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Wyoming book


To celebrate National Take A Hike Day (November 17) we are learning about Wyoming.  Wyoming has lots of cool places to take a hike like Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.  We learned about some common animals that are seen in Wyoming and also found out that the national food is pinto beans.  Our own Joy took a trip to Wyoming this summer with her family so we featured some of her pictures in the book as well.  Take a look to learn about this beautiful state!



Here is a link to the book: Let_s Learn About Wyoming

We Salute the Troops book


We’re celebrating Veteran’s Day this week by learning about all of the different brances of the military: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard.  There are a couple of facts about each of the branches in the book and we have students that are dressed up like a soldier from each branch as well.  It’s pretty cute, if we say so ourselves…and we do 🙂  Check it out and help us celebrate all those in the military.




Here is a link to the book: We Salute The Troops-

Candy Land book


We’re talking all about the game, Candy Land, this week during our groups and it has been so much fun!  The book features some of our students dressed up as characters from the game such as Gramma Nutt, King Kandy, and Princess Frostine.  The background of the book was painted with Ms. Judy during art and it’s so colorful and pretty to look at!


Here is a link to the book:  Let’s Play Candy Land

Favorite Book Character book


It’s National Book Month this month so we are taking a look at some of our favorite book characters.  We had so much fun putting this book together!  Each page features a student dressed up as different book characters, like Madeline, Pinkalicious, and Babar.  Our students loved trying to figure out which characters were in the book.  Take a look and see our favorite characters!




Here is a link to the book: My Favorite Book Characters

Florida Animals book


This week, we are learning all about some of the animals that live in Florida.  This goes hand-in-hand with the Unique theme for the month which is all about animal habitats.  We have lots of really neat animals here–from alligators and manatees to black bears and panthers.  The front cover features one of our students as a black bear while the 2 students on the The End page are dressed as a flamingo and alligator.  Take a look to learn about some of our awesome animals!




Here is a link to the book: Look At The Animals In Florida

Italy book


We are traveling all the way to Italy to learn a little bit about it for Italian-American Heritage month.  Our guidance counselor, Mrs. Lori, was lucky enough to take a trip to Italy this summer and she has graciously allowed us to use some of her beautiful pictures for our book.  You’ll have to read it to find out some really neat facts about Italy.

Take a look and celebrate Italian-American Heritage month!



Here is a link to the bookLet’s Learn All About Italy