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Sweet Treats


Ms. Erika, one of our interns, loves candy and came up with this theme for us—–she did a pretty great job! Our sensory groups explored colorful, candy themed boxes. The fine motor groups made sweet art projects and the language group made a Sweet Treat of course!






Don’t you love how our dyed beans turned out—–so colorful and eye catching! They looked just like real jelly beans. We were a little concerned that our students would try to eat them but fortunately it did not turn out to be a problem 🙂 We put in 3 letter C’s for the students to find.

The math access point recognize two objects that are the same size or color can be addressed here.





Some candies are SOFT and others are HARD. In this box we put in a variety of items that were either hard or soft for our students to compare and contrast. There were lots of fun things for the students to explore and they really had a blast!

Match objects with similar observable properties, such as size, shape, color, or texture is a science access point.





Watermelon Kool-aid made our play dough a PERFECT bubble gum pink—-it really looked like the real thing! The students used an oval shaped cookie cutter to cut out pieces of “gum”.

Recognize that pushing or pulling an object makes it move is a science access point.






There were tons of colorful foam “circus” peanuts for the students to scoop and pour in this next eye catching box!

The math access point solve problems involving small quantities of objects using language, such as enough, too much, or more, can be addressed here.





There were 2 different sized heart shaped cookie cutters in this box. The students used them to cut out Bubber “candy” hearts.

Recognize differences in size of objects is a math access point.






Cocoa powder was added to the oobleck this week to make “chocolate” syrup! It smelled REALL good and the students were quite fascinated with it.

The science access point track the movements of objects that are pushed or pulled can be addressed here.






Ms. Kim got us some packages of Mr. Bubble Magic Bath Crackles for our water play this week. These things were AWESOME—-like pop rocks on steroids. We could hear them crackling from across the room! Hard to photograph of course, but take our word for it—–this was cool 🙂

Recognize and respond to common sounds is a science access point.





Vanilla sugar scent from Bath and BodyWorks was the perfect scent for this week. Our students left the group smelling just like sweet treats themselves 🙂

Recognize one or more external body parts is a science access point.






On Tuesday our students made some “chocolate” donuts!

First they identified a circle using communication symbols.

Recognize objects with two-dimensional shapes, such as circle is a math access point.








Then they painted their “donuts” with glitter glue.

Apply a push to move an object is a math access point.






Time to add sprinkles!

Solve problems involving small quantities of objects using language, such as enough, too much, or more, is a math access point.






Ta Da!!!!!!

                                                  These are SWEET!





On Wednesday the students made a bowl of candy using this: candy bowl template

First they identified the shape of our paper—–a rectangle!

Recognize objects with two-dimensional shapes, such as circle is a math access point.






Next they identified the shape of the candy—-a circle!

Again, the math access point Recognize objects with two-dimensional shapes, is addressed here.




Then they started stamping LOTS of colorful circles in their candy dishes. We used dollar store stamps with craft foam circles stuck to the bottom of the caps. They worked pretty well.

Recognize a change in an object is a science access point.





Ta DA!!!!

Time for some sweet treats!






This week, we made some treats with one of nature’s candies: blueberries!  Here is the recipe that we used: Let_s Make Blueberry Delights

We started out by making vanilla pudding.  Each of our students felt the bottle of milk and indicated on their communication board that it was COLD.

Recognize objects or materials as warm or cold is a science access point.





We PUT 2 cups of milk into a bowl and then added the white chocolate pudding mix.  Before each item was poured into the bowl, the student helping had to indicate– either verbally, with sign, or with their communication board– that they wanted to help.

Recognize when an object is added to a situation is a math access point.






Each student got to help MIX the ingredients using a switch.  Throughout, they had to indicate that the pudding had to be mixed MORE until it was all done.

Activate a device that uses electricity is a science access point.






Next, we added some blueberry pie filling to the pudding and STIRRED it around.  Then we counted out fillo shells for each student and added 1 spoonful to each shell.

The science access point recognize changes in observable properties of materials can be addressed here. The math access point associate quantities with number names is also addressed.





Last, each student had to indicate whether or not they WANTed whipped cream or if they just wanted to get started eating their sweet treat 🙂







We had a pretty SWEET time this week 🙂 Join us again for more fun and learning——Group by Group!