img_3261img_2983We traveled again this week but a little closer to home—-the great state of Louisiana! Our sensory groups explored boxes related to facts and symbols of the state. The fine motor groups used markers and crayons to complete their projects and the language group led a Mardi Gras parade.

img_3667It was a really fun week that both students and staff enjoyed—–so let the good times roll!






img_2611img_2929This box was filled with symbols of Louisiana including the state bird (pelican), beverage (milk), amphibian (frog), honey bees (insect), and mammal (black bear). We also recorded a version of “You are my Sunshine” one of the state songs, on a voice output device. All of this was put on a base of paper shred in state colors: blue, white, and gold!

img_2779Recognize a model of a really object is a science access point.






img_3354img_2603We made 3 discovery bottles made using the state colors. One was all gold and one was all blue. The third was a mixture of white, blue, and gold beads floating around in gold glitter. VERY eye catching!

img_3295The science access point track objects in motion can be addressed here.






img_2144img_2891New Orleans, Louisiana is known for its Mardi Gras celebrations and the colorful beads thrown from the floats during parades! This box was filled with beads in Mardi Gras colors. Fun to look at, wear, touch, or watch move when pushed or shaken.

img_2733Track the movement of objects that are pushed or pulled is a science access point.





img_2214img_2251Looking super cute while wearing Mardi Gras beads–

img_2881                                                                 that’s just how our students roll 🙂










img_2641img_3291This Mardi Gras rice was made for a unit we did a while ago and it was fun bringing it out again. It really is one of our prettiest mixtures and is just so eye catching! We put in letter L’s and a map of Louisiana for the students to find.

img_2172The social studies access point, associate an object, picture, or symbol with a location can be addressed here.






img_3353img_2169We made some sunshine yellow play dough for the state song “You are my sunshine”. The students had fun squeezing together, pulling apart, or rolling the play dough into balls. We also included a little textured rolling pin to make some “sun rays” and a cookie cutter letter L to add to the fun.

img_2719Recognize that pushing and pulling an object makes it move is a science access point.






img_2220img_2240For our messy play we went back to the Louisiana state colors—-we sprinkled BLUE and YELLOW glitter into WHITE shaving cream! The students had fun making swirls, lines, letter L’s, or just squishing it between fingers 🙂

img_3316The science access point recognize pushing and pulling an object makes it move is again addressed here.






img_2771img_3245We put some plastic crawfish and a rubber alligator to swim around in our water this week. Bath and BodyWorks vanilla sugar bath gel was also added because we thought it smelled like beignets—-those yummy New Orleans donuts!

img_2187The science access point match animals that are the same can be addressed here.






img_3387img_3399The matching lotion was a hit with our students this week. They really liked its sweet aroma and after having it rubbed on hands and arms they left the group smelling like yummy beignets!

img_2266Recognize one or more external body parts is a science access point.





On Wednesday we made some trumpets in honor of Louis Armstrong who was born in Louisiana. We used the state colors again for this project!

img_3036We started by asking the students to identify a rectangle——the shape of the paper we were going to use.

Recognize objects with  two-dimensional shapes is a math access point.









img_3086img_3094Then they used markers and crayons to color or draw on their papers.

img_3096Recognize a change in an object is a science access point.





img_3179img_3127The drawings were wrapped around paper towel tubes that had been taped to paper bowls and……….TA DA!

img_3190                                                       Our students are ready to play a little jazz!






On Tuesday the students decorated a pelican, the state bird, using this: pelican-template

img_2286img_2277First we discussed the state colors and asked the students to identify the color blue using communication symbols.

Identify objects by one observable property, such as color, is a science access point.






img_2352img_2336Then the students scribbled on their penguins with blue and yellow markers. One of our students scribbled using a pressure switch activated vibrating massager with a marker glued to it. He activates switches using his elbow and is getting really good at it!

img_2321Recognize a change in an object is a science access point.





img_2333img_2378TA Da! We love the Pelican State!














Since Mardi Gras is coming up, we decided to have our own Mardi Gras celebration!

img_3416img_3470Our language group entertained the entire elementary staff and students with a small parade around the building.

img_3436Our students dressed up in hats and boas and gave out beads to all of the spectators.  We even put on some zydeco music to walk to!





img_3482img_3579It was a fun crowd after all——– everyone loves a parade!

img_3533                                                                    We are a really fun bunch 🙂






Once we rounded everyone up, we gathered together in the multi-purpose room for our party!

img_3636img_3639What is a party without cake and ice cream! We had King cake of course and topped with vanilla ice cream (thanks Jeannie) with apple juice to drink. The students requested what they wanted using communication symbol sentence strips.

img_3927                                                                                       YUMMY!!





img_3996img_3842With zydeco music playing, we had to start dancing 🙂

img_4013                                                                              Our students have moves!!!!





img_3994img_3936Whether sitting and listening to music or getting their groove on—–

img_3951                                                                       the students had a blast!





image002img_3628The photo booth was also so much fun and we had lots of colorful props!

img_3984 Lots of opportunities for communication as the students had to communicate which props they wanted for their photos.






img_3973img_4142All of the dancing and fellowship was awesome and we all had a great time!

img_3969                                                         We hope your week was as fun filled as ours!





img_3697img_4010Be sure and join us next time for fun and learning——Group by Group!

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