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Let’s Take a Hike


img_8967img_8975We chose this theme in recognition of National Let’s Take a Hike Day which falls on November 17. Our sensory groups explored boxes filled with scents, sounds, and textures associated with a walk in the woods. Joy’s intern, Nicole, came up with the ideas for the boxes this week—-she did a great job! The fine motor groups made bird themed art projects. The language group went on a mini hike—-and then ate a snack πŸ™‚







img_8525img_8265We put some of the things you might need while taking a hike. There were binoculars, a compass, a map, sunglasses, and even a fun safari hat. Our students had a lot of fun with this box πŸ™‚



img_8237Recognize a model of a real object is a science access point.





img_9540img_9010In this leaf filled box, we put in some animals that you might see while taking a hike such as snakes, lizards, and birds. As a fun bonus, the two plush birds chirped with authentic bird calls when squeezed! These were a REAL hit πŸ™‚

img_8913The science access point recognize objects related to science by name, such as animal and plant can be addressed with this activity.





img_9028img_9278We wanted this box to represent some of the animals you might get lucky enough to see while out on a hike. Β A plush deer and otter, as well as some fake fur made for a really soft, touchable box!


img_9420Use senses to recognize objects is a science access point.





img_8884img_9378We put some spaghetti “pine needles” and corn flake “dried leaves” in the box. Β The students were pretty intrigued as their hands made rustling sounds as they dug around for letter H’s—-very cool!



img_8435Recognize that pushing and pulling an object makes it move is a science access point.





img_9439img_8887There were a variety of herbs mixed in with our play dough to give it a woodsy kind of aroma and look. Squirrel and turkey cookie cutters were included—–you might see those animals on a trail.



img_9041The science access point apply a push to move an object is addressed here.






img_8881img_8397If you hike in the winter, you might hike in the snow! Good old shaving cream made for perfect snowy fun for us πŸ™‚ We encouraged the students to make trails through the snow with their fingers.



img_8963Track the movement of objects that are pushed or pulled is a science access point.






img_8227img_8417Hands were rinsed in a little pond, complete with it’s own waterfall! We also included a spray mister to add to that authentic feel—-leading to lots of giggles.






img_8955img_9042Did we mention there were lots of giggles πŸ™‚

img_8284Recognize different containers that hold water is a science access point that can be addressed here.






img_9577img_9064We all know it is a good idea to put on some sunscreen when spending time outdoors. Since a lot of sunscreen products have a coconut scent, we used Bath and BodyWorks coconut scented lotion for our sunscreen scent. It was a pretty yummy scent that was a hit with our students.

img_8531Recognize and respond to one type of sensory stimuli is a science access point.







On Tuesday, the students made bird feeders (thanks so much for the supplies Jeannie).

img_8616img_8617We started by asking the students to identify a picture of a bird.

Distinguish between a plant and an animal, is a science access point.









img_8696img_8637Next we helped the students spread some peanut butter on a pine cone using a plastic knife. We used a sturdy, non-serrated knife for safety.

Recognize common objects in different environments is a science access point that can be addressed in this activity.






img_8743Then we helped them spoon some bird seed onto the peanut butter as we rolled the pine cone around in a shallow bowl.

Recognize a change in an object is a science access point.









img_8716TA DA—-there are going to be some really happy birds at our school!










On Wednesday, the students painted some little wooden bird houses.

img_9088img_9095We started by asking the students to identify the colors GREEN and ORANGE, using communication symbols. They did a really good job with this!

Identify objects by one observable property, such as color, is a science access point.






img_9103img_9121Then the students started painting their bird houses. They really had fun with this and we enjoyed seeing their differing artistic expressions πŸ™‚

img_9109The science access point, recognize a change in an object is addressed here.






img_9119img_9151TA DA—–

img_9128—–these houses are move in ready!







We literally took a hike in the language group today.Β  Maybe it wasn’t an outside hike on a trail, but it was a hike nonetheless!Β  We went all through the elementary building.

img_9650img_9624The students were told that they had to LOOK around on our hike to find different things to put in our hiking book.Β  We found pictures of birds, snow, and hiking trails.



img_9663If a student found a picture, they had to glue it into our book.Β  The repetitive line “I see ___” was practiced once the picture was glued.





img_9715img_9720We found all of the different things that were in the book for the week!





img_9713We read the book to each of our students, encouraging them to point to the symbols while they were being said.





img_9685img_9698Once we found everything, we went back to the classroom and sat around our “campfire” to have a little snack.

img_9702Our students got to eat our version of s’mores: graham crackers, marshmallow fluff, and chocolate syrup.Β  YUM!

We are taking a break next week for the Thanksgiving holiday but then we will be back for more fun and learning——-Group by Group!