October After Party


img_3517img_0727Welcome to the After Party! Each week after the weekly blog featuring activities in the elementary department is posted, our sensory cart is parked in the media center where it is available for check out by the rest of the school. Here are photos teachers have sent of their students exploring the different sensory boxes during the month of October—–enjoy!




During the month of October the students learned about science fairs with their Unique Curriculum. To complement the unit, we did a theme on famous scientists.

img_0725img_3558The students learned about a famous mathematician named Keppler.

For his box, we put numbers is a box of cornmeal.





img_3541img_1574They really liked it’s interesting texture.










img_0717img_3539The students really loved the Jane Goodall box.










img_3543img_1576It was more fun than a barrel of monkeys 🙂










img_3564img_1565A scientist name Fahrenheit developed a scale for measuring temperature—-like the chilly “snow” in one of our boxes.








img_3526Another box, filled with water, was devoted to Charles Darwin.









img_3494img_3555The students learned about scientists like Neil DeGrasse and Stephen Hawking who study outer space.

img_1587This solar system umbrella was a real hit!





img_3523img_3504The students also had fun digging for fossils like the scientist Mary Anning.

img_1569Our moon sand is always a hit.






img_0734img_0737We finished with a little science experiment—-we put Pop Rocks into shaving cream.





img_3515                                                      It had a pretty cool effect!





Our next unit focused on Fall Fun!

img_3910img_4020We brought out our fall umbrella for this unit and as usual, it was quite a hit with the students.

img_3984They really enjoyed using a battery operated fan to blow the leaves around!






img_3567img_3574In addition to the umbrella, we also had a fall themed box—-filled with pinecones, scarecrows, pumpkins, and other symbols of fall.









img_3962img_4007For the football fans, we included a box with shaker pompoms so the students could cheer for their favorite teams!

img_3952Go team!!!






img_4009img_4027The students had fun scooping and filling the eye catching orange rice!

img_3573                                                               Lots of scooping fun.








img_4017img_3904The yellow moon sand was also a hit with the students.

img_3958There were a variety of cookie cutters to use, including those with our schools initials.





img_3937img_3917The students had varying reactions to the pumpkin puree.

img_3986                                                     It was a unique sensation!





img_3983img_3903They rinsed their hands in water, then scooped up different symbols of fall found floating there.

img_3582There were bats, the letter F, and craft foam leaves to scoop.





In celebration of National Talk Show Host day—-yes there really is one—-for our next unit we learned a little about popular talk show hosts.

img_5541img_5596Oprah was celebrated with a box featuring a variety of items that represented her life and likes.




img_5600There were lot of things to explore and discover.




img_4637img_5614Our Dr. Oz box came complete with a little patient to take care of.

img_4987                                                                  The Dr. is in!






img_5627img_5542The students had fun giving Conan O’Brien a new hairstyle.

img_4622                                                          A new look for Conan!





img_4616img_4968Harry Connick Jr. stared in the movie A Dolphin Tale. Our students had fun spotting dolphins in our underwater umbrella habitat.

img_5553                                                                   Very cool!




img_5586img_5579This was a hit with the students for sure! We think Harry would like it 🙂










img_4635img_5545Whoopie Goldberg starred as a nun in two Sister Act movies. This box was a nod to the costume she wore in the movie.








img_4627img_4973Neil De Grasse, who hosts Star Talk was represented with some cool galaxy play dough.








Our last theme for October was the Brothers Grimm. The book that went with this theme featured students dressed as fairy tale characters—-it is a true must see!

img_6110img_6163The Big Bad Wolf box featured a wolf mask and some oversized “granny” glasses.








img_6144img_6288They had a blast with this one!










img_6270img_6192There were rice and beans in the colors of the German flag and a picture of the Grimm Brothers at the bottom of the box.

img_6186We also filled a box with characters and props from their stories.





img_6131img_6317Confetti was sprinkled into the oobleck to make Gingerbread House icing.

img_6121Hands were rinsed in water that contained a little Frog Prince.





img_6247img_6311The pink princess sand was fun to scoop and watch drift back down into the box.









img_6328img_6336A final reminder of all the fairy tales we learned about each student had some Apple scented lotion applied to their hands. We think Snow White would approve!

Hope you enjoyed the After Party—–see you next month!

About jd785

Joy (Occupational Therapist), Cara (Speech Therapist) and Joi (Teacher) work with students who have significant intellectual differences. We look for ways to provide multi-sensory learning experiences to enable our students to improve their literacy, fine motor, and communication skills.

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