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The Nutcracker Ballet


img_2147img_1493We had dreams of Sugarplums—-of the ballet variety—- dancing in our heads this week! Going to the Nutcracker ballet is a tradition for many people this time of year so we thought it would make a perfect theme. Our sensory group explored a variety of colorful boxes related to the ballet, the fine motor groups made Nutcracker art projects, and the language group hosted a holiday party—-like the one in the ballet!







img_1381img_2208One of the first scenes in the Nutcracker ballet is a Christmas party. This box, with its base of plastic pine needles and holly, contained symbols of Christmas.

img_2168Of course we included a little plastic toy nutcracker! It was a squeaky toy too which made it even more fun.

img_2179img_1542Needless to say, the students had a little fun with the santa hat and goofy glasses 🙂





img_2537Lots of fun!!!!!

Associate an object with a person or event is a social studies access point.







img_2178img_2520This box had a variety of shiny garland, tulle, and chiffon squares that reminded us of the colorful costumes and scenery found at the ballet.

The colors and textures were very intriguing to the students—-it was a very inviting box!


img_1502We really addressed the science access point recognize and respond to different types of sensory stimuli!





img_1513img_2237We put one BIG mouse and one LITTLE mouse in these turquoise beans (picked because we thought the color looked a little icy). So…… perhaps our mice looked a little more rat like, but sometimes you have to work with what you have on hand 🙂

img_2501Recognize similarities and differences in size of common objects is a math access point.





img_1680img_2204Our purple kinetic sand became “SugarPlum fairy” sand this week! The purple color made it especially inviting and we added a ballerina crown cookie cutter which turned out to be pretty intriguing as well.

Total fun as usual!


img_2170Recognize that pushing and pulling an object makes it move is a science access point.






img_2438img_1600Since the Nutcracker takes place in the winter we HAD to bring out our snowflake umbrella.

White pompom yarn, foam snowflakes, and silver beads make this ordinary umbrella something pretty cool. When we added some pink craft foam ballerinas it became even more special!


img_2154We also recorded music from the ballet on a voice output device. All in all, a pretty magical winter wonderland!

The science access point track objects in motion can be addressed here.





img_1640img_2485Silver glitter added extra sparkle to this box of Insta Snow, making it extra inviting! There was a spoon and a little measuring cup for scooping fun.

It was also fun to watch as it drifted down while sifting through fingers!


img_2236Apply a push to move an object is a science access point.




img_1682img_2459We don’t get much snow down here in Florida—-so for us it is pretty fascinating stuff 🙂





img_2478                                                                 Let it snow! Let it snow!






img_1488img_2493Our water play helped rinse some of the glitter off the student’s hands—-that stuff gets EVERYWHERE! They also had fun scooping, pouring, and finding a craft foam letter N using the measuring cup and funnel.

img_2171Recognize differences in sizes of containers that hold liquids is a math access point.





img_2251img_2550We used the perfect scent for our water play and lotion—–sugarplum swirl from Bath and Bodyworks! Our students left the group smelling like yummy little sugarplums 🙂

img_1817 The students used communication symbols to indicate whether they “liked” or “didn’t like” the scent—–for almost all of them it was a hit!

Recognize and respond to one type of sensory stimuli is a science access point.








On Tuesday our students painted a magical snow scene for their nutcrackers. We used this: nutcracker-template-1

img_1885img_1889First they used communication symbols to identify the color of the paper we were going to use—-purple!

Sometimes blocks make excellent pointers 🙂

Identify objects by on observable property, such as color, is a science access point.






img_1923img_2018Then they spread white paint around their paper.

The science access point recognize that pushing and pulling an object makes it move, is addressed here.








img_2038Glitter was added for some sparkle—–we never pass up the opportunity to use glitter!

The math access point recognize when an object is added from a situation, is addressed here.








img_2065Then the students glued a Nutcracker with their faces onto their paper.

Recognize a change in an object is a science access point.











img_2008img_2056TA DA! These Nutcrackers are ready to join the ballet!













On Wednesday the students used paper plates to make nutcracker masks. A great big thank you goes out to our interns Rachel and Nicole for helping set up this project! We used this to complete the mask: nutcracker-template-2

img_2346First we discussed the semi-circle we had cut out from the paper plate. We showed the students how 2 semi-circles made a circle and asked students to use communication symbols to identify a circle.

Recognize parts of whole objects is a math access point.








img_2350img_2389Then they glued pieces of yarn onto their semi-circles.

The math access point solve problems involving small quantities of objects or actions using language, such as enough, too much, or more can be addressed here.








img_2396Next the students glued a mustache onto the middle of the plate.

Match one object to a designated space to show one-to-one correspondence is an access point.










img_2384Then they pulled apart ONE piece of polyester fiberfil to make TWO pieces and glued them to each side of the plate.

Recognize that pushing and pulling makes an object move, is a science access point.









img_2388img_2399Ta DA—-meet our Nutcrackers!

img_2369                                                            Ready for their performance 🙂






We decided to have a Nutcracker Ballet party for our language group this week.  We always love to be able to get together and interact with our friends and coworkers and this was the perfect time.

img_2578img_2563Our language group students dressed up in Christmas and ballerina attire so that we could have a Nutcracker parade.

img_2571                                                       We even had a harlequin dancer 🙂






img_2619img_2603The other classes in the elementary building were the participants in the parade—–some of them got into character also!

img_2612We had so much fun going down the halls and inviting our friends to the Nutcracker party.







img_2691img_2650-1Once we got to the party room, our students got to choose some treats.

We had ice cream with different colors of sprinkles to eat and fizzy lemonade to drink.


img_2707 Our students conveyed if they LIKED what they got or if they did NOT like it.  Usually, their facial expressions are a pretty good indicator 🙂






img_2896img_2797One of the most fun things that we had was the photo booth.  Our students got to choose which prop they wanted to wear/hold for their picture.  We had SO MUCH FUN with this!

img_2835And not only the students had a great time, but the adults did too.





img_2673img_2627While the party was going on, the Nutcracker Ballet was playing on a smart board so that our students got to experience this incredible ballet.

img_2626Some even did a little dancing of their own 🙂





img_2636A big thanks goes to our fabulous interns—–Nicole and Rachel for decorating the room and serving all the guests!

You ladies were wonderful and we will really miss you!








img_2654img_2685It was a wonderful time, filled with good food, company, and music. What a wonderful way to start this holiday season!



img_2724-1We hope your holiday is filled with happiness and laughter. Join us in the new year for more fun and learning—–Group by Group!

Birthday Party book


IMG_9701IMG_9625We celebrated Birthday’s this week!  We thought that since some of our students have summer Birthdays, they don’t typically get to celebrate with their school friends.  And who doesn’t like to celebrate a Birthday!?  The book goes over some of the different things done at a Birthday party.  After the first line on the page was read, we would ask the students, “where does this happen?”  The repetitive line answered, “at my Birthday party.”  The pictures (found using google images) are so colorful and our students enjoyed looking at them.  We hope you do too!



IMG_9423Here is a link to the book: At My Birthday Party