January After Party


img_4669img_5467Welcome to the After Party! Each week after the weekly blog featuring activities in the elementary department is posted, our sensory cart is parked in the media center where it is available for check out by the rest of the school.

img_7376 Here are photos teachers have sent of their students exploring the different sensory boxes during the month of January—–enjoy!





Since all the classes did not get a chance to explore it, we started the new year with our last cart from before the winter break—–The Nutcracker!

img_3495img_4773The students loved finding the ballerinas dancing among the snowflakes in our winter umbrella.









img_3577img_4761They found the mouse king and one of his soldiers in a box of icy blue beans.





img_4697 The big mouse also squeaked when squeezed which made it a real hit.








img_4690img_3539There were lots of items to discover in the Christmas party box—–the Nutcracker ballet takes place during a holiday party.

img_3617                                                               This box was a real hit!





img_3553img_4703The box of shiny garland and tulle was very eye catching.

img_4681                                                                        Very touchable also!





img_3560img_3515There was some fun “sugarplum fairy” kinetic sand and cool Insta-snow for interesting textures to explore.










img_4663img_4693More sugarplums in our sugarplum swirl scented water play!






img_3568The scoops and funnel were lots of fun.





Our next theme was Happy New Year. The book that accompanied the unit featured our students celebrating all around the world.

img_4780img_4814Lights are a huge part of New Year’s celebrations and our colorful light box was a huge hit with the students.

img_6060SO eye catching!





img_5484img_4781We also had 2 different confetti filled discovery bottles…..

img_4823……..and firework sounds recorded on a voice output device.




img_6073img_6105So much fascinating to watch the swirling glitter, confetti, and beads!

img_5351Fascinating and fun.








img_4779img_5398More color was found in a box of shiny beads.










img_5511img_5347These are always a hit with students!










img_4830img_5428There were the numbers 2-0-1-7 to find in a box of black eyed peas.

img_5502Black eyed peas are considered a lucky food to eat!





img_5465img_5431The students were fascinated by the sand sifting through the scooper.

img_6117                                                     We called this the “sands of time” box 🙂





img_4822img_4805There was lots of confetti to swirl around in the shaving cream.



img_6114                                                                           Lots of fun!





img_5569img_5531We finished up with some firecrackers—-of the bubble wrap kind!

img_5597                                                        The students had a BLAST 🙂





img_5599img_6139Whether stomping, rolling, or jumping…..

img_5346or even just using fingers…..there were lots of giggles!!!!





img_6151img_4844Lots and lots

img_4840                                                             of smiles and giggles 🙂






The students learned about the way things were in the past and how they are different today in this next unit. This also compliments the Unique Curriculum theme for the month.

img_6529img_6955Fashion has totally changed over the years.

image4This box featured a variety of fashion props for the students to try on.




img_6548image2 They had lots of fun!











img_6489img_6448The students were pretty intrigued with the board game pieces we put in this box.

img_6927Along with the board pieces, we made a dice shaker jar.





img_6910img_6951Transportation has certainly changed. There were a variety of vehicles from horses to rocket ships in this box.

img_6960It was pretty popular!




img_6451img_6503We really had fun seeing which items the students preferred.

img_6499                                                                             Definitely a hit.





image1image2-1They also had fun exploring how fast the different vehicles could go.











img_6471img_6907While some things change,  others remain the same……..

img_6453we still grow food in the ground!





img_6462img_6950They sorted green and blue pom pom “abacus” beads.

img_6916The abacus was once the height of math technology!






img_6459img_6913Our old fashioned water wheel was fun, as usual!

img_6567Another popular item.





We followed up with a fun Winnie the Pooh unit to celebrate Winnie the Pooh day!

img_4253img_7090The students had fun with our Owl box—–which contained a plush owl and a couple of feather boas.

img_4256They got pretty creative with the feather boas 🙂





img_7086img_7098Red and yellow Winnie the Pooh pom poms were counted……..

img_7115                                                                             and sorted.





img_7109img_7363We had a 100 acre woods box with assorted figures and the Winnie the Pooh song recorded on a voice output device.

img_7368                                                                                  Lots to explore.






img_7146img_7365Our orange and black Tigger rice was very eye catching.

img_7362The students looked for letter T and a picture of Tigger hidden in the rice.





img_7371img_4252A little yellow food coloring turned our oobleck into “honey” and after rinsing hands, finished with honey scented lotion.

img_7169                                                                                  Yummy!





img_9057We had so much fun with the next unit which tied to our Literacy Week theme—–Super Heroes!






img_1869img_9014There were gold beads represented Wonder Woman’s lasso—-

image1—–you know the students had fun with these!





img_8961img_8934There was blue Superman moon sand, with a cookie cutter letter S.

img_9009Moon sand has a really soft texture which is quite appealing.





img_1853img_9008The Batman kinetic sand contained  4 bats to find.

img_9031Of course, watching it drip down from fingers is so fascinating.





img_1856image2Our super hero box contained comic book paper shred, action figures, and lots of fun props.

img_9026                                                              The students had a blast with these!





img_9019img_8966Spiderman’s box consisted of tacky Wikki Stix web strings and a little jiggly spider.

img_8958When his string was pulled, the little spider would wiggle across the table.





img_8937img_9020We put pop rocks in the Ninja Turtle ooze to make it crackle and sizzle—-pretty effective!

img_9007                                                                     And fascinating!





img_8980img_9056Hands were rinsed in water containing some Iron Man power cells (lighted pool toys).

img_1864Water play is always a favorite.






img_6515image4-1Hope you enjoyed our After Party. See you next month for more fun and learning———

img_8965———————–Group by Group!

About jd785

Joy (Occupational Therapist), Cara (Speech Therapist) and Joi (Teacher) work with students who have significant intellectual differences. We look for ways to provide multi-sensory learning experiences to enable our students to improve their literacy, fine motor, and communication skills.

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