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The Grammys book


img_9786img_0301The theme this week was lots of fun!  We are getting ready for the Grammys, which comes on this weekend.  Our students really love music so this is a great topic!  Some of our students dressed up as musicians who have been to the Grammys, like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Michael Jackson.

img_9439                                         Check it out and see who else has been to the Grammys!






img_9452Here is a link to the book: who-has-been-to-the-grammys

Minnesota book


img_8744img_8598We are learning about the state of Minnesota this week!  The book has lots of different facts like the state insect, the state candy, and some famous people who are from there, like Judy Garland and Prince.  The front of the book features one of our students who is actually FROM Minnesota while the back of the book features a staff member who visits family in Minnesota, both when it’s FREEZING and when the weather is nice.  So sit back and enjoy reading about the Land of 10,000 Lakes!





img_8802Here is a link to the book: lets-learn-about-minnesota

Super Heroes book


img_7921img_7745We are celebrating literacy week this week and the theme is super heroes.  There are so many super hero costumes out there, how could we NOT do a book featuring some of our super students!?  In our book you’ll see Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Ninja Turtles, to name a few.  The costumes were donated by one of our family and we are so grateful!!! Since it was literacy week, one of our high school students dressed as Batman and read to some of our elementary students. You know there was lots of excitement when he walked in!

img_7203Our students really are super and so is this book 🙂 Enjoy!






img_8053Here is a link to the book: look-at-all-the-superheroes

Winnie the Pooh Book


img_6174img_6173Since Winne the Pooh Day is January 18, we decided to do a theme on the characters!  Some of our students got to dress up as the characters and pose in front of the amazing background that our art teacher, Judy, and her students painted.

img_6584We included the main characters like Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger, and added a couple of characters that aren’t as widely known, the Hufflelumps and the Woozels.  It is really a cute book!





img_6658Here is a link to the book: the-characters-in-winnie-the-pooh

Past and Present book


img_5617img_5650In keeping with the Unique theme for this month, we are talking about things from the past and things from the present.  Our book features several of our students and staff showing how things have changed from the past to the present.

It was really neat to compare the older pictures with the recent ones.  Check it out to see how much things have changed!





img_5824Here is a link to the book: from-past-to-present

New Years Around the World book


img_4340img_3753We had to have a theme about New Years to celebrate the beginning of 2017!  We have LOTS of our students featured in our book who are celebrating New Years all around the world, from Australia to Hawaii.  The different places go in chronological order on who celebrates first and who is last.  Our students look like they have a great time wherever they were!  Happy New Year and enjoy the book!






img_4354Here is a link to the book: its-new-years-around-the-world

The Nutcracker Ballet book


img_2753img_2461We are so excited about the book for this week!  We have lots of our students featured in this book as characters from the Nutcracker Ballet.  The book is set up differently, with the repetitive line being a question, so our students would read the repetitive line (with a voice output device) first, and then the response would be read by Cara.  The book also features a background that was made by our art teacher, Judy, along with some of her very talented art students.  You HAVE to check it out!




img_2871Here is a link to the book: who-are-the-characters-in-the-nutcracker