then they went fishing, enjoying Patrick Henry’s favorite hobby.






Our video game unit was a BIG hit!

img_9720img_0160The students sorted green Luigi and red Mario pompoms.

img_0218They did a really great job!











img_9774img_0674Video games have lights and sounds. We recorded some video game sounds on a voice output device and then put a bunch of light producing toys in this box.

img_0509These were  a real hit.








img_0726img_0162The students stamped Minecraft squares into red moonsand.

img_9731The sand is soft but can be molded easily.









img_0221Big chenille stems were joined to form rings, like those in the game Sonic the Hedgehog!

img_0513img_0511Some of our high school boys and fun just making creations with their rings—-they got pretty creative 🙂





img_0217img_0510Our box with things you might find in the game Legend of Zelda was another big hit.






img_0179img_0198There was lots to discover and explore!











img_0672img_0690From craft foam we cut out some Pac Man figures and put them in our oobleck




img_9796                                                                       —-so much fun!





Next we looked at Extracurricular Activities—-the things kids do after school!

img_1123img_1806This box contained pompom shakers—-for all the cheerleading

img_4163                                                              ……..and wig fans 🙂





img_1144img_1812Shaker pompoms are so much fun!

img_0806What’s not to love 🙂







img_1813img_1802Sports are always popular. The students made different sized balls out of white Floam.

img_1176The students also “fished” in our little pond.








img_1115img_1804For the music fans, we included our always popular finger drums, a tambourine, and a maraca.

img_1153                                                      This was a popular box!





img_1116img_0791Some students go to an After School program. This was represented with rice in our school colors and alphabet letters to find.








img_1132img_1110The students practiced making circles and ovals like race tracks, in shaving foam.

img_0780This does get a little messy but is sure to produce a few giggles.




img_1797img_0794Our dance box had scarves, head dresses, feather boas, and a voice output device with ballet music.

img_4164This box also brought out the sillies in more than a few students 🙂




img_1189We finished with some yummy vanilla scented lotion, which reminded us of Girl Scout cookies!










We ended September with a unit that looked at Opposites. The book featured lots of our students demonstrating opposites and was a real hit!

img_0516img_0517Students compared sizes, shapes, and other physical features of a variety of materials.




img_0520img_2741In and Out was the theme for our purple beans and rice box.

img_1844                                                    A very inviting box to explore.






img_2677img_2338They pushed Hard cookie cutters into Soft play dough.

img_1826Of course, some of the students branched out a little with their own creations.






img_2239img_2368Rough and Smooth were explored with this box.

img_1827                                                                 Lots of textures!



img_2676img_1850The plastic spaghetti strands were especially intriguing!










img_2717img_1830The box of balls—-all different sizes—–was a hit!







img_2243img_2339The large fluffy balls were also a textural contrast to the Koosh balls.










img_1842img_2704Watching the beads and glitter drift Up and Down in the discovery bottles was pretty mesmerizing.

img_2350                                                      These are so cool!


img_2685Watching both at the same time—-even better!











img_2248img_2260Oobleck is the ultimate opposite because it behaves like a Solid and a Liquid!

img_1848After rinsing hands, the students experimented to see which objects Sank and which Floated in the water.





img_2334img_1853The Light box was another big hit with this unit!

img_1854The colorful lights made it especially eye catching!




img_2689img_2354Well that is it for another month. The students really had lots of fun AND got some learning in too! See you next month!

About jd785

Joy (Occupational Therapist), Cara (Speech Therapist) and Joi (Teacher) work with students who have significant intellectual differences. We look for ways to provide multi-sensory learning experiences to enable our students to improve their literacy, fine motor, and communication skills.

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