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Let’s Go to the Beach book


We are all ready for the summer and have begun thinking about places we can go for vacation.  One pretty popular place is the beach!  There are lots of different things to see and do at the beach and our book covers some of these things, like playing in the water and seeing ocean animals.  It got us all wanting to go!  It looks like 2 of our students have visited the beach.

Make sure to check out their pictures in the book.






Here is a link to the book: Let_s Go to the Beach

Sweet Treats book


We are talking about all different kinds of sweet treats this week.  We found out some pretty neat facts about chocolate, sweethearts candy, and jelly beans, among others.  Try not to get too hungry while reading the book!  There are some pretty “sweet” pictures of 2 of our students in the book too 🙂  Check it out!





Here is a link to the book: There Are Lots of Sweet Treats

Spring Fun book


The weather is so nice right now and there are lots of things to do that keep us busy this last little part of the school year, so we decided to have our theme be about all of the different things that we do during the spring.  The book talks about different things like spring break (did that even happen??), the talent show, and graduation, just to name a few.  There are so many more things that go on, though, so make sure to check out the book!




Here is a link to the book: What Happens During the Spring?

Beatrix Potter book


We are learning all about Beatrix Potter, the author of children’s books like the Tale of Peter Rabbit.  Our book takes a look at some of the history of her life, such as where she grew up and how she became an author/illustrator.  We have one student featured on the back of the book holding a Peter Rabbit stuffed animal.  Read the book to find out some facts about Beatrix Potter!





Here is a link to the book: The Magical World of Beatrix Potter

National Siblings Day book


National Siblings Day is April 10 so our theme is all about siblings!  We have some of our own students in the book, but instead of it being focused around our students, we found out some pretty neat things about some of the staff’s  siblings.  One of our staff members has a sister who is a scientist, another staff member has a sister who is a music therapist, and our very own principal has a brother who works for NASA!  Find out more about our siblings in our book and make sure to celebrate your own siblings 🙂




Here is a link to the book:   We Celebrate National Siblings Day!

Cinderella Monkey’s Birthday book


We came up with our own original book this year due to a confusion about the themes that we had gone over.  We are celebrating Cinderella Monkey’s Birthday this week!  We have several of our students in this book dressed up as all different kinds of animals–from alligators to bats to ladybugs.  They are all coming to help their friend, Cinderella Monkey, celebrate her Birthday.  Check it out to see what everyone brought their friend!





Here is a link to the book: It_s Cinderella Monkey’s Birthday!

The History of Basketball book


March Madness is here!!  Lots of people get hyped up around this time of year due to all of the basketball games being played, so we decided to do a some research and find out a little more about the game of basketball.  The book talks about WHO invented basketball, what the first pro game was, and how March Madness originated in the first place.  We learned so many interesting things about the game of basketball!  We do have one student featured in our book on our “THE END” page, so make sure to check it out!







Here is a link to the book: The History of Basketball