February After Party


img_9113img_9685Welcome to the After Party! Each week after the weekly blog featuring activities in the elementary department is posted, our sensory cart is parked in the media center where it is available for check out by the rest of the school.

Here are photos teachers have sent of their students exploring the different sensory boxes during the month of February—–enjoy!





img_9288One of our paraprofessionals is from Minnesota, so we started the month learning about that state.




img_9110img_0506After learning that the monarch butterfly is the state insect,

img_9716the students sorted RED butterflies and GREEN caterpillars.





img_9114img_9328Judy Garland hails from the state of Minnesota.





img_9207Her rainbow rice box contained letter M’s and a map of the state.





img_9231img_9298Another Minnesota native was the musician Prince.





img_9631For his box, the students stamped the state’s initials in purple Bubber.





img_9154img_9203Our next box contained a variety of symbols of the state.

img_0513                                                                    Including Babe the Blue Ox!





img_0502img_9647The Minnesota NFL team is called the vikings and their colors are purple and gold.

img_9256Great to twist and wrap around each other.





img_9147img_9197The students had a little fun with the chenille stems in the team colors.

img_9139                                                                                   Kids will be kids 🙂





img_9602img_9107It gets pretty snowy in Minnesota in the winter.

img_9186                                                           So we may snow with shaving cream!





img_9221img_9188Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes.

Fishing is popular there!





img_9277For our scent this week we used Bath and Bodyworks dancing waters. The students really liked the soft scent!





img_1849img_0896Our next unit celebrated the Grammys! This unit also had a fun book with students dressed as famous singers—–check it out!





img_1823img_0854Since the Grammys are all about music, we put a variety of musical instruments in this box.





img_0996The finger drums are always a favorite with the students!





img_0859img_1020Taylor Swift’s “Red” box (red velvet cake mix) had 2 heart shaped scoops because she writes lots of songs about love.






img_0529                                                                       Our students loved the box 🙂




img_1867img_1852Fun to sift and scoop—-and it had a pretty nice aroma also!










img_1832img_0527Ziggy Marley comes from Jamaica, so we made some rice in the colors of the flag.

img_1812                                    This bright and colorful box was VERY eye catching!





img_1844img_1870Eric Church is a country singer so we thought a farm themed box would be appropriate for him.

img_0935There were a number of different farm animals to find in this box filled with birdseed.





img_1027img_0847Katy Perry had a hit song titled “Roar” so we made a jungle box for her!

img_0977It was a fun box with lots of jungle animals to find and listen to.




img_1819img_0534Bruno Mars is from Hawaii so his was a beach themed box!

img_1838                                 There were shells to find and flowers to stamp into the sand.






One of our teachers got to visit Machu Picchu in Peru so we decided that would be perfect for our next week!







Part of the Andes mountains are found in Peru! Our students made their own mountains out of Floam,





and added 4 llamas (laminated pictures) to climb them.






Potatoes were first grown in Peru!

The students enjoyed the crunchy feel of the potato flakes as they uncovered a map of Peru at the bottom of the box.









Copper is one of Peru’s leading exports.

The students stamped the letter “P” into our copper colored kinetic sand—–or just enjoyed the way it felt on their hands!





The students looked for 2 jaguars hidden in some tropical flowers.

They also had fun with the flower petals!






The colors of the Peruvian flag are red and white. We put a variety of red and white items in this box for the students to sort and explore.

The vibrating crab was a HUGE hit!







Part of the Amazon rainforest is located in Peru.

We also recorded some rainforest sounds on a voice output device.Our rainforest umbrella was a hit!





We traveled again for our next unit, but this time a little closer to home—–Louisiana!

We had lots of Mardi Gras beads.

                                                                     Always a big hit!






We had discovery bottles in the state colors——

white, blue, and gold!

There was also a box filled with Louisiana state symbols.

One of the state songs was recorded on a voice output device.





The students stamped letter L’s into our sunshine yellow play dough.

Included was a rolling pin with sun”rays” to make impressions in it.





Shaving cream was sprinkled with blue and gold glitter.

As usual, lots of fun!





We had colorful Mardi Gras rice—-

                                                                    with letter L’s to find in it.






The students scooped up plastic crawfish out of water.

We finished with some beignet (actually vanilla sugar) scented lotion—-yummy!


It’s been lots of fun—–see you next month, Group by Group!

About jd785

Joy (Occupational Therapist), Cara (Speech Therapist) and Joi (Teacher) work with students who have significant intellectual differences. We look for ways to provide multi-sensory learning experiences to enable our students to improve their literacy, fine motor, and communication skills.

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