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Cuba Book


Here is the link to the bookLet’s Learn About Cuba-current 







This week our book this week features photos that Ms. Judy took on her vacation to Cuba. There are photos of the historical buildings, statues, and areas that she visited. She even included photos of some fabulous colorful vintage cars——be sure to check it out!

Let’s Go On A Cruise Book


Since lots of people go on cruises during the summer, we decided to start the year out with a theme about them!  Some of our teachers were lucky enough to go on cruises this past summer so our book features some of the photos they shared with us.  It also looks at different things you might see and do while on a cruise.

Check out all the awesome photos—–they will make you want to go on a cruise too!




Here is the link to the book: Let_s Go On A Cruise

The Royal Wedding book


There has been SO much talk about the royal wedding recently, so we decided that it would be fun to have the royal wedding as a theme.

Our book talks about different facts about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, like who their parents are and where they are both from.  It also talks about the royal wedding. Check it out!





Here is a link to the book: Let_s Watch The Royal Wedding

Norway book


Ms. Joy was lucky enough to get to take a trip to Norway last summer, so this week we learned some different facts about this awesome country!  We found out some facts like what the national flower and animal are.

We also found out about what the country looks like–which is really amazing!  Apparently there are lots of troll statues around the country.  The front features 2 of our students modeling as a couple of trolls 🙂  Check it out to learn more about Norway!





Here is a link to the bookLet_s Learn About Norway

Mother’s Day Book


We are celebrating moms for Mother’s Day this week!  We are very grateful to our students’ moms so we have some of them featured in our book this week.  There are so many reasons why we love our moms and the book talks about several of those reasons.

Take a look and see why we love our moms so much!








Here is a link to the book: Happy Mother_s Day, Mom

Let’s Go To The Zoo book


This week has been lots of fun while we’ve talked about the different animals that can be seen at the zoo.  Our book features one student per page who is dressed up like the different animals that you can see, such as lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!).


Check the book out to see all of the animals that we included in our trip to the zoo!





Here is a link to the book: Let_s Go To The Zoo!