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Colombia book


We are learning about the country Colombia this week!  This is the home country of one of our amazing teachers, Maria.  We learned a lot about this country including some things that are exported from there as well as all of the different types of habitats there are.  It seems like a VERY cool place and we’ve already asked Maria if we can travel there with her the next time she visits 🙂  Take a look and see what you can learn about Colombia!





Here is a link to the book: Let’s Learn About Colombia!

We Love Charlie Brown book


Our theme for this week was lots of fun!  We took a look at some of the characters in the comic Peanuts.  Some of our amazing students posed as the characters–from Charlie Brown to little sister Sally to piano-laying Shroeder.  Our awesome art teacher, Judy, and some of her talented students helped us by painting a Peanuts background for our models to pose in front of.  Very cool!






Here is a link to the book: Who Are The Characters In Peanuts

Johnny Appleseed book


We are ALL about apples this week because we are celebrating Johnny Appleseed Day which is on September 26.  Our book has some different facts about who Johnny Appleseed was and what he did.  We even have a couple of our students on the front and the back of the book looking like they are enjoying some time in an apple orchard.

Check it out to find out about Johnny Appleseed!



Here is a link to the book: Lets Celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day!

On Old McDonald’s Farm book


This week we’re celebrating Farm Animal Awareness Week (Sept. 16-23).  Our book covers lots of different farm animals like pigs, horses, sheep, and cows.  We have several students who dressed up as the farm animals and also have some students dressed as a farmer and a scarecrow.  Take a look and see some different types of farm animals!







Here is a link to the book:  On Old McDonald’s Farm

Making Our Year Magical book


The theme of our school year is “Disney” this year, so we decided to have our theme be about what we can do to make our year magical.  The book is so cute and features some of our students dressed up as characters from different Disney movies.  Each page has a different character with a different way that we can make our year great.  Some of the characters featured are Hercules, Aladdin and Jasmine, and Tinkerbell, just to name a few.  You’ll have to check out the book to see who else makes an appearance!






Here is a link to the book: We Can Make Our Year Magical

What Teachers Do For Fun book


This week we are talking all about what teachers at our school like to do for fun.  There is a WIDE variety of different things they like to do, from eating Colombian food to going down water slides.

Our students loved seeing their teachers engaged in lots of different activities and we hope you do too!





Here is a link to the book: What Do Teachers Do For Fun

Let’s Go to the Beach book


We are all ready for the summer and have begun thinking about places we can go for vacation.  One pretty popular place is the beach!  There are lots of different things to see and do at the beach and our book covers some of these things, like playing in the water and seeing ocean animals.  It got us all wanting to go!  It looks like 2 of our students have visited the beach.

Make sure to check out their pictures in the book.






Here is a link to the book: Let_s Go to the Beach