Talk Show Hosts


img_4247October 23 is National Talk Show Host day—-yes, there really is a day for everything!! While kind of an unusual theme, we had a lot of fun with it.

Our sensory group explored boxes related to some of our favorite talk show hosts. The fine motor groups made some fun art projects and the language group looked to Rachael Ray to make a tasty treat in less than 30 minutes 🙂






img_3622img_4304Oprah is a legendary talk show host. The base of her box was green paper shred—-we learned that green is her favorite color! We added things that we associate with Oprah like books (for her book club), a peace sign, the word FRIENDS (she has lots of them), and some little play people (one in a dress that is the color purple). We also included lots of hearts because of all the love Oprah spreads 🙂

img_4072Recognize a model of a real object is a science access point.





img_4268img_4055Harry Connick is not only a talk show host but is also an actor and singer. He starred in the movie Dolphin Tale. Our students got to swim with the dolphins with our underwater umbrella. There were also some dolphin sounds we recorded on the voice output device.

They LOVED this umbrella!




img_3639img_4065The science access point match common living things with their habitats is addressed here.










img_4087img_4151Whoopi Goldberg is another talk show host who is also an actor. She starred in the Sister Act movies. We took a cue from the colors of the nun’s habit that she wore in those movies and used white rice and black beans for her box. There were lots of letter W’s as well as a picture to find at the bottom of the box.

img_3607The science access point recognize common objects as the same can be addressed here.





img_3609img_4078Our super cool galaxy play dough would be a sure hit with astrophysicist and host of Star Talk——Neil DeGrasse. We added regular gold glitter in addition to some chunky silver glitter to make the black play dough look out of this world! There were two different sized star shaped cookie cutters for our students to make size comparisons.

img_4384Recognize similarities and differences in size of common objects is a math access point.





img_3633img_3653Lots of people turn to the Dr. Oz show for health advice so his box was filled with “doctor” stuff. There were some gauze bandages, medicine cups, cotton balls, tongue depressors, and a stethoscope.

Of course, we included a little patient for our students to take care of.

img_4165Associate an object with a person is a social studies access point.





img_4109img_4129Conan O’Brien is well known to late night talk show fans. He is also famous for his red hair. We laminated a picture of a bald Conan and our students had a lot of fun re-styling his hair using orange shaving cream. Perhaps he should come to our school for a makeover 🙂

img_4453Track the movement of objects that are pushed or pulled is a science access point.





img_4163img_4340Ellen DeGeneres not only has a hit talk show but starred as the voice of Dory in two movies that are huge hits among our students! Ms. Kim found a fun Dory pool toy that, when it’s string was pulled, swam around our little ocean. We didn’t have a Nemo toy but we did include an orange toy fish that resembled him—– and squirted water when squeezed!

The science access point recognize the change in the motion of an object can be addressed with this activity.





img_3670img_4172Our scent this week is one we are pretty sure Rachel Ray would like—-cucumber melon from Bath and BodyWorks! Our students really liked this aroma.

img_4500Recognize one or more external body parts is a science access point.






On Tuesday our students made microphones!

img_3812First we discussed that styrofoam balls were spheres and identified their shape using communication symbols. We had pre-painted the balls with silver tempera paint.

This activity addresses the math access points: recognize objects with two-dimensional shapes, and recognize three-dimensional shapes.






img_3819img_3709Then the students used cutting tools such as paper cutters or switch operated scissors to trim some black construction paper. We noted that the shape of the paper was a rectangle.

Recognize a change in an object is a science access point.





img_3750img_3834Next the students used a glue stick to apply glue to the paper and then they rolled it around a toilet paper tube. The styrofoam ball was pushed onto the top for a finishing touch.

Recognize that pushing and pulling an object makes it move is a science access point.





img_3835img_3765Ta Da—-

img_3806                                                           —-time for an interview!





On Wednesday the fine motor group made picture frames—to hold a picture of each student with Jimmy Fallon (cleverly made by Power Point whiz Cara).

img_4191We started by discussing the shape of the picture frame and asked the students to identify it using communication symbols.

Recognize objects with two-dimensional shapes is a math access point.







img_4201img_4208Then the students painted the frame with some watered down glue.

img_4213The science access point recognize pushing and pulling an object makes it move is addressed here.





img_4230Time to add gold or silver glitter—-a celebrity photo needs to be framed in shiny glitter 🙂

Recognize a change in an object is a science access point.









img_4237img_4226Ta Da!

img_4217                                                   We are just a little starstruck!






We channeled Rachael Ray today and made one of her recipes for the language group.  We made her recipe Whole Wheat Sweet Cinnamon Chips with Creamy Honey Dip (recipe found here:

img_4513img_4514Since the tortillas had already been pre-cut, we talked to our students about what shape they were.  They had to indicate the triangle out of a field of 2 shapes.

Recognize an object with a two-dimensional shape is a math access point.





img_4521img_4534Our students got to HELP us spray the tortillas with cooking spray and then SPRINKLE cinnamon and sugar on top.  Of course, they got to smell the cinnamon first!

img_4525Recognize and respond to one type of sensory stimuli is a science access point.





img_4545img_4556While the tortillas were in the oven, our students helped PUT the yogurt and honey in a bowl.  We observed how the ingredients MIXED together.







img_4559img_4572While we were waiting for the tortilla chips to finish, we got out our Dolphin Tale umbrella for them to look at

img_4581—–what a fun way to pass the time!





img_4588img_4591Once the chips were done baking, we counted out bowls for each of our students and put together our snack.

Lots of opportunities to use communication devices with this yummy treat!

img_4593Thank you, Rachael Ray, for the wonderful recipe!




img_4136We had a great time with our talk show host theme. Join us again next week for more fun and learning——Group by Group!


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