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Mother’s Day Book


We are celebrating moms for Mother’s Day this week!  We are very grateful to our students’ moms so we have some of them featured in our book this week.  There are so many reasons why we love our moms and the book talks about several of those reasons.

Take a look and see why we love our moms so much!








Here is a link to the book: Happy Mother_s Day, Mom

Let’s Go To The Zoo book


This week has been lots of fun while we’ve talked about the different animals that can be seen at the zoo.  Our book features one student per page who is dressed up like the different animals that you can see, such as lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!).


Check the book out to see all of the animals that we included in our trip to the zoo!





Here is a link to the book: Let_s Go To The Zoo!

Sharky’s Band book


We created our own book this week and we are super proud of it!  Our main character, Sharky, is looking for friends to play in his band.  The repetitive line, “who will play in Sharky’s band?”, is asked on each page.  He has lots of friends who are willing to play different instruments for his band.  Find out who his friends are and what instruments they play!

Our students had lots of fun posing for this book in different sea creature costumes, so make sure to take a look!




Here is a link to the book: Who Will Play In Sharky’s Band?

South Africa book


We are traveling to South Africa this week!  Cara got to visit South Africa this year to see her sister and so we thought our students would enjoy learning about this amazing country.  There’s lots to do and see in South Africa.  You can go on safari to see lots of amazing animals, you can go to Cape Town to visit penguins who live on the beach, and you can learn about the rich and diverse culture.

Take a look at the book to find out more about South Africa!





Here is a link to the book: Let_s Learn About South Africa

Colorado book


Since one of our teachers, Ms. Jen, visited Colorado with her family, we decided to learn some things about the state!  And actually, 2 of the facts that we found out were questions on Jeopardy this week, so that gives you even MORE reason to read them 🙂  Colorado is a beautiful state with lots of great places to visit.  We found out some pretty neat things, like what the state fruit is (you’ll be surprised!) and what “Colorado” means.  Check it out!





Here is a link to the bookLet_s Learn About Colorado

A big THANK YOU to Ms. Jen for sharing some of her pictures with us 🙂

Find a Rainbow book


April 3 is National Find a Rainbow Day so this week we’re all about rainbows.  It has been a very colorful week and I think we have all enjoyed how bright and cheery all of the sensory boxes, fine motor activities, and language group activities were.  The book carries on that cheeriness.  Each page focuses on a different color of the rainbow and has a student wearing that color.

The pages are very eye-catching!  Check out the book and see all of the colors of the rainbow 🙂





Here is a link to the book:  Look At The Colors Of The Rainbow

Take a Walk in the Park book


Since March 30 is National Take a Walk in the Park Day and the weather is getting to be so nice outside, or it is here at least, we thought the theme should focus on getting outside and going to the park.  There are lots of different things that you can do at the park, like taking a walk, riding a bike, or playing on the playground.  You can even pack a picnic lunch–but watch out for those pesky ants!

We have some students in our book who are doing some of these things, so check it out!




Here is a link to the book: Let_s Go To The Park