November After Party


img_8164Welcome to the After Party! Each week after the weekly blog featuring activities in the elementary department is posted, our sensory cart is parked in the media center where it is available for check out by the rest of the school. Here are photos teachers have sent of their students exploring the different sensory boxes during the month of November—–enjoy!





Our first theme complimented the Unique Curriculum unit for the month—–Space. We learned about the earlier space travelers both human and animal!

img_7386img_7476The students loved the space umbrella complete with space shuttle and twinkling stars.

img_7466This was a hit!






img_7518img_7429Pink Bubber was a great stand-in for dehydrated strawberry ice cream—–astronaut food 🙂









img_7479img_7497Both monkeys and dogs went into space! The students had fun finding the colorful monkeys in our black “space” beans!

img_7407They also stamped dog shapes into moon sand.






img_7483img_7537There was a little astronaut to walk on our Floam moon surface.

img_7392The students had fun making circles, like planets, in the shaving foam. Hands were rinsed in water that had some glow in the dark planets to scoop out!





Our next theme looked at Jobs at School and featured students along with some of our staff members—-it was lots of fun planning boxes around their interests!

img_8815img_9725Ms. Latoya, our AP is a FAMU fan.

img_8823Ms. Alexis likes the color purple and Ms. Trenisha collects elephants—-there was a little pink elephant to find in our purple kinetic sand.






img_8830img_8829Ms. Linda likes pink and Ms. Caitlin likes the beach, so we made a pink beach!

Ms. Lori is from NYC with it’s bright lights and Ms. Lorry is from the windy city of Chicago.








img_9800img_9730Ms. Courtney likes birds and there were 3 little ones to find in a box of bird seed.











img_9743img_8817Ms. Leslie likes to garden!











img_8835img_9736Ms. April likes fettuccine alfredo—-we made ours with oobleck and plastic play spaghetti. Our students found this really intriguing!










In recognition of National Take a Hike day, November 17, our next theme was Hiking.

img_9855img_0654This box had a selection of things you might need while hiking.

There were lots of things to discover but the hat and glasses made for some fun photos!









img_0643img_1354There were a variety of forest animals to discover.

img_0631The birds that chirped when squeezed were very popular.





img_1314Another bird lover!










img_9890img_0668Our pasta “pine needles” and corn flake “dried leaves” were very intriguing to the students.

img_9896Pretty authentic sounds were made when hands moved around in the box.






img_0667img_0013We mixed a variety of herbs into our play dough to make it have kind of an “outdoors” scent.

img_1327The students used squirrel and turkey cookie cutters here.





img_9895img_0666The students enjoyed comparing the feel of the deer and otter animal “fur”.

img_1342It was fun to wear also 🙂





img_9858img_0653They had fun using their fingers to make trails in shaving cream snow!

img_1334Always a hit!






img_1345img_1351Hands were rinsed in a waterfall—–lots of fun!

img_9891-1The students were pretty intrigued!





img_9865img_9851The students had fun exploring and….

img_0672                                                              did we mention it was fun:)





In recognition of Dutch-American heritage day, we learned about the Netherlands.

img_2110img_2127We simulated an airplane flight using our vibrating tube and sounds of jets recorded on a voice output device.

img_2114                                                                       This was a huge hit!






img_2129img_2130The students used different sized scoops in red, white, and blue rice—-the colors of the Dutch flag.

They also searched for letter H (for Holland) and N (for Netherlands) in orange colored pasta. Orange is the national color of the Netherlands.

img_2136There were lots of symbols of the Netherlands to find in this box.






img_2138img_2118A cookie cutter was used to cut out tulips in the red moonsand.











img_2135img_2112The Netherlands is known for it’s beautiful cloudy skies—-we made ours with shaving cream.

img_2121                                     The students found the water pump toy very intriguing!





We finished up the semester with a fun Nutcracker Ballet unit!

img_2972img_2977As always, our snowflake umbrella was a hit. We added some pink craft foam umbrellas to keep with our ballet theme.

We also recorded music from the ballet on a voice output device.








img_2990img_2998Insta snow and “sugarplum” kinetic sand made for some intriguing textures for the students to explore.










img_2989img_3034Since the ballet takes place during a Christmas party, we included a box with some symbols of the holiday.

There was a squeaky nutcracker toy, wacky sunglasses, and a fun santa hat.





Thanks for joining us—–see you again in 2017!



About jd785

Joy (Occupational Therapist), Cara (Speech Therapist) and Joi (Teacher) work with students who have significant intellectual differences. We look for ways to provide multi-sensory learning experiences to enable our students to improve their literacy, fine motor, and communication skills.

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