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Graduation book


It’s always so sad to see our students leave us when they graduate, but also such a happy time for them and for us to see how far they’ve come.  We are celebrating our graduates this week.  You get to take a look at the graduates taking their cap and gown photos and see what kinds of things they may do after graduation.

Congrats to all the graduates!!!


Here is a link to the book: Let’s Celebrate Our Graduates

We Love Our Parents book


Mother’s day is coming up and we always miss Father’s day since it occurs during the summer, so we decided to celebrate all parents!  We asked the staff here at school to send in some pictures of themselves with their parents.  They also provided a little tidbit of information about them.  Check out what we learned about our staff’s parents!




Here is a link to the book: We Love Our Parents.

Prom book


We just had prom here last week, so we decided to dedicate our theme this week to the prom!  Prom is only for highschoolers and students in postsecondary, so our elementary and middle school students don’t get to experience it just yet.  They got to find out a little bit about what goes on by reading the book.  They found out that the girls get their hair, makeup, and nails done.  They also saw that there are snacks and drinks.  Don’t forget the dancing!  Take a look and see our older students having fun at the prom.




Here is a link to the book: Let’s Go To The Prom!

Who Stole The Cookies book


We had SO much fun with this book and this theme!  Our book asks the question “who stole the cookie?”.  Our 2 detectives on the front of the book ask several different animals and people if they stole the cookies.  Will they find out who did it??  You’ll have to check out the book to find out 🙂

A great big shout out to Ms. Judy, our art teacher, and her awesome students for putting together such an incredible backdrop for our book!  We love it!!


Here is a link to the book: Who Stole The Cookies.?

Earth Day book


We are focusing on Earth Day this week since it’s coming up on the 22nd.  Our book discusses some ways that we can celebrate Earth Day each and every day.  We want to save water and energy so we should take shorter showers and make sure to turn on the lights.  We also need to reduce, reuse, and recycle!  Check out some of the other ways you can help out!




Here is a link to the book: Let’s Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

We Hatched Some Baby Ducks book


Last year, one of our teachers here, Ms. Emily, brought an incubator and some duck eggs to school.  Our students were lucky enough to get to watch the process of ducks being born.  Our book shows the process that it took.  This year Ms. Emily has brought some more in so we get to see it all over again!  We’re so excited!  Take a look to see our ducks!  There’s a link on the last page that you can copy and paste in the browser to see our baby ducks swimming for the first time.  Check it out!



Here is a link to the book: We Hatched Some Baby Ducks

Where We Go On CBI book


Classes here at school get to go on Community Based Instruction, or CBI, each week.  There are different places that they go.  Sometimes it’s a store, sometimes it’s the park.  The book shares some pictures of our students at some of the different places they visit.  Check it out!




Here is a link to the bookLet’s Go On CBI.